How to write a book in one month without straining

How to write a book in one month

Do you want to write a motivational book in one month from scratch? Are you ready to start with the word author before your sir name in the next few months?

Well, being a published author can open innumerable doors for you that would have otherwise stayed closed for ever.

In this blog post, I will show you how to write a motivational book in one month that will give you the right to be called an author and to enjoy all the benefits that come with that designation.

I will focus on writing a non fiction book because that is exactly what I have been able to do. I was able to write my second motivational book on time management from zero to completion in one month.

1; Decide the pain point to solve
2; Come up with the title
3; Write the subtitle
4; Decide the chapters
5; Lean to type directly to your phone
6; Don’t edit as you write

#1; How to write a book in one month by solving the pain point

Writing a book is an opportunity to solve a problem that have been hurting your audience for a long time. The pain that you are solving should be specific.

For example, this blog is solving the pain of writing a motivational book in one month.

The book that I wrote recently, which is on it’s way to the publishing house is about how to work smart and leave a great legacy.

It help those who want to leave a great legacy. This people will be happy to get such a step by step guide on how to work smart and leave a great legacy.

We agreed that the book will help you to grow your business by setting you as an expert. Having said that, you can see that it is very crucial to find out what you want to help your audience with.

I learn this one the hard way, when I wrote my first book, it was a general motivational book. Experience is the best teacher. With time, I realized that the best way to go about it is to solve one problem at a time.

#2; How to write a book in one month; Start by writing the book title

You have decided the pain point to solve, right? Well, the next step is to come up with the book title.

A book title will do more to sell your book more than most of the other factors combined. You should do a lot of research on the best titles that sell.

The book title will also help to focus your topic by anchoring it on the main concept of the book.

#3; How to write a book in one month; come up with a book subtitle

The subtopic will help you to micro-focus your book focus especially when the title itself was not that descriptive.

A good subtitle will explain to the audience what your book is all about. If it is about how to make money blogging, then, tell us from the start. On the front page of the book.

I have found that the subtitle is what can sell a book or ruin it. Take time to come up with one and you will thank me latter.

#4; How to write a book in one month; Decide the chapters to include in the book

The chapters of your book will help hold the main points of the book. Start by writing the chapters to guide the flow of your idears and your research.

I have found that the more chapters that I am able to come up with, the easier it will be to write the book in a shorter time.

It is advisable to do a lot of research before you write your chapters because it carries the all massage that you would like to share.

#5; Learn to type directly to your phone as reduce the work time by half

I was very slow when writing until I learned to type directly to my phone. This have reduced the time need to finish writing a book to a very minimal time.

With this approach, I am able to put down my idears wherever I am. No need for a notebad anymore. The most important part of it is that I can now edit with a lot of ease.

Imagine the efforts that you take to type the manuscript into the laptop? That one is time consuming. It is another different work.

Learning to type directly into the screen will help reduce the time that isneeded to write a book by a half.

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