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Are you running a blog about options trading or stock market investing? Is your schedule so tight that you can’t catch up with your posting schedule? Do you need someone to work with to write investment articles that drive in clients and swam in traffic?

If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, then, you have come to the right place. Here at laptop lifestyle, you will get your pinpoint solved. We will work with you to ensure we get you top notch articles that will bring in more traffic and convert more customers.

Contact me today to discuss your needs about high quality trading and or investment articles. I am right here waiting to work with you.

Forex trading strategies

I am a go to expert in matters forex trading strategies, this is my interests, hobby, passion and profession.

You can hire me to write articles about options trading strategies that meet the following standards;

1; Long form
2; SEO and reader friendly
3; Engaging
4; Converting
5; Professional

I can review options trading brokers, softwares and courses in such a way that your readers will thank you for coming online.

Stock market investing

My expertise covers stock market investing strategies. You will get articles on spanning the stock market investing. This articles apart from meeting the above criteria will also be;

1; prove read
2; Edited
3;Linked to reputable sites
4; Images added

Who is behind the screen?

My name is Naftali chirchir, the founder of laptoplifestyle.co.ke blog. A blog that is dedicated to options trading and stock market investment strategies.

Currently, I am pursuing the certified investment and financial analyst (CIFA) course from KASNEB. When I write the articles for you, then, be sure that they are professional.

Why work with me?

Quality articles; Through experience, I have realized that when creativity muscles is trained with passion, a flame of talent is ignited. I am talented in matters investment writing. This is evident in the quality of articles that I am about to deliver to you. Contact me now and be a prove it for yourself.

Niche blogger; I am writing at least one blog posts about each of this topics on weekly basis on my blog. This have given me the expertise when writing articles about this topics.

professionalism; I am a certified investment and financial analyst (CIFA) student. This course is exposing me to innumerable and valuable concepts about investing and trading.

Limitless revisions; When I take up projects, I don’t give 100%, I go the extra mile to add value, I give, 120%. In case you feel that your articles should be revisited for clarity, I will be here at your disposal. I will work on them until you are not only satisfied but amazed.

Timely response; I have a special email for clients of your caliber that I respond very fast. As a time management author, I know how to handle the project in the shortest time possible. You can rest assured that we will get the project delivered on time.

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