How to make money online in kenya

The world is shifting to the labtop lifestyle.

Don’t be left out of this movement.

Today, with a laptop and internet connection, you can work, start a business and invest online in Kenya.

In this blog post, you will learn how to make money online in Kenya.

Whether you want to work for someone, to be self employed, to run a business or to invest online you have come to the right place.

This morning, I was reading Robert Kiyosoki’s book, rich dad poor dad.

I must say that this blog posts was inspired by Kiyosaki four Quadrants.

Where we have employees, self employed, business owners and investors.

As I was thinking and researching about how to make money online in Kenya in the four quadrants, I come up with this article.

This blog post is unique from the others tackling the same topics because it approach the subject in a comprehensive and deeper way.

#1; How to make money online in Kenya as an employee

The best way to start your journey to financial freedom working online is to work for someone.

Once you have saved enough capital, you can then start your own business.

I will show you the various business opportunities that are available online to help you be your own boss but first, let us see how you can work for others to earn the starting capital.

√ Academic writing

Are you good in research? Can you produce an academic essay?

Then, academic writing is where you should start from.

You can be writing essays to lazy or too busy students from all over the world.

√ Article writing

Unlike accademic writing, article writing is much more easier.

What you will be doing here is writing blog posts for other blogs.

Here, you will need to have a solid understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Also, your tone should be conversational and casual.

Mostly, you will be provided with articles by the client and required to pick the tone.

√ Copywriting

Copywriting is actually writing an article that will be used primarily by the client for selling.

This category is where the money is especially when you are writing for the finance niche.

How to make money online in Kenya as self employed

With enough capital raised from working as an employee online, you can now start working as selfemployed.

The following opportunities are open to you as self-employed;

1; Trading
2; self-publishing
3; Affiliate marketing
4; Network marketing

√ Trading stocks, currencies, commodities and bitcoins.

Trading is another potential source of income to those who are willing to learn.

Patience is a must here. You have to know what you are doing before you get in.

By trading forex, stocks, crypto-currencies and commodities, you can be able to make substantial income online.

√ Self Publishing Ebooks in Amazon

Are you a good writer? Have you mastered your topic in and out?

You can make a good amount of money online if you are willing to self publish your work with Amazon kindle.

You had that dream of being a published author. Don’t let your dream to die, arise and shine. Write one page daily and in one year time, you will be through.

√ Affiliate marketing

Do you want a simple way to start making money online?

Try affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other peoples products and you are payed a certain portion of the profits.

If you target products that you are payed a part of the profits for subscription, you will be on your way to financial freedom.

For example, you can become an affiliate to forex brokers. If they pay you a percentage of the traders lifetime profits, you will just need few subscribers to make money passively online.

√ Network marketing

As a network marketer, you will be marking income selling a companies products to your network.

The more you build the network of well trained marketers under you, the more passive income you can make online.

Your work is to ensure that you join a trustable network marketing company that is not a scum.

Money may not start coming in millions at the start but ultimately, you will be marking substantial revenue in the long run.

How to make money online in Kenya as a business person

To make millions and to achieve financial freedom working online, you will have to move from self-employment to a business owner.

As a business owner, you will be relying on other peoples time, money and support to scale up your business.

To succeed as an online business owner, you will have to work with virtual employees.

The advantage of working with virtual employees is that you can work with the best of the best because you can source for them worldwide.

The following are examples of businesses that you can start online to live a laptop lifestyle;

1; Blogging
2; Flipping websites
3; Dropshipping
4; Flipping domain names

√ Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is a business that you should really consider.

This business, if done right, as I will show you shortly, can be scalable, can be passive, enjoyable and fulfilling.

With this kind of a business, you can be able to start other online or offline businesses.

Blogging is a must skill for every millennial. It will open more and more opportunities to you and the generations to come.

In kenya, blogging is like land, your children will wish you started one today just the way you wished your grandfather had bought a larger land in their days.

√ Flipping websites

If you don’t want to hold on a blog for a long term, you can start, develop them until they start making money and then you dispose.

This is like real estate business where you buy land, develop and sell for a premium.

There are those entrepreneurs who prefer to come up with new idears, this are people who like putting their idears into practice.

If you are one of this people, then, this is what you should be doing.

√ Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of my favourite online business.

Here, you are selling products without ever keeping inventories.

You built an online store, get goods from a supplier, feel your store and when a customer makes an order, you inform the supplier who ships the product direct to the buyer.

√ Flipping domain names

I have not tried this one but it’s another goldmine.

You register a domain name that you know will be in demand and old it.

When a customer damands one, you sell it at a premium.

You got to keep a huge profit with this business model without having to lift your finger.

How to make money online in Kenya as an investor

Ultimately, investing is what will make you escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom.

The following investment opportunities available online are worth your consideration;

1; Bonds
2; Mutual funds
3; Unit trusts
4; Reits
5; Shares.

√ Bonds
Do you want to be a bank? To make income from interests?

Buying bonds is what you should be doing to grow your money online.

This investment is so simple that you can start investing tomorrow.

√ Mutual funds
Mutual funds are good for investors who have not yet mastered the game of investing.

They start with mutual funds to feel how this world of investing works before they can venture wholly into equity.

Mutual funds are also good for keeping emergency funds or money that you will need in a near future.

With your cash invested in mutual funds, you can be able to access it in a short notice.

√ Unit trusts

After graduating from mutual funds, you will want to try your hand in units trust.

Here, you will be growing your money at a faster rate than when you were in the mutual funds.

Once you are comfortable with unit trusts, you should be heading to where the real money is.

That’s REITs and shares.

√ Shares

Shares also known as equity or stocks is buying part ownership of a company.

Instead of buying or starting your own business, you decide to buy part of the business.

With this approach, you can make money when the business is profitable and share in loses when things fall apart.

This, you do with your laptop, the business is run by professionals while you focus on other things.

Shares have been shown to have produced a higher rate of return than

√ Real estate investment trust
The cost of land is rising in Kenya at an exponential rate.

You may not be able to raise enough capital to buy a plot in Kenya especially when you are an hustler in Kenya.

Don’t loose hope, there is a way that you can do it.

You can start small, buying a small piece at a time through REITs.

Instead of saving your cash until you can be able to afford a plot at Runda, which can take centuries, you can approach it this way.

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