How to make money online in Kenya through sports betting

Do you want to learn how to make money online in Kenya through sport betting as a business?

Well, you have come to the right place, in this blog post, you will learn how to make money online in Kenya through sports betting as a business.

How I was introduced into sports betting
Do you remember your first day into sports betting? Can you recall your first bet? How did you felt when you won? Well, what about when that congratulations message never arrived?

Let me take you into the Genesis of all this story, I wouldn’t be discussing this topic if it never unfolded anyway.
In the last two weeks, I was introduced to sport betting as a business by a colleague teacher.

For those who know me well, I have been skeptical to sport betting ever since but this time round, I choose to give it a try.

There is a reason why I was at last convinced into this business, yes, betting is a business, atleast that’s what my friend made me to believe, he gave me an example of his close friend who started the business of football betting with just ksh 500 and in two months, he had accumulated a fortune worth ksh two million.

Remember, the money was borrowed and it made all the difference.
Within the same week, as I was discussing the same idea with another colleague from kisumu county, he told me that he knows of a friend who have been able to build real estate empire from sports betting.

I decided to give it a shot, with the guide of my friend, I was able to make a few profits and doubled my small account within a week.

He is a pure mathematics graduate and with his help, we were able to deduce that one can grow his account using sequence and series not even compounding.

Sport betting should be guided by rules
The appropriate formula that we were to use is given by ar^n, maths geniuses in the house, say amen!

Now, “a” is for the starting capital, “r” is the common ratio and “n” is the number of times the amount is multiplied.

Another observation made was that the profits should be divided by two and one half added to the next trade.

There are solid rules that I was to follow, in this case,

1; Bet only once in a day
2; Use the over 1.5 market only
3; Go for just three games

4; The odds should be three
5; Divide the profits into two and add half the portion to the next bet
6; In case of a lose, bet with the initial amount until when you win
7; Do thorough research on the following factors;

a) Standings of the team (form)
b) Head to Head
c) Odds for both teams to score

Without a strategy and the determination to follow through, you should as well do away with gambling.
I was warned of greed, he told me emphatically that greed can see my account wiping out in a matter of days.

Without wasting time, I opened an account with bet 254, deposited ksh 500 and started trading.

For the last one week, my account have been ranging from ksh 300 to ksh 700.

I want to confirm that being disciplined is the hardest thing here. It’s as hard as almost impossible.

It have been really hard for me to follow all the rules despite writing them down on my notebook.

In the next week, I am looking forward to making it to ksh 1000.

You may wonder why I never started with a higher amount, the trick in football betting is not so much on the starting capital but on the ability to be profitable most of the time and to grow the capital through sequence and series.

I hope not to be a betting addict and not to squander excessive amount of money into betting, atleast, if it doesn’t turn out into a profitable business, atleast it should be a very interesting hobby.

In the last one week, I have become a football fun, I have found a new hobby and now I am connecting with more people.

You can keep in touch with me by subscribing to this blog through email as I will be posting my weekly performance on Saturday.

What do you think about sport betting, do you think it can be a profitable business long term? Ok, what about the strategy that my friend taught me, do you think it’s sustainable? Let me know your thoughts through the comments.

Have a nice time and be blessed, Covid is real, stay home and… Do family planning!

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