How to make money online with your phone in kenya

Most youths in Kenya own expensive phones that can be turned into assets.

When I bought my first infinix phone most of my friends wondered why I had not invested the money instead.

While their concerns where legitimate, they never considered that I wanted to start an online business.

If you want to know how to make money online with your phone in Kenya, then you have come to the right place.


Because in this blog post, you will never wonder how to make money online with my phone in Kenya again.

You are bright, you want to make money online? You are not like your friends, there is something in you that shows you are going to succeed someday, because you are aggressive and moving with time.

Having said that, let us get down to work, shall we?

In a nutshell, have a look at the topics making headlines;

1; WordPress
2; shopify
3; Meta trader 4

Without wasted time, let us get down to the roots of the problem.

#1; How to make money online with your phone in kenya using WordPress

With WordPress app, you are able to undate and manage your blog with your phone.

I manage this blog from my phone, in fact, I am writing this blog post from my phone using WPS office.

It makes my work easier because I can update my blog while looking after my cows, poultry or taking care of my capsicum.

Also, I can write posts for the blog early in the morning while lying in my bed. When I ‘wake up’ at 8am, my friends believe that I am a lazy guy.

You can make money blogging with WordPress with your phone in Kenya.

This can be done with a lot of flexibility and comfort of your design.

#2; How to make money online with your phone in Kenya using shopify

The world is moving online, money too are shifting online.

Shops used to be brick and mortar, this days, things have really changed. They have changed so fast. Online stores is the new change.

In the near future, everything will go online, don’t be left offline.

With a dropshipping company, you could be selling your shop online while looking after your goats at the Serengeti hills.

If you like style, you could be running your online shop with your phone at the same time overseeing the day to day activities of your agrovet.

Multitasking is the new way of life in Kenya.

Working online at night and working in agriculture during the day.

You feed Kenyans during the day and bring in foreign cash at night. Not as a witch doctor but as an online Dr.

#3; How to make money online with a phone in Kenya using meta trader 4.

Making money online with meta trader 4 is one of the best ways to earn a living online because you can be trading currencies, crypto-currencies, stocks and commodities.

With those options and your willingness to master the subject you will be able to make a living and a decent one working online.

The good thing with this business, yes, trading is a business not a gamble, is that you can do them as you focus on other opportunities in Kenya.

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