How much do bloggers earn in Kenya?

When answering the question, how much do bloggers earn in Kenya, it is important to note that many metrics needs to be considered;

√ Some bloggers own several blogs, sometime upto five.

√ Extablished bloggers outsource most of the work by hiring other bloggers.

√ Many blogs are owned by big businesses or corporations that blog to promote it’s products

√ Many blogs in kenya are local while others are internationally based.

√ Some bloggers blog full time while others do it part time.

As an average Kenyan seeking a way to make money blogging, your are interested on how an average Kenyan owning a blog as a business can make money blogging full time for Kenyan audience.


Well, in this blog post, we will focus on a blogger who meets the following conditions.

1; Runs one blog
2; Blogs mainly for income
3; He or she is the only one running the blog
4; Makes money from the blog only.
5; Focuses on the local audience
6; Blogs full time

Now, the question that you are asking can clearly be framed as…

How much do average bloggers make in Kenya monthly?

To answer your question directly, I will just mention that the average income that bloggers make in Kenya is ksh 50, 000.

Some bloggers earn as much as Ksh 100, 000 above while others average ksh 25,000 or less.

As you can see, bloggers in Kenya earns just like their fellows in the civil or corporate world.

Teachers, police, soldiers, investment analysts, bankers and other entry to middle level employees earn roughly this amount.

This facts are alarming, especially if you are a jobless graduate like most of the youths in kenya.

What determines the income of a blogger?

There are several ways that bloggers can make money online.

Here I am going to break this streams into a guide that will help you start and skyrocket your blogging business in one week.

Monitize your blog by freelancing

When you have few audience, try to monitize your blog by offering freelance services.

You can blog for other local or international bloggers.

Consult to make money blogging

Also, you can over consulting services to your audience.

This revenue streams will see you earning a lot with a hundred to a thousand daily visitors to your blog.

You can also become an advisor or a public speaker and make wonderful sum of cash.

Use affiliate marketing to make more cash

Affiliate marketing can be a very good source of passive income.

You can advertise or recommend products that you personally use and like to your audience.

This way, you can make cash while you sleep.

In conclusion

Making money as a blogger is possible if you give it the seriousness that it deserve and tackle it in a clever way.

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