How to invest ksh 5,000 online in kenya today

How to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya

Do you want to know how you can invest five thousand kenyan shillings in kenya ?

A journey to financial freedom can be started with just a few pennies. What matters at the end is not the availability of capital, rather, the clarity of vision.

There are many billionaires and multi-billion business that started with just a few coins.

In today’s blog post, you will learn the best way to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya so that you earn the best returns.

Making money, Savings and investing is the only equations that one should be able to solve in order to be financially free.

It have been coined that what you make is not important, how much you keep and for how many generations you keep it is what matters.

Saving money alone will never make you a millionaire, in fact, a savings account is the easiest way to remain poor.

If savings can’t make you rich, then, what’s the solution, the way to go is to invest. To make your money work hard in making more money.

If you can make your money to work for you in a passive way, then, you will be putting yourself on the highway that’s sure to lead you to financial freedom.

I have prepared this detailed list to show you how to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya in the best way.

All the businesses that I will list here are online businesses. There is a reason why I advocate for online business.

If you want to solve your problems, why don’t you solve them once and for all. Online investments and business will allow you to work location free and to earn money passively.

Important notes and take always;

1; Launch a profitable blog
2; start a dropshipping store
3; Invest in Penny stocks
4; Buy Shares for your child
5; Start to trade forex online
6; Buy bitcoin cryptocurrency
7; Repay your tala loan
8; Paxful affiliate marketing
9; Sport and binary betting
10; Peer to peer lending
11; Take an online course

I will you through this list, take your time to analyse each opportunity, you will find the one that will best suits you.

Don’t limit yourself to one business, you can invest in two or more to spread your net wider and to give you more confidence.

#1; Launch a profitable blog

You can start a blog with a very small capital but it may grow to an extend that you will be making millions monthly in that blog.

Blogging is one of those businesses that you must consider adding into the mix of your other business ventures.

The cost of starting a blog can be very small. I will break down the cost of starting a blog for you.

To begin with, you will need to host your blog, Truehost is hosting this blog with a budget of Ksh 2500 annually.

Next, you will need to register a domain name. Domain names with extensions will cost you Ksh 500 for the whole year as a starter.

With the budget of Ksh 3000 only, you can be in business running a business that can make you fortunes.

Don’t mind with your writing skills, you will pickup with time as you keep on practising your core skills.

What’s important is to keep the costs low to maximize profits. There are other darling hosting services like bluehost but it make sence to start small with local products before you can open your wings for options.

One word of caution is that blogging is not the easiest way to make money, you must be willing to sweat a lot to realize profits.

Try to be very patient, don’t give up too soon, just make up your mind that I will keep on writing until when I break through.

The benefits of blogging, though, are worth the hustle and the sweats.

#2; Start a dropshipping store

Online stores like jumia, kilimal among others are businesses that are driving in millions of shillings to their owners monthly.

With just Ksh 3000, you will be up with your operational online store.

Many things are uncertain in this world, who knows, you might be the next Jackma or Bezzos.

Truehost have got a hosting package that will serve your hosting needs and domain name for just Ksh 2500 and Ksh 500 respectively.

In your free time, you could be trying to scale up your online business slowly. Just make sure that you start small and you never give up along the way.

A time will come when you will come back to your sences and you make a simble decision that will make all the difference. A time when you will draw a line in the sand and you say, enough is enough, I will do this and I will keep doing it until I win.

If you have some few dollars to spend, you can run ads, otherwise, you should learn digital marketing skills to help you scale up your store hustle free.

#3; Invest in penny stocks
Penny stocks trading is a very lucrative business for the professional penny stock traders.

This business involves buying stocks that goes for less than one shilling in kenya.

With a budget of Ksh 5000, you can open a CDs account with Ksh 500 and still remain with almost Ksh 4000 to invest.

You can buy several shares of the penny stocks in the Nairobi stock exchange and hold them to be sold at almost 100% profits in a few weeks to a few months.

Penny stocks are highly risky and for that very reason, they can be very profitable.

Make sure that you learn as much as you can about how to invest in penny stocks.

You can download free penny stocks books online to start learning more about this llucrative business and how you can succeed here in kenya.

Don’t stop there, go ahead and master how to use leverage to make a killing in penny stocks trading and you will be up for something significantly rewarding.

Most professionals will advise that you don’t invest in penny stocks but I have seen successful penny stocks ttraders who succeeded because they were willing to learn like machines.

#4; Buy shares for your child

The power of compounding is the strongest force in the world.

If you had invested Ksh 5000 in the shares of safaricom ten years ago, today, that amount would have grown to almost Ksh 100, 000.

The same amount left for another twenty years would result to more than Ksh 10,000,000. This amount is enough to secure the financial freedom for your child.

Note; That figures are not curranteed and its under high risk. If you dare, you can risk and see what might happen.

The key here is to hold those shares for a very long time of more than twenty five years.

You will be surprised to realize that only Ksh 5000 will compound to the extend that it will be enough to launch a big business for your child in the next thirty years.

The key here is to select a good company and invest in it. You can come back two years latter to check if the business is doing good.

Here is kenya, most people will wonder what you even mean when you start talking of shares.

Average Kenyans born and raised in the rural areas are only aware of real estate and maybe a matatu as the only sure investment avenues.

Don’t even mind explaining many concepts to them because they will discourage you before you can even start opening a CDs account.

#5; Start to trade currencies online

With Ksh 5000, you can start to trade forex online in kenya. Chances are you will wipe out that amount.

In the case that you learn the metrics very fast and you are lucky enough. You will acquire enough wealth and experience to start trading forex profitably.

The key is to find reputable brokers who will not cheat you like Hot forex and start learning how to trade forex.

Continuous learning and sound money management will play a big role in the success of your online forex trading venture.

If forex is not your thing, you can also trade options and futures to help magnify and or diversify your portfolio.

#6; Buy bitcoin cryptocurrency

Technology is changing our way of live and soon, the regular currencies may get replaced by the digital money.

Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is known for it’s high volatility.

You can research on how to leverage Bitcoins volatility to make profits of up to 100% in a few months.

I normally buy my bitcoins through paxful in kenya as they are trustable.

#7; Repay your tala loans

This days, you can fail to get through a job interview because of bad credit records.

Taking loans through mobile apps can result in landing yourself into trouble when this companies report you to the credit records.

As if that’s enough, the interest rate at which this loans accrue is so high. You can take fuliza loans and in one year, that amount will have more than doubled.

The best way to go around this challenges with loans is to pay then. “Dawa ya deni in kuliba”.

Sacrifice that amount and pay back the loan so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

#8; Affiliate marketing

Paxful is offering a very attractive affiliate partnership in kenya.

You can choose to start working with them and in the end you will make a lot of money passively.

This is one of those opportunities that you don’t want to miss in kenya especially now when the rate of unemployment is higher than ever before.

#9; Sports and binary betting

There are few people who have made it in life as professional gamblers.

To be a professional gambler, you need to have mastered the game so well that you can profit advice to other gamblers at a fee.

Also, you must be in a position to manage your risks while aiming for a higher price.

Professional gambling calls for high.level of discipline and dedication.

Sports betting in kenya is one of those avenues that can turn you into a millionaire overnight.

I always try to bet and aim for the mega jackpots.

There is a very slim change that you can be the next jackpot winner but if In case it happens once in your life time, it will be enough to call it a day.

#10; Peer to peer lending in kenya

The first time I tryed peer to peer lending in kenya, I found it very risky and unstable way to make money.

In other countries, peer to peer lending is one of those very profitable opportunities online.

Work with overseas companies and you will soon realize that your money can make more money passively without your involvement.


#11; Take an online course

Have you identified a potential business in our list of businesses that you can start with five thousand kenya shillings?

Now, you may be a total amateur in that field, don’t let it limit your potential.

Enrol into an online class teaching that specific skill set and start earning from your new found venture tomorrow.

In conclusion…

You can turn yourlife around with just Kenyan shillings five thousand if you dared to invest it wisely.

Starting and online business is the surest way to find financial freedom in kenya because you can multitask it with other online businesses and normal brick and mortar ventures.