List of profitable blog niches in kenya in 2021

List of profitable blog niches in kenya in

In the last twenty years, blogging have become a very profitable business in kenya and in the whole world.

In this blog, you will go through the list of profitable blogging niches in kenya that are sure to make you money in 2021 and beyong.

This is a comprehensive list of profitable blogging niches in kenya that have passed through the tough screening test of our basic minimum thresholds.

In the previous post, I discussed the question, do you need a niche for your blog? Then we proceeded to answering the question, how to chose a niche for your blog.

If you have not gone through those earlier blog posts, consider having a thorough grasp of them before we move on. They are ment to actually shed some light to you about blog niches.

Have you gone through them? Well, thank you. Now, without wasting time, even a minute, let’s role up our sleeves and get down to work. Shall we?

Summary and take aways;
1; Make money online
2; Self development
3; Health and fitness
4; Political niche
5; Lifestyle and fashion
6; Agricultural
7; News blogs
8; Food blogs
9; Travel and tourism
10; Technology
11;personal finance

Go through the post to learn how to break into each of this lucrative niches in kenya and live a laptop lifestyle.

#1; Make money online

I blog about how to make money online in kenya. There is a reason why I blog on this niche. Well, I will tell you the reason, now!

Since my days in campus, OK, I am a Chep (UOE) alumni, I wanted to know how to make money online.

The reason why I wanted to make money online was because I was an online nerd and somehow enthusiastic about the proverbial laptop lifestyle idea.

One day, I decided, why don’t I write about making money online to help me better understand the subject matter?

OK! That’s how I landed on this niche. For some time, I have been producing significantly helpful information on how to make money online in kenya and according to plan, I have amassed a tone of tricks in this niche.

The make money online niche is hot, very hot, because of one thing, it’s because there are several products to sell as an affiliate and the target audience are willing to spend money to make money.

Relex, let me tell you something, are you ready? Well, this niche is not easy to break into, unless you have mastered some special techniques.

Do you want to know this special techniques for breaking into this tough niche?

You will not find this secret in any other blog except here at laptop lifestyle blog and some few selected blogs.

The secret is simple, infact, it’s not a secret, it’s an awareness of what’s basic. Focus on a micro-niche and expand from there.

Wow! Say hurrah! I just let the cat out of the basket. Micro-niche is the only way to break into this lucrative niche.

Micro-niche, what’s it? A micro-niche, as the name suggest, is a very small part of the whole, in this case, of the niche.

Think of a make money online blogger as an example, instead of hitting the whole topic as I have done, one may choose to narrow down into a sub-niche, say trading.

To take the bull by its horns, you narror down to, say, forex trading.

Here, you are only writing posts about forex trading and nothing else, unless mentioning something about yourself to help bond with the reader.

This approach will produce the desired results especially if you take it to the extreme, I mean, if you corner it, and start reviewing the best brokers in a given geographical region say kenya for that matter.

You can even start reviewing everything about a single forex broker before you can branch out to others and into related topics.

Blogging tutorials

There are 95,000 domains with in kenya. All this domains are anchored to a blog in one or the other way.

Now, as an online entrepreneur, you can come in to help this businesses to better serve there online customers.

You can start a blog about how to make money blogging in kenya and in a few years if not months, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Joh Marrow, is an international blogger who is cashing in over a million dollars every month doing what I just told you now.

Forex trading
Kenya is warming up to forex trading. The idea of trading currencies will pick up like a forest fire in kenya.

Think about how Kenyans reacted to football gambling. This will be true to forex trading when it’s marketed well.

South Africa is now one of the countries with the highest traders in the world but I can bet that in the very near future, kenya will take that position. Thanks to unemployment, explosion of technology, gambling and the agresiveness of kenyans.

Success comes by being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing with the right people and refusing to stop doing that which is right until you win.

It’s hard to master all the metrics that leads to success but blogging about forex in kenya well not let you down.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those niches in kenya that will never dry up. Affiliate marketing will even be more pronounced as we dive into the information age.

With affiliate marketing as a blogging niche in kenya, you will be making money through affiliate marketing.

The more you blog about affiliate marketing, the more you master the topic and the more you make money passively.

You see, there will be no master like you because you will be teaching your students how to make money through passive income.

There are a lot of searches for affiliate marketing and enough products to promote as a marketer.

Digital marketing

Needless to say, the scope of digital marketing as a niche is wide and profitable enough in kenya.

Everyone is on social media, businesses know this and they want to take advantage of this fact.

As a social media marketing expert, you will be consulting and managing Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media accounts of this businesses and making a tone from it.

Stock market trading

The rate of growth of the Middle class have been exponential recently in kenya.

This have let to the spike in demand for financial services in kenya.

If you publish high quality articles about stock market investing, you will be solving the puzzle of how to invest while maintaining a day job in kenya.

You will be writing sponsored posts for clients like the stock brokers and the financial service providers.

A good example of a blog of this type in kenya is the kenya wall streat.

Online freelancing

Virtual assistance, AKA, freelancing, is an industry that has just busted out in kenya.

You can just go about doing all soughts of works online.

The good think with online freelancing is that your boundaries are not limited to kenya only but the whole world.

Having said that, you can now see clearly where the benefits are, you will be working on tasks abroad, payed with foreign currencies like the US dollar while living in in remote areas of kenya where the costs of living is low.

Start a blog to document and teach other youths in kenya how to make a living as a freelancer and you will be surprised at the feedback.

Freelance kenya is such a blog in kenya but there is still a huge space in that area too.

Website setup service

In this niche, you will be getting less visitors but who pay handsomely, you will need a handful of customers to call it a day.

With a blog on website setup service, you will be working with institutions, corporations and individuals on a contractual basis.

Millions of websites are launched yearly in the world, if only you were part of a really small percentage of this pie, you would already be making a killing.

Sports betting

Almost every youth in kenya is in sportbetting or in a different type of betting in kenya.

You can start a blog about how to make money online with sports betting and help quench the thirst for sport betting news and tricks.

In this niche, you will be highlighting your best tips for winning in sport betting and in other forms of online binary betting.

There are tones of products to market in this niche in kenya and you will never run out to companies to promote.

One advantage of this niche is the fact that you can serwith just a handful of dedicated customers in kenya.

This is one of those niches that can easily make you millions in a small time frame.

#2; Self development niche

The self development niche is a huge space in the blogosphere. It’s one of the most profitable blogging niche in kenya.

In this niche, you have the choice of venturing into the following sub-categories;

Motivational speakers can venture into blogging to widen their income streams by launching a motivational and inspiration blog.

Companies and institutions are always in the run to find the best speakers for their employees and students respectively.

As a motivational blogger, you will be using your social media accounts especially Facebook page to reach out to your followers.

A blog will be a way to attract new followers from the search engine and to retain your followers by giving them something to keep in tourch with you.

With a motivational blog, you can easily become an influencer and start earning money from affiliate marketing and other forms of income.

To succeed with a motivation blog in kenya, come up with actionable content that have an impact on the readers life.

Make sure that every post have a key take always that the readers can start implementing immediately.

As the millennials tranform from youths to parents, they will want to know the best way to raise there children so that they don’t become a total mess in the future.

Smartphones have become the easiest way to find answers to all our queries.

As this new fathers and mother’s come online to find idears on parenting, your blog can be the go to resource.

A parenting blog will answer most of the parenthood questions from pregnancy through taking care of the baby to helping your child go through adescence.

Parenting is on of those fulfilling careers for both teachers and psychologist and just about anyone who likes to teach about parenthood.

Career change
The rate of unemployment in kenya is alarming. Many youths are graduating with first class only to find themselves unemployed for a long time.

Some graduates will consider self employment while others will prefer a career chance by enrolling for new degrees and diploma.

As a career coach, you will be helping this youths to make the right decisions through your online articles and guides.

You can monetize your blog through several methods like AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Study tips
Due to the introduction of free education, kenya has made a step in ensuring that most youth are in school.

You can start a blog to write about study skills and help this students to pass in examinations.

A blogger in this niche will get a lot of gigs from schools who will invite them to pass this information to their Students.

You can also sell books and other products through your blog and make a killing.

Time management
The cost of living in kenya is rising and hence the need to find new ways of making more money.

Most middle class in kenya know that the best way to earn more is to manage time.

As a time management coach and blogger, you will be helping your clients and audience to get more done in less time.

This will help them to jungle their daily duties and still find time for their families.

There are countless ways to make money with a time management niche ranging from AdSense to public speaking.

Goal setting
Goal setting bloggers will be working towards helping their clients to focus their energies on what’s important and hence find satisfaction in live.

Goal setting is a hot topic that will land you numerous speaking opportunities in institutions and businesses.

You can even list your goal setting blog in your CV and it will help you to stand out from the rest.

There is limitless opportunities when it comes to the self development niche in kenya. You just have a find and angle and you could be making a killing in no time.

#3; Health and fitness niche

In the health and wellness niche, you will be making money on daily basis just like the doctors.

Do you know why?

Because health related issues and challenges will never end as long as human race exist.

In the health and fitness niche, you could make money in any of the following sub-niches;

Stress management
Companies are aware that their employees may be severing from stress and psychological challenges hence the need to reach out to experts like you.

If you are starting out in this niche, you can download several books on the topic and used them to stir new concepts that you can package for sale.

Make sure that your concepts are actionable and you will find it hard to serve all the endless list of clients that will want to see you.

Nutrition and dietics
The rise of deadly lifestyle related diseases have spur the need of a radical change of lifestyle by the health conscious Kenyans.

A blog about nutrition will be highly appreciated by this class of Kenyans.

The money to be made in this niche may result in money laundering if you learn how to play your cards like a professional blogger.

There is no need to call yourself a professional blogger when you are not giving blogging the seriousness that it deserve.

Just like the doctors, you can earn handsomely as a health and wellness blogger in kenya without going for a strike.


Meditation have been used to focus the mind, find calmness and fitness of the body and mind.

As a meditation instructor, you will be guiding your followers through the meditation skills.

This is a niche that can fetch you a loyal following in kenya.

There are many products that can be sold to this niche and you will never worry about money again if you play your cards well.

#4; Political blog

Recently, you have noticed the huge number of political blogs in kenya, right?

Well, there is a reason for that, Kenyans are politicians by nature. Political niche is therefore a very profitable blog niche in kenya.

One word of caution is that you have to be very careful with what you write in your blogs because you may land yourself into trouble with authorities.

I had a political blog but I realized that it was against my principles. Me I want a way to earn a passive income and to do so without any stress.

Political blogs can be monetized with adsence and therefore a very good source of passive income.

Examples of niches in political sphere is as follows;

County news
Due to the high competition in the political niche in kenya. You can come in through the county news.

Start a new twitter account that you will use to follow all prominent leaders in your county like the all current and former MCAs, MPs, Governors and other prominent leaders.

Twitter is a social media account for politicians, I don’t know why but it is.

This is the account that will help you to access breaking news as they occur.

With the county news blog, you will be hired to promote the events and the agendas of the county.

You can also make money through AdSense and or affiliate marketing.

Specific figure

Another way to break into the political niche is to blog about a specific political leader.

In kenya, you could be blogging about Dp Ruto or Raila, this two leaders are currently the ones making headlines in kenya.

Political assembly

In this sub-niche, you will be summarizing the political events that occurred in a given period of time, let’s say weekly or monthly.

Here, you will be getting assembling the top stories from other blogs and writing a new blog post.

All the other political blogs in kenya will like you because you are linking to their posts.

There are busy kenyans who can only catch up with the political headlines during the weekends, why don’t you summarize this news for them?

If I was to start a political blog, I would start with a county news then move on to write about national politics before I go international.

The major problem with political blogs is that it’s very hard to write evergreen blog posts.

That means that for you to eat, you must work. Passive income will only come when you have really established yourself that you can now employ some assistance.

#5; lifestyle and fashion niche blog
One thing about Kenyans is that they like style. That’s why there are a lot of gossip blogs and celebrity blogs in this nation.

Fashion and design can be blended into the lifestyle blog niche to make it even rock better.

I usually say that anything that is normally played and or advertised on TV is a prime candidate for a blog.

Normally, you will see yoga, foods, motivation, politicians and celebrities being invited into the studio.

#6; News blogs

A news blog in kenya is a hot cake. News to a common Kenyan is like fish to water, the two are inseparable.

There is a reason why radios and TVs are still striving even with the bursts in social media. The reason is that news coverage will never be totally quenched.

1; Political news blog
2; Technology news
3; Educational news
4; Breaking news
5; Business news
6; Music news
7; Agricultural news

Those who dreamed to be journalist can now role up their sleeves and get down to work on their childhood dreams.

#7; Agricultural news blog

The backbone of Kenyan economy, as you already know is agriculture.

Almost everyone in kenya is a farmer, was a farmer or planning to be a farmer.

All this millions of Kenyans are going online to search for actionable latest agricultural tips.

Blogs like farmers trend and the graduate farmer are reaping big from this sector.

You can start a blog just about anything agriculture and be sure that you won’t miss it.

Some of the sub-niches in this niche are;
1; Success stories in agriculture
2; Dairy farming tips and tricks
3; Agricultural job boards

Agricultural blogs can earn money through dropshipping, affiliate marketing and just about all the other monetization methods.

#8; food blogs

Millions of Kenyans are searching online for the best way to cook there favourite foods.

People will never stop searching online for food articles as long as they live.

If you are a cooking enthusiasts, you can start a blog about cooking and very soon, you will be buying a plot in runda.

#9; Tourism and travel blog

This sector was badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

As long as it never marked the end of a the world, this industry will soon boom.

Kenya is one of the leading countries with top tourist attraction sites.

Your blog can be a go to site for tourists who would like to know more about kenya and or travel through the Kenyan topography.

#10; Technology

Kenya is the most developing country in matters technology in the whole world.

That sends a signal and explains why this niche is one of the profitable blogging niche in kenya.

There are several angles that you can get into this niche without much struggle;

1; Smartphone blogs
2; Laptop reviews
3; Electronics news

Techwiz is one of that technology blogs that is rocking in kenya currently.

#11; Personal finance

Simple tasks like budgeting to writing business plans can be a real challenge to the uninitiated.

If you are a financial ninja, you can come in to help Kenyans succeed with personal finance.

To solve their financial challenges, Kenyans search online for answers and they may just land on your detailed well researched articles.

It’s not a must that you are successful in finance before you write articles on how to be a millionaire in kenya before age thirty.

You can just document what you are learning along the way as you try to succeed with your finances.

It have been said that Kenyans are not good readers because of the educational system that focused on passing exam rather than mastering the concepts.

While that is true, the whole notion is changing and quickly. Unemployment rate have forced many Kenyans into finding alternative source of income in self employment.

To be a successful business person, you must be self educated. That explains why in the very near future Kenyans will be great readers.

One characteristic of Kenyans is their love of gossip, they are very keen on mastering all details about celebrities.

As a financial blogger, you can twist your articles to the financial life of celebrities and mostly on how they acquired their wealth.

If you have been keen with the kenyan online landscape, you would have noticed that Kenyans like trends.

You should be aware of what is trending in kenya and try to find and angle to include some articles of the topic into your blog.

Articles like the top ten richest people in kenya and how to become a millionaire will fetch you a lot of loyal funs in kenya.

Here are some of the sub-niches that you can enter into the finance niche in kenya.

Fugal living
The cost of living is rising exponentially in kenya while the rate of unemployment is keeping base with it.

The few who are employed must strike to earn a very small pay rise.

To survive, Kenyans have opted to live frugal life. Simple living is how the rich managed to break free financially.

A blog that teaches about how to live a minimalist lifestyle and get value for your money will never go unnoticed in kenya.

There are products online that you can promote as an affiliate. You can also write books and create your own products to sell online.

Loans and savings

Kenyans are know for there appetite for loan facilities, you can hardly find a Kenyan without a loan of some type.

With a blog on loans and savings niche, you will be helping your followers to clear their loans through savings.

You will also be guiding on how to get a loan accepted in kenya and how to grow your credit worthiness in kenya.

In the personal finance, you can find different angles to earn more online as a blogger.