How can I start a blog and make money in Kenya?

How can I start a blog and make money in Kenya?

Are you a jobless youth who want to learn to make money blogging?


Maybe you are employed but you want to blog as a side hustle to make more money in Kenya.

The question is, do you really want to know how to start a blog and earn money in Kenya in the next few weeks?


Then, you have come to the right place.


Because in this blog post, I will be answering that burning question, how can I start a blog and and make money in Kenya so clearly that you won’t have more questions.

I will work you through the following steps;

In a nutshell, have a look at the topic overview;

1; Choose a blog niche that will make money
2; Start with a self hosted blog that you can monetize
3; Publish valuable content to make money blogging
4; Update your blog consistently
5; Advertise blog content widely in social media
6; Engage with the audience in and out of the blog
7; Collect emails to get repeated customers

Before we move on, you may want to know the advantages that will be enjoyed by you as a blogger.

Have you read the article?

Do you feel like this advantages should be enjoyed by you from tomorrow?


Let’s get down to work, now!

#1; Choose a blog niche that will make money

If you really want to make a living blogging, you will want to go where the money is.

The money is in the niche.

What you want to target the audience with the following characteristics.

√ Have money to spend
√ Spend money online
√ Are interested in your topics

The niche should also have the following characteristics;

√ Ever green
√ Passionate about
√ Expert in it or you can learn easily

Some profitable niche to start a blog includes;

√ Blogging tutorials
√ Forex trading
√ Insurance
√ Health and fitness
√ Sport petting

#2; Start with a self hosted blog that you can monetize.

If you have some coins, it is advisable to start with a self hosted blog.

By doing so, you will have a full control of your blog.

You can make money through all the possible blog monetization techniques.

In addition to the ability to monetize your blog by all means, you will also get access to plugins that will make your work simple.

#3; Publish valuable content to make money blogging.

Your readers are following you because they want to improve their life through your blog.

As long as you are useful, they will stay around.

With your content, you can sell them useful products to make their lives more enjoyable.

Content is king. Take time to give the best content and you will have a simple time scaling up.

#4; Update your blog consistently

Do you want get dedicated readers who are waiting for your advice?

Then, blog consistently.
You can choose to blog monthly, weekly or daily.

The most important thing is that you blog on a regular basis and make your readers know when to expect to here from you.

I will advise that who blog at exactly the same time.

My readers at forex trading in Kenya know that on every Thursday at 8:30am, they will have a blog post from me.

Here at blogging tutorials Kenya, my I want my readers to expect new content every Tuesday at 9:30am.

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