How much money can you really make from affiliate marketing?

How much money can you really make from affiliate marketing in kenya?

Are you an online entrepreneur in kenya who want to earn income from affiliate marketing? Have you been wondering if affiliate marketing is really worth your sweats? Do you want to know how much money can you really make from affiliate marketing in kenya?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be answering the question, how much money can you really make from affiliate marketing in kenya? I also have a whole category focused on affiliate marketing. You can also have a look at the other posts in this category.

Most bloggers in social media have been asking the question how much money can you really make from affiliate marketing in kenya? I decided to present my research finding in this blog post in a detailed format so that you won’t have to wonder about it again.

To answer the question how much money can you really make from affiliate marketing in kenya? We will have to consider the following;

1; Time invested on affiliate marketing
2; Natural talents and abilities
3; The niche of focus
4; Number of followers

How much can you really make from affiliate marketing in the right niche?

The right niche is one with fair competition but with enough demand. There are a lot of blogs posts that focus on how to select the best niche for your blog, you can check on those articles to learn more about niching down to the most profitable niche.

As an affiliate marketer, it goes without emphasis that you should be really good at marketing. Reading and especially self study will turn you from an amateur to a go to expert.

Successful bloggers in the most profitable blog niches like making money online, frugality, lifestyle and health among others are earning like ministers and ambassadors.

Select a niche that’s profitable, that you are passionate about and one that you have or can hone the skills to present yourself as an authority and you will be ready to go.

How much can you really make from affiliate marketing with full dedication?

Hardwork and dedication is another metric that determine success in the online world.

Taking of hard work, I mean all the efforts that goes into learning, preparing and writing the best blog posts and managing the blog as a business.

You may take a few minutes writing and managing the blog but the efforts that went into preparation and honing that talent maybe enormous.

Those bloggers who dedicate themselves wholly to the craft of blogging to the extend of doing it full time earn like kings through affiliate marketing. Some bloggers in this category earn better than president Trump.

To earn that high with affiliate marketing, the need to take it as any other serious career is essential.

There are affiliate marketers who do it as a hobby then there are those who approach it as a full time profession. To be frank, you can’t expect them to earn equally.

I know of serious bloggers who put in 70 to 80 hours of serious work into their affiliate marketing business and as a results, they are sure to make enough money and achieve financial freedom.

How much can you really make from affiliate marketing as a talented writer?

To be realistic, you can expect to earn as much as your day job salary with affiliate marketing.

What I am assuming here is that your salary at work is a fair measure of your true potentiality. And you know what? I am not too far from the truth.

If you were to insert the same efforts into leaning, organizing and implementing the same way you do at work there is a high chance that you will earn what you have been earning at your day job.

Those who take the time to turn their dreams into goals and are willing to take those goals through various stages like hobbies, obsessions, passions to a flame of talents are sure to earn like a CEO and sometime, if they are serious enough, strike a fortune for themselves.

There are some affiliate marketers in the US that earn like the top footballers. You see, earning like a footballer is the dream of most daring young people.

Earning like a footballer means that affiliate marketing can be the best business and or work that you can ever dream of.

What do I mean? All I mean here is that blogging and affiliate marketing is a business and or a career like most of the normal businesses. It’s like real estate, carwash, motivational speaking, day trading etc.

Stop wasting time and get down to work, you know where this business will lead you to if you invest the energy and the commitment into doing it the right way.

How much can you really make as an affiliate marketer with right followers?

Affiliate marketing is a business that you can start earning with a handful of followers.

In this business, it’s not about the number of followers, it’s about the quality. My followers of the blog, a blog whose focus is on latest smartphone reviews have a more targeted followers than my other blog that focuses on Breaking news today in kenya.

The readers who follow my earlier blog are more focused on the latest smartphone reviews in kenya. They want to buy a phone but first need to know the details.

On the other hand, the followers of the political blog are interested on the latest political news and not necessarily buying.

Comparing the two blogs I need ten times the number of followers in the second blog to make the same amount of money through affiliate marketing as compared to the first blog.

What you can clearly see from the above example is that quality of followers is more important than the number.

That means that with the right number of followers in the right niche, you can smile all the way to the bank.

In conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a business and or a career just like any other, with seriousness, willingness to learn, persistence and some luck, you can make enough money to retire comfortably.

Now that I have answered your question how much can you really make as an affiliate marketer in kenya, it’s your turn to decide if you are going to run for an elective office, start a manufacturing company, enrol for your PhD or start affiliate marketing business.

The good thing with affiliate marketing is it’s ability to offer you the flexibility to mingle it with your other passions. My advice is that you start affiliate marketing as a side hustle while you focus on what you have been doing.

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