List of 21 marketable skills online in kenya

List of marketable skills online in kenya

Do you want to make a decent living working online from the comfort of your own bed?

Are you an employee with a day job searching for a way to make additional income online as a side hustle?

Have you been seaching for the best in demand skills that you can acquire today and start earning online tomorrow in kenya.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the most marketable skills that you can acquire today to make a substantial cash online without straining.

The good thing about this skills is the fact that you don’t have to go through formal training to be proficient in them.

Nevertheless, you will learn the best formal training that can help skyrocket your online business.

1; Computer programing
2; Website design
3; Mobile application development
4; Search engine marketing
5; Search engine optimization
6; Social media marketing
7; Academic writing
8; Article writing
9; E-books writing/self publishing
10; Data entry skills
11; Data analysis
12; Financial copywriting
13; Online trading skills
14; Stock market investing
15; Transcription
16; Journalisn
17; Financial consulting
18; Graphics design
19; Video editing skills
20; Cyber security
21; Digital consultancy

In this blog post, you will learn what the above mentioned skills entails and how to acquire and apply them in your online business.

#1; Computer programing
With the computerization of many business functions comes the need for automation.

Businesses are trying to stay afloat by minimizing it’s expense and hence maximize profits through computerized programs.

You can learn the object oriented programing and structural programing to help you deliver the much needed skills.

In this arena, you may need to master Several programing languages in order to serve a large group of customer base.

If you are a novice, you can horn your skills by joining free online training courses and subscribing to programing blogs online.

Programing languages like C, it’s superset C++, PHB, Java, JavaScript among others will never be obsolete in the online world.

#2; Website design and development
The world is moving online. Businesses are conducted within the online platforms.

This trend is not about to go anywhere soon. You can capitalize on your website design and development skills to mine your daily bread online.

There are several businesses that are worth millions today that rely on website design and development as their main source of income.

If you studied computer science or any related course, you should already be smiling all the way to the bank.

In case you are not from the STEM courses, then, don’t worry, you can download a good free book online and watch some videos and in some few weeks, you will be an expert too.

#3; Mobile application development

It’s hard to emergine a world without a mobile phone.

At least, some of us are used to our phones that we can’t go a day without them.

In kenya today, you will find young people playing games with their mobile apps. The developers of such mobile games have some money to dispose.

If you have noticed of late, every company, major ones, have a mobile app.

Corporations like safaricom, Equity, Britam and many more all have their own mobile apps.

It won’t be too long before you see big organizations like the TSC, kenya police service, universities, denominations and all the others running a mobile apps of their own.

This will even be clearly and loudly pronounced as we move into the nanotechnology and as the mobile phones get more and more cheaper.

A time is coming when the governments of the nations will make it a law that everybody should own a smartphone.

The few entrepreneurs who will have possessed a first class mastery of mobile apps design and development may find themselves failing to meet the never ending multimillion corporate tenders.

#4; Search engine marketing (SEM)

Digital marketing is taking over traditional ways that companies and businesses used to reach it’s customers.

This is so because everybody including customers are now online.

As the county governments are preparing to provide free Internet access to it’s population, the more the need for SEM.

If you posses this skills, you will find yourself landing well paying gigs in this industry.

The good thing with mastering SEM skills is the fact that you can also use this skills to market your other online business. It’s like being a carpenter, you can make your own stool.

#5; Search engine optimization

The difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) is that the earlier don’t pay close attention to online marketing without a dime which is the primary concern of the later.

This skill is in high demand because companies want to cut down on expenses. They want to rank well in Google without burning their money.

SEO skills can best be learned through practice. For that reason, you may want to consider starting your own website and try to rank it in the first place in Google or at least be in top position in Alexa.

Once you have rank your own site, you can help small businesses do the same in return for a review.

Reviews and testimonials are everything when it comes to marketing your services and products online.

You can learn search engine optimization from the host himself, that’s, Google. This company offers a lot of free courses on search engine marketing and optimization.

It’s hard to find a formal course on SEO and or SEM because the dynamics making such fields are too dynamic to cupture in a course.

#6; Social media marketing

Online marketing revolve around social media marketing. Facebook, twitter, amoung other social media accounts are now being targeted by business.

You can position yourself to be the go to expert on matters social media and help manage the accounts of this big media houses.

In addition, you can be the one managing the accounts of those famous celebrities and share in their fortunes.

Opportunities are limitless to social media managers provided you dare break the glass ceiling.

To prove your skills and attract more well paying clients, it’s advised that you grow your own page on the net to a respectable level.

You can start with once social media account say Facebook and become a go to expert in it before you branch to other accounts.

#7; Academic writing

Did you attend all research skills classes in campus? Yes! Then you can apply those skills to write excellent academic essays for students in all levels of education and earn a decent living.

There are various sites that are recruiting academic writers daily.

One of the advantages of working online is the ability to build your experience and therefore be able to earn more money mostly payed in dollars.

As you continue researching and submitting essays of the same subject, your mastery of the content will skyrocket and within no time you will be producing subsequent essays without much research.

One thing to note is that academic essays is not an ethical way to make money online. The reason being that you are helping lazy students to cut corners in their education.

#8; Article writing skills
Article writing is one of those skills that you cannot go wrong with it.

The internet is exploding with articles about almost every topic and subject that you can think of.

This has open a large spectrum of opportunities to online entrepreneurs with such skills.

Marketing of article writing skills is as simple as starting a blog on a given niche and advertising your article writing skills to niche specific bloggers.

With this skill, you can leverage on outsourcing as more and more work comes your way. That way, you will be able to scale up your business exponentially.

#9; E-Book writing/self publishing
This days, I don’t spent money purchasing books. The days that people used to line up in the libraries are gone too.

Downloading books of all subjects has become a norm and an easy way to get access to the best literature written by authors from all ages and across the globe.

Self publishing is the new way of getting idears out there. Many individual entrepreneurs, institutions and cooperations are relying on ebooks to showcase their expertise, attract customers and hence an important stage in their sells funnel.

Now, you can see where you can come in. You can be a freelance eBook writer and help this businesses write those much needed books.

The good thing with this skills is that you will be dealing with a huge project and hence no need to work with a huge number of customers.

The word of mouth is still a strong strategy in this niche and hence the need to produce quality work at every stage.

Make sure that you give your best to every piece of art that you touch.

#10; Data entry skills

Are you comfortable with a computer keyboard?

You can use this skill to make a living working online in kenya if you are serious enough to find a well paying gigs.

Data entry skill can be a full time job or a side hustle depending on your circumstances.

You can learn data entry skill from different courses available for free online.

Almost everybody is computer literate this days the only thing you may need is to brush up your skills and you will be good to go.

#11; Data analysis
Have you checked how database managers are payed?

This is one of those skills that you can be payed like the CEO of a parastatal or even the president of a nation.

If you studied information and communication then you should be considering to major in database management.

Those who are not computer science honours can learn database science on their own and stand up to compete with their counterparts too.

With this skill set, you will be working with companies and that mean you will be well off too soon.

#12; Financial copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most lactractive skill that you can acquire. The most in demand copywriting skills are those from finance.

Financial planners, advisors, banks website owners and many more are always in the run to provide updates of theie newsletters to the never satisfyed customer base.

Money and wealth building is the primary concern of all people. The rich and financial literate are willing to pay premium to receive premium financial services.

Now, here is where you come in. You will be writting sales

#13; OnlineTrading skills

Options, futures, commodities, stocks and index trading are skills that will never let you down in the online space.

People have realized that multiple sources of income is the way to go if you want to make money and achieve financial freedom in the shortest time possible.

Online trading provide an additional income stream to employees and self employed people as well.

In this erra, you will find an employee holding a 9-5 job and trading during the day with a smartphone and also running some part time jobs during the nights and weekends.

Professional traders especially those holding a day job knows how to use the right time frames and technical indicators to minimize the time needed for trading to a few minutes daily.

The good thing with traders is that they are always in the look out for new information. If you can package your content into an actionable product, then you will have humble time selling your skill to this class of people.

#14; Stock market investing

Kenyans have learned the importance of living frugally and making money work for you.

There are countless people searching for ways to double there money online in kenya.

Investing in penny stocks and IPOs is one of the surest way to make money in through investments.

You can come in and teach how to invest in the stock market.

Middle class employees with tight schedules will find it save to invest in

#15; Transcription

The good business relationship between kenya and China led to development of several roads in kenya.

Despite leading to the birth of “black Chinese” children it spur the growth of millionaires of all types.

The savvy entrepreneurs who learned Chinese at it’s inception were able to make millions of many through translation of Chinese to kiswahili.

It’s not Chinese language only that offers this opportunity. There are other high potential languages like spanish that you can learn to start earning money today online.

Your work as a translator will be to convert one language to the other in the written or spoken word.

As a translator, you can come in from many different angles and niches. Blogs, books, songs and many information materials needs to be converted from one language to the other.

Government officials needs to hold meetings and seal deals. You could be the one making translations between big government officials of this countries.

Combined with other online skills, transcription as a profession may buy you a blot in westlands in a few months.

#16; Journalism

If you are a good reporter, you can make a living as a news blogger.

Starting your own blog and or YouTube channel is the starting point of your online journalism success.

You can write political and others news in your area and send them to top bloggers in kenya.

If you can capture accurate photographs and informations as they happen, you will be able to make a large amount of money doing what you love in kenya.

It’s a common saying that when a door closes another one opens.

If you have gone through college and you have not found employment. Its a high time that you put your journalism skills into use in the online space.

#17; Financial consulting

Kenyans need various financial assistance ranging from simple skills like filling KRA rreturns and registering a company name to the more complex ones like auditing books of accounts.

If you are good in finance, then, stop wasting yourself, you can offer your skills to the thirsty market.

Skills like budgeting and record keeping are still giving some business owners headache. Why don’t you come in and assist them?

All you need to do is laminate your certificates and advertise your services widely in social media.

This market are in love with experts who have the qualifications in finance.

There are companies that are willing to pay you a portion of their profits if you are willing to work with a small commotions.

#18; Graphics design

With the knowledge of graphics design, you can be able to make tones of many online in kenya.

A part from leveraging your new found skill to make make money as a freelancer, you can also make your social media accounts standout from the ground which will lead to more money.

Almost every blogger is in need of a logo, this is also true to all online companies.

Once you establish a solid customer base, the word of mouth will do wonders in making you a millionaire.

You can even go a step ahead and offer your services as an affiliate partner.

Bloggers will be directing high quality customers to your side at a commission.

#19; Video editing skills
With the emergence of viusasa in kenya. There will be a high demand for video taking and editing skills.

If you are talented in matters moving pictures, you maybe smilling all the way to the bank very soon.

Your work as a video editor is to help edit videos for your clients.

Thanks to viusasa, your clients base will skyrocket and yours will be to work with high networth individuals.

#20; Cyber security

In the near future, given the aggressiveness of Kenyans, everyone will be running an online business of some kind in kenya.

Companies, businesses and individuals alike will be in need of online cyber security in the form of softwares and applications.

Here is where you will come in, you will be hired periodically to manage the security of the companies online.

Hackers will increase as well as your gigs. Your ethical hacking skills will be helful in preventing online frauds.

You will find that your softwares will be making you a lot of passive income and you won’t have a reason why you should not consider working with top notch companies.

With time, you can include CCTV installation and car tracking into your business insuite.

#21; Digital consultant

Anyone with a given skill set can be a consultant. Teachers, doctors and just about anyone can work as a consultant.

Combining your current skill set and plus online skills, you can just take your career to a new hight.

Your online clients may prefer that you take your services to their doorstep or just consult online.

Depending on the kind of services that you are offering, you should be able to meet their demands.

As your customers increase, you can recruit new partners or employees into your business thus scaling up your earnings.

With time, you will start overing your services to high networth individuals and to corporations thus charging a huge amount per hour.

In conclusion, you can make money online if you are willing to put in the hard work and the perseverance.

It all starts with a mindset. You can choose to see online businesses as a profitable venture, work towards it and achieve your dreams.

Also, you can find a way to earn a living from the skills that you already posses. Adding a set hustle to your day job and other businesses is never a wrong decition to make.

The good thing with this businesses is that they can be started with small capital provided you are willing to grow steadily.

You should not blame the government for not creating jobs, you should push yourself out of your comfort zone and be the change that you have been waiting for.

In the comments section, let me know if you found this article helpful to you.

OOtherwise, have a blessed day and remember to commit yourself into mastering one of this skills this year.