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Welcome to laptop lifestyle about us page, in this page, you will learn everything that you needed to know about laptop lifestyle blog.

Laptop lifestyle limited, is a company that was formed to provide the following services and solutions in Kenya;

1; Wealth management
2; Forex trading training
3; Digital marketing services
4; Freelance articles writing
5; Social media management
6; Online smartphone reviews
7; Websites design & development

As you can see, this blog is about how to make money online in Kenya. We provide you will the knowledge and the services to help you make money online and live a laptop lifestyle in Kenya.

1; Wealth management

This is not an official offering but we do look forward to trading on behalf of our friends and close business partners.

You just open an account with your broker, deposit money with them and you just give us a link to your platform without refilling your login details.

We will trade for you and only take two percent of the profits. The rest of the profits will be yours.

The maximum risk level that we will take is made known to you in advance so that you know what to expect.

Why stress with mastering alot of industry’s jargon when you can just outsource the hustle to us as you focus on generating more income on other areas.

1; Online forex trading training

Here at laptop lifestyle, we have invested a lot of time into developing forex trading strategies that make money.

Football betting have long proven to be unreliable source of income and there is need to find alternative source of income.

Forex, futures, index, stocks, cryptocurrency and options trading is the new form of survival for kenyan youth today.

We have given much weight to online forex trading training because it is the most reliable kind of trading in this age and era.

This course covers the basics of forex trading and immediately introduce you to a very powerful trading strategy that is sure to start earning you money immediately.

In this forex trading training from laptop lifestyle limited, you will be taken through how to make money online trading forex even if you have no capital.

2; Digital marketing services

The world have gone online, customers too have followed suit. If the customers and the whole world have gone online, then,what are you still waiting offline?

Laptop lifestyle is formed to help businesses like yours to move from analog to digital.

We help businesses to set-up websites and to rank those pages in the search engine.
Depending on your needs, we can do both marketing and optimization of your online presence to help drive in more leads.

3; Freelance articles writing services

All businesses have gone online, there is need for professionals who can provide timely search engine optimized articles.

Here at laptop lifestyle, we are ready to help our clients to rank their businesses online.

We will provide you with engaging indepth articles that are meant to educate, entertain and drive in more traffic to your pages.

4; Social media accounts management

Do you want to drive more leads through your social media accounts.

We can help you to manage your Facebook account so that you focus on what’s important at the time.

If you are a brand, you would like your accounts to reflect exactly who you are.

5; Online smartphone store

Do you want to make money online in Kenya? Well, we review the best smartphones for making money online.

You don’t have to struggle so much to have a laptop, most online businesses today like trading, articles writing and blogging can be done with just a smartphone.

In our online smartphone store, you will be able to choose and buy a smartphone of your liking and we will deliver it in no time.

6; Website design and development

Do you want to launch a website that is design to meet your specific requirements?

Here at laptop lifestyle, we help businesses like yours in designing websites that meet their needs.

We are an avoidable and professional company that you can trust with your online website development in Kenya.

In conclusion
Laptop lifestyle limited is your go to experts in matters online solutions and online income generations in Kenya.

You can conduct us for online wealth management, forex trading, Article writing, social media management, digital marketing, website development and buying smartphones in Kenya.

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