How do beginner bloggers make money blogging in Kenya?

When starting out as a blogger you will have less page views daily.

Do you want to wait for the next five years when you will be having ten of thousand readers to start making money?

I bet you won’t, that’s why you want to know how do beginner bloggers make money blogging.

In this blog post, I will answer the question, how do begginer bloggers make money blogging.

I will show you a step by step guide that you can follow to make money from day one and scale up with a clear direction.

Before we dive in, let us have a look at the headlines;

1; Freelance writing
2; Writing an Ebook
3; Coaching and consulting
4; Online course
5; Affiliate marketing
6; Dropshipping business
7; High value products

#1; Freelance writing

To make money from week one without fail, you will have to your first gig in the first week.\n#2; Writing an Ebookoffer freelance writing gigs.


I want you to do this, head direct to your blog a write ten blog posts in three days.


Ten blogs posts in three days? How can that be possible?

If you really want to make money, you should be willing to go crazy even once in a life time and push yourself hard.

Now, with those ten blog posts, I want you to use them as samples when pitching your first writing gigs.

Remember, I have not told you to focus on advertising the content.


Because I know you are not mad. You can’t expect to put your blog on many potential eyes at your blog was born yesterday.

Trust you me, with the determination of a bulldog and the right mindset you will land your first gig in the first week.

#2; Writing an Ebook

Now the first one month is gone.

You wrote those ten blog posts and you added more over the next three weeks.

Today, the first day of the second month, you have roughly twenty blog posts.

In addition to that, you have been writing two to three additional niche blog posts as a freelance.

The next step will be to turn those twenty blog posts into an EBook on your niche.

What you will be doing is to update here and there to make it a presentable book.

Now, you have two streams of income because you can head to Amazon and self publish your book.

Remember, you don’t have substantive readers in your blog, hence you should find affiliates to promote your book.

#3; Coaching and consulting

At this point, you have a professional blog, a book and a some testimonials.

Leverage this new found credentials to lure in more clients as a consultant and or a coach.

You can now create a page specifically for this service and promote it extensively.

Who knows, those few hundred daily visitors to your blog maybe potential customers that will aid your journey to earning five figures.

#4; Online course

Thinks are getting more serious here. You are moving with the speed of light.

You are unstoppable and you know it but you are not bragging. You want to make the post covid-19 a new live.

At this point, you realize that your blog content, EBook and your speaking and consulting experience can be turned into an online course.

What do you do?

You get down to work and produce that A to Z how to course about your niche.


That’s another revenue stream you just added.

#5; Affiliate marketing

By the end of the sixth month, your blog will now be gaining traffic, thanks to Google belated notice.

You are not hesitating, you take full advantage of this long awaited opportunity and add more revenue stream; you sponsor the products you have been using to your readers.

To really make a killing, you will want to focus on high value products.

This are products that you only have to sell one or two items and you have made a home run.

You see, when you sell a product worth your monthly target income in a single day, they you call it a day.

#6; Dropshipping business

The idears that you get from a freelancing will help you when lounging your dropshipping business.

The products that you have been selling so well in your blog can now start coming directly from you.

I want you to realize that you will be making more money from dropshipping than from affiliate marketing.

#7; High value products

By the end of the year, you will want to develop your own products.

You have done enough of affiliate promotion.

At this stage, you know what your customers want.

Therefore, you are selling what will sell like hot cake.

You are not re-inventing the wheel. You are leveraging on what is already tested and proven.

In conclusion
We have seen how begginer bloggers make money blogging.

They don’t do it like the founders but they approach it step by step like wizards.

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