Match betting in Kenya; step by step guide

After reading this blog post, I assure that, You will be making ksh 50,000 monthly in Kenya in the next one month.

You will be earning this amount of money without gambling, yes, you will be placing bets but you won’t be gambling. To hit the nail on the head, you will be making risk free money.

To make it even more appealing, This is regardless of if you have a degree or not, whether you have thousands of starting capital or not.

That’s not enough, you will be working for just two hours daily and making that amount of money from the comfort of your home.

Are you not already smiling? Well, imagine, you will not be paying taxes with this business model. That’s another advantage at your side.

Okey, You think I am joking, well, this business does not require you to have any other knowledge apart from what you will learn from this blog post.

My friend, don’t be so sure that this is a scum, read slowly and make money quickly. This is for sure.

I want to begin but I must say that this business is legal, it is completely a viable way to make money online in Kenya without breaking any laws

You are eager to learn how to make money online in Kenya with this method? Well, I am ready to walk you through the details of this business opportunity.

If you are ready, then, let’s get down to business, you will be with me for the next one or more hours learning how to make money match betting in Kenya as a full time income or for part time hustle.

Why did I write this blog post in the first place?

Searching for a job in Kenya expecially if you are not connected can be a real hustle. That statement is relatable to most youths in Kenya who are unemployed.

That’s not all, even if you are employed, you will realize very soon that your monthly salary can’t sustain you let alone living a comfortable lifestyle.

To succeed in Kenya, you don’t need a job only, you will need to have a strong side hustle and a well paying Job.

It is totally confusing to find a person without an online business is this age. With an online business, you stand a chance to make money money on average after summing up your other hustles.

There is a reason why you need an online Business. The main one being that you can work on it during your free time and at night. This way, the way of multiplying your sources of hustles can magnify the chance of you attaining the millionaire status.

You must aim to be a millionaire, live in the millionaire class will reduce your stress in this Earth by more than half.

If you can make your money through passive income streams, the better. Match betting is a relatively passive way to make money expecially if you take advantage of the available software.

I want to believe that I have convinced you on this matter and from now on, you must be planning to launch an online business.

In this blog post,I will introduce you to the best way to make money online in Kenya. In this blog post, you will learn how to make money online in Kenya through Match betting.

So far, I think this one is the magic way to make an income in Kenya working online. It is my favorite way of making money online in Kenya.

This business model that I am going to introduce to you is the best because of the following reasons;

1; Very little initial capital is needed
2; You can only work for less than two hours daily
3; Having a college certificate is not required
4;It is relatively passive way of making money online in Kenya
5; Can be done secretly without breaking the law in the comfort of your home
6; Location free meaning it can be a side hustle that can pay more than your current income
7; You don’t have to pay taxes to the government like the employees

You have been following this blog for quite some time now and I hope you know that what I mention here is something that is real.

There are several scums online that try to deceive you but this business model is straight forward and can easily make you money.

You don’t have to get tired trying despite the many scums around. I have always been trying to learn how to make money online and I have come across several scums.

If you stop trusting and you stop searching, I assure you that you are going to lose alot of opportunities in the near future.

In this post, I will introduce you to match betting. This is a sure way to make money online in Kenya without gambling.

Yes, you are betting but not gambling, this is serious. When I started this post, I told you that you must always be open minded and maintain the willingness to learn.

There are three ways to make money through football betting in Kenya. This are the sure ways that you can always cash in profits from the world of football betting.

Value betting, arbitrage betting and match betting are the Proven ways to make money online in Kenya through sports betting.

Ok, I don’t want to go into alot of stories but to to get us into the real way of making money online in Kenya through sports betting.

What is football betting bookmarker?
To make money online in Kenya through sports betting you need to know some simple terms that are normally used in this industry.

The lingo of the term bookmaker is actually what you already know. Sportpesa is a bookmaker just like Betika and 1xbet.

I know you already know several bookmakers in Kenya but I want to introduce you the the betting exchanges like Betfair, matchbook and the Bedaq.

Once you have learned all those, I will go ahead to mention one or two things about what is known as the betting brokers.

Which one should we start with? Yap! Let us start by examining bookmakers, why? Because it will be easy for you to understand who they are and how they actually operates.

A bookmaker is a company that comes up with the odds in a bet and takes the opposite bet from that of a punter.

When you back arsenal to beat Wolf at the odds of 2.5. what you are doing is that you accepting the odds from the bookmaker that will take your stake and give you the extra cash if you win or else it takes your money.

Basically, it is the job of the bookmaker to come up with the odds and pay the winners.

If you lose,the bookmaker wins, and if you win, then the bookmaker loses.

That’s all about the bookmakers, I hope you now understand who a bookmaker is. Yes! Good. You better do because we are going to concentrate on that concept as we move forward.

Don’t be in a hurry. I am showing you how to make money online in Kenya in a risk free way and even without paying taxes. This is why you want to be patient when learning. Take a cup of tea and relax as you will be employed in the next few days.

What is betting exchange and how does it work?

We are through with the term of bookmaker. What I want us to do right now is to study the term betting exchange.

In the betting exchange, you are betting against your fellow gamber. The exchange is just providing a platform. In that way, you are not going to fight against the house but your fellow colleagues.

You place odds let’s say 2.5 for Liverpool to defeat Chelsea this weekend. On the other hand, another punter let’s say in Zambia think that those odds are fair in that Chelsea will win the match so they accept that offer.

What your friend from Zambia did is to lay that bet. He is betting that Liverpool will not beat Chelsea.

When we say that Liverpool will not beat Chelsea, we mean that Liverpool will either lose or the game will end in a draw.

Underlined the word draw, it’s important that you can see that laying a bet is taking the position that that team will not win, they will either lose or draw.

What is a betting brokers, how do they operate?

You will realize that you can’t be able to access Betfair in Kenya and other betting exchanges like the Bedaq.

To access this accounts, you will need to register with the betting brokers like betinasia VODDS and others.

When I first learned about Match betting, I wanted to start it from the first day. I was disappointed to discover that most betting exchange are not accessible in Kenya.

After a long search, I came across the term betting brokers. This is how I solved the dilemma of inaccessibility of Betfair in Kenya.

You are lucky you have come across this blog post, I will be working you through the A to Z of what you need to know to succeed in the online match betting in Kenya in a hustle free way.

How to start Match betting business in Kenya?

I am going to work you through the step by step guide on how to make money online in Kenya through Match betting.

This is a detailed list that will show you exactly what you need to succeed in the match betting business in Kenya.

Several blog post that have been written about this topic are not directed to Kenya and several developing countries.

I believe that this guide will be the solution that you have been waiting for, if you find it helpful, remember to share it with your friends and family who are interested in this business model.

1; Download Match betting books

You went to the university or college for years and you have never got employed. You have done several businesses and they have failed.

Today, you have a reason to smile with match betting. This is a business that will not let you down if you are willing to learn.

What you need to do is to learn to enjoy this new found business. To develop a passion, you have to learn more about the subject on a daily basis.

There are several people who make a living from match betting, this are the minority who have mastered the business of Match betting in and out.

When I started Match betting, I had to find atleast ten free books that can help me to master this new industry.

You can download free books online that will guide you on how to make money online in Kenya through Match betting.

2; Register with match betting brokers

The best way to access betting exchange in Kenya is through betting brokers, I will advise you to open an account with betinasia broker. They are trustable and you can access several betting exchange with them.

The process of registering with this brokers can be a bit challenging. If you are patient though, you will be able to go through the process with less hustle.

The following are the documents that you will need if you are to succeed in this business;

1; Prove of identity
2; KYC documents

This are the mandatory documents that you need if you are to make money in Kenya through Match betting.

1; National identity card
2; driving license

To prove your residence, you will need to provide a the following documents;

1; Bank statement
2; Electricity bills

There are documents that can’t be used as a prove of residence like;
1; M-pesa statements
2; Screenshot document

To minimize the hustles involved in the verification process, try to use documents that are not more than three months old.

3; Write a match betting business plan

Match betting is a business just any other bricks and mortar business. To stay long in this business, you will have to work hard and follow business acumen.

A detailed business plan will show your plan of the time set aside for the online busines and the way you are going to manage your bankroll.

As we already illustrated, you won’t need millions to start this business but you can make millions from it.

Your business plan will help you to skyrocket your business in the shortest time possible. The good thing with this business is that you don’t need license to start operation.

4; Find the necessary capital
The first question that new comers normally ask is how much do you need to start Match betting in Kenya.

This business can be started with as little as ksh 2500. Though it is advised that you start with ksh 10,000.

I believe that capital is never a problem in this world, the problem is having a sound business and having the personality and skills to follow through your business plan.

Match betting is a business model that only needs you to stretch a little and you will be done. You can hustle to raise the ksh 10000. Now that you know your money will be in a risk free business, you can work harder to raise this amount.

5; Find Match betting software

Oddsmonkey is a match betting software that is designed to help you with your Match betting business.

This software gives you a free trial of two weeks. At the end of this time, you will have made more than two thousand which is enough to get you the premium services with oddsmonkey.

This software will be providing you the current bonuses available and how to go about taking advantage of them.

Having said that, you can see that you don’t need to be a maths genius to make a living from match betting.

In the first few weeks, you will realize that the best way to make long term profits working in the match betting business in Kenya is to stay with oddsmonkey.

They will reduce the time that you need to work on your business daily to two hours.

The remaining time can be used to focus on other businesses as you can be making even more money than your day job.

If you want to make more money and be rich working online, you must consider this business seriously.

6; keep detailed records of the business

Just like any other business, keeping the records of your Match betting will make it easy for you to track all your money.

Remember, you will be moving money from one betting exchange to the other, the way to go around this is to keep records of all your transactions.

You should have a book dedicated to match betting where are the records will be kept. This way, you will be able to close more trades in a stress free way as money tracking is the biggest headache in this business.

7; Try to not to be gubbed

Bookmakers are not happy when you are making risk free money from their free offers. They will do nothing but to close down your account.

Most bookmaker will not close your account but they will not give you access to their next promotions.

Gupping will reduce your profits significantly and hence the need to minimize the chances of it happening.

There are several ways to ensure that you are not gupped and I will be making a blog posts that will details what you need to avoid being gupped.

How does match betting work in real life?

Thank you for reading this far, that shows that you are really serious about making money online in Kenya through match betting.

Match betting is a very simple concept to understand, all you need to know is bet for a team to one on the bookmaker platform and lay it on the betting exchange.

If Liverpool is playing against Chelsea tonight and the odds for Liverpool to win is 2.0 in the bookmaker and a lay bet is 2.3 in the betting exchange, then you can cover both outcomes and tricker the free bet.

You are betting with one thousand on the bookmaker side. If you win or lose, you tricker the free bet because in the welcome bonus, they told you that you can bet with ksh 1000 and you win ksh 1000 bonus bet.

How to make money online match betting after the free bonuses?

Are you wondering if your match betting business will collapse after you complete the free betting bonuses?

Well, you don’t have to worry, there are several ways to make money through match betting after you run out of welcome bonuses that I am going to explain to you in a moment.

This means that match betting can be done as a life long business. It is not about to go anywhere soon.

Reload offers is a trick that bookmakers use to keep customers betting in their site.

As a professional sports investor, your job is to take advantage of this free gifts as they come your way, got it? Good.

What are the risks involved in match betting?

You have learned that match betting is not gumbling it’s far from it. This is a sure way of making risk free income.

The only risk in this business are those that emerge from human errors. If you double check everything, won’t make any silly mistake.

How to make a living from match betting

You can still make a living from sports betting in Kenya in this year. This is an ever green pasture that you can rely on for your daily 🍞.

You can keep your starting capital to as low as ksh 100000 and work for five hours daily or you can raise your capital to ksh 500000 and work for just one hour daily while making ksh 50000 monthly.

What is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage betting is when you are taking advantage of odds difference between bookmakers to make a risk free bet.

This is another business that can be done in conjunction with the match betting business.

What’s value betting in football?

After you have seemingly exhausted your free welcome bonuses, you can move on to arbitrage betting.

Combining match betting with arbitrage betting is a sure way to confuse the bookies. They will never actually suspect what you are doing.

You can go ahead and include value betting to the arbitrage bets and match bets to make your activity as natural as possible.

Value betting is the only sure way to make consistent profits from sports gambling.

You can bet for hot and strong teams strategies. Here, you will be studying the teams and only place bets to home teams that have no injury, have not recently played against an international team or is not facing a delegation.

Another betting strategies is betting for over or under 2.5 goals market. Here, you will be betting for a home team that has a strong defense and poor goal scorers when they are playing with a host that has a strong defense and a week attack.

This strategies are just ment to confuse your bookies and avoid them gupping your account. You should be earning more income from the strategies that I just told you if you approach it in the right way.

In conclusion…
Match betting is a business opportunity that can be done full time or part time. It can earn full time income if done in the right way.

In Kenya, you can register with matchbook betting exchange or you can use betting brokers like betinasia and VODDS to access betting exchanges.

Other businesses that work well with match betting is arbitrage betting and value betting. Mixing this other betting businesses into match betting in the right way can help delay the chances of being gupped and make you more profits.

Match betting is a business model that can be started with a very little capital and it needs less expertise. You should try match betting today and boost your income.