Top 10 online finance business Ideas in Kenya

Do you have a finance, investment or business related degree in Kenya?

There are several business opportunities that you can venture into in Kenya as a finance enthusiasts.

In this blog, I will work you through the various finance related business that you can start with a very small capital.

This are financial opportunities that you can do online with a laptop and an internet connection to live a laptop lifestyle in Kenya.

Remember, finance and investment is the industry that have produced most of the billionaires in the whole world

Important 📝 and key take away

1: Stock brokering
2: Forex swing trading
3: Finance E-books
4: Bitcoins trading
5: Financial advisor
6: Stocks day trading
7: Financial blogging
8: Commodities trading
9: Insurance urgency
10: Franchise consulting
11: Bureau De Change

With a small capital, passion and a little experience, anyone can start almost all of this business in kenya and make a huge killing in a very small span of time.

1: Stock brokering business in Kenya

With a handful base of clients and a track record of success, just about anyone can start this business in the comfort of their home.

I have seen some stock brokers who keep their day job while running this business as a side hustle.

You can start small working for a company as a stock broker and in a very short time, I you will be running your own fully fledged stock broker company.

2: Forex swing trading in kenya

Trading forex with the swing trading strategy is not a capital intensive venture.

Imagine you can start this business with zero starting capital and you can use the power of compounding to scale it up to millions.

A solid knowledge of technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis is a must if you are to succeed in this field.

3: Financially related E-books

The introduction of self publishing have opened a huge opportunity for writers from all genres to make 💰 passively online.

You can join the bandwagon and make a living sharing your financial skills online as a self published financial author.

The goodness with 📚 writing is that you can leverage on it to sell all the other products and services that we have listed in this blog.

Think of placing your professional speaking, book writing and blogging in the centre of all the other financial services that you sell.

You can make money in different ways with an e-book, from affiliate programs to selling and recommending your top notch products.

4: Bitcoins investing and trading

Crypto-currency is the future of currencies. 💯 s of kenyans have already cashed in thousands of dollars in the online world.

All you need to succeed in this niche is the willingness to learn and some pennies to kick-start the business.

This is the business that you will be blame yourself if you don’t get started right now with what you have.

5: Financial advisor business in Kenya

To work as a financial advisor, you will need to get certified and licensed in Kenya.

Once you get your papers in order, you can leverage on your networks to get a good customer base and you will be on your way to the millionaire Class.

With the advancement in technology, you can automate most process from marketing through clients management to the actual money management.

6: Stocks day trading

Stock traders buy and sell stocks making small profits daily that can compound to a huge profits at the end of the day.

To succeed in this business, you will have to be highly trained in company valuation and economic analysis.

Yours will be to research and make orders of buy and sell them through your 💻 or 📱.

7: Financial blogging

4Starting a financial related blog can fetch you money in thousands if done right.

You will need to build a community of personal finance enthusiasts and solve their problems through your blog post and soon, After monetizing your work, you will be smiling all the way to the 🏦.

In fact, blogging is the best way to realize all the other forms of businesses that we have discussed in this blog post.

8: Commodities trading

With commodities trading, you can make a lot of 💰 depending of your starting capital and the amount of knowledge that you possess.

This business can be started right at your bedroom provided you have a good internet connection.

Commodities trading and investing can be done as a full time or just part time way of earning 💰 online in Kenya.

9: Insurance urgency

This business can be started will almost zero capital.

Your work will involve selling insurance to the public.

Medical, Auto, life and other forms of insurance is in high demand in Kenya especially if you position yourself strategically.

A blog and social media can be leveraged to reach out to your customers and sign deals and thus a sure online venture.

As your books increases, your income skyrockets and hence a passive way of earning 💰 online in kenya.

10: Franchise consulting

Do you want to refer your network to profitable business opportunities in your locality?

This is your opportunity to help your friends and network to learn of various profitable business opportunities in your locality and make a killing from it.

A franchise consulting can be started from home and it needs a very small capital to start, in return, you could be making millions monthly.

11: Bureau De Change

Visitors to Kenya Will need to change their 💱 into the Kenyan 💰.

You can develop an app that will help this visitors to convert their currencies into the Kenyan money.
A good example is a business that converts dollars into kenyan money.

The capital for starting this business is small because all you do is to change one currency to the other.

In conclusion

There are several business opportunities for finance and investment enthusiasts in Kenya.

You can either start your online business or help others manage their financial nightmares thus making millions for yourself and your 👪 in return.

As an experiment, you can launch a handful of this businesses and see which ones earns you the best returns.

Are you motivated to start a financial and investment business in Kenya?

Let me know in the comments section.

Otherwise, congrats for reading this post and for being my loyal follower, it’s through your loyalty that this blog will stand. Thank you very much!