Best match betting calculator you must know

Match betting is a sure way to make easy money, there is no doubt about that.

No! no! It’s not a scum, be sure of that, this is a proven way to make money online in Kenya without risking your own money.

I know it’s too good to be true, but you know what? It’s true. Okey! Now that you are ready to start match betting, I think You should learn how to use a match betting calculator to make the whole process simple.

Do you want to learn how to make match betting even simpler with a match betting calculator? Yes! Good. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to work, shall we?

Well, you know what? You have come to the right place, in this blog post, I will be discussing everything you need to know about match betting calculator.

You can make ksh 100000, that’s roughly $100 monthly working for just two to three hours daily. That is a reasonable amount that you can make in Kenya, right?

1; What is a match betting calculator?
2; Why do you need a match betting calculator?
3; Must you be a maths genius to calculator?
4; Best match betting calculator
5; Match betting calculator for Kenyans
6; Free trial match betting calculator
7; How to use a match betting calculator
8; start by backing a team to win
9; Laying the team with betting exchange
10; What’s commission in match betting
11; Guaranteed profits from match betting
12; Explaining the meaning of liability
13; Place the bets and wait for profits
14; How to avoid being gubbed

What is a match betting calculator?

This is a software, a tool that you can use to calculate the amount of lay bets that you need to lay in order to make a risk free return from match betting.

There are several companies that provides the match betting software as a service but most can be found for free online.

You can start with the free fashion and build up right from there.

In this blog post, you are going to learn about oddsmonkey match betting calculator and how you can use it to your advantage.

This calculator can be used for free but you would ultimately have to register for a premium version to access the best services that will skyrocket your match betting business.

Why do you need a match betting calculator?

The question is, how can you be able to complete many orders in Kenya while Match betting?

There is an answer, a very simple one, well, I know you are eager to learn. The answer to making alot of money online through match betting is to use a match betting calculator.

What does a match betting calculator do? That’s a good question. A match betting calculator simplifies the process of calculating your lay bet amount.

You input some figures that I am going to explain in a moment and the match betting calculator does all the hard work for you.

Some match betting calculators can assist you to search for match betting opportunities.

One such calculator is the odds monkey premium version. With this tool, yours will be just to pick one offer, input some parameters to the calculator and proceed to make the bets.

You don’t have to be a maths genius to earn

Haha! I know you may not be comfortable with maths. Maybe you are not a maths person or you don’t have the time to sit on the computer all day long.

There is a solution, that solution iss the match betting calculator, it is a very good software as it simplify everything for you so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time with the calculations.

It makes business sence to subscribe to a match betting calculator service because you can save a tone of time that can be used to complete orders and hence earn more from the internet.

Best match betting calculator
I will recommend the best Match betting calculator in the market. Do you know what I am about to say, well, you guessed it well, oddsmonkey.

Have you been doing match betting for a while? Then you have come across the oddsmonkey website.

Let me be frank, just move on with the odds monkey. They are the best and the most reliable in the market.

Yes, there are several other Match betting calculators around. Surprisingly enough, non have managed to equal oddsmonkey Match betting calculator.

You can shop around for the alternative if you want to be more specific.

Match betting calculator for Kenyans

Match betting from Kenya demands a different way of approaching the business. I have been able to research around and I have found a website that has a match betting calculator dedicated to Kenyans.

In Kenya, we have a problem, it’s not a Small problem, it’s a big one. Do you want to know the challenge that is facing match betting in Kenya? Well, it is the unavailability of some bookmakers in Kenya.

The good thing with Kenyans is their creativity, we can find a way to go around the challenge. Continue reading and I will show you how you can overcome the unavailability of some bookmakers in Kenya.

How much do Match betting software cost?

Don’t you have the starting capital? Paying ksh 2000 and above monthly to the match betting calculator providers can seem to be alot of money at the start.

Wait a little, you see, when you consider that you will be making thousands in a month, you scoff at that amount.

You can make the equivalent of what you pay the software providers in a day. No in some few hours.

What the software providers that from you is too small that you don’t even have to consider it. Ok! It’s miscellaneous expenses.

Sometime, you will realize that what you are spending on the software is Much less as compared to what you pay for the internet connection.

Free trial for match betting calculator

Is there a way that you can start match betting without a calculator? Yap! You can start match betting without a match betting calculator but it is going to take you alot of time.

Gosh! It doesn’t make any business sence to start match betting without a match betting calculator because there are several software that provides such a service for a free trial.

With oddsmonkey, you are presented with such and opportunity, you can start match betting with their match betting calculator trial for one week.

What happens after one week is that you would have made enough money to subscribe and go premium.

You can do alot with the odds monkey premium, you can place several bets in a hustle free way. You can be working for two hours daily and Making alot of money from your online hustle.

A match betting calculator can also help you with arbitrage betting, yes! Atleast that is what I discovered recently.

Combining match betting with arbitrage betting can be a mix that can confuse the bookies and prevent you from being gubbed.

Yes, there are other ways of preventing the bookies from gubbing you but all of them revolves around being as natural as possible.

How does a match betting calculator works?

How does a match betting calculator works? Is it hard to learn? Can… Well, well, well, relax, you don’t have to worry. Why? Because operating a match betting calculator is as easy as opening a door.

You just have to input the needed parameters and the calculator does the rest. Okey! I will explain it even better, ready?

Start by finding a team to back
Backing a team is done on the bookies side, that is, you are betting that a given team will win. What if it doesn’t win? You lose.

We don’t want to loose, so what do we do? We find a way to cover all the possibilities, now, how do we do that?

I am going to explain what you need to do to avoid losing money through betting. It’s a simple process and that’s where the match betting calculator gets in.

Are you ready to beat bookies on their own game? To earn enough money to start serious sports betting or to invest in other businesses?

Then, consider match betting and take it even more seriously that any other business idea that you have ever developed.

Ok! That’s the decision that I am leaving for you to decide. This is totally tin your discretion.

Let us move on, you have backed a team, you have bet that AC Milan will beat intermilan. What should you do next?

You should lay the team on an exchange

It’s simple, we proceed to the betting exchange and we lay the team. Laying a team? What does that even supposed to mean?

Relax, laying a team means that you are betting that it won’t win? Why should we do it with a betting exchange? Because with an exchange we can bet that the other team will either win or it draws.

You can’t do that in a bookmakers platform expecially football. Okey, maybe you can do it with basketball because in basketball, a team will either win or it loses.

Wow! Betting exchange are our friends, right? I love them too. But wait, there is a slight information you need to know, ok! What’s that?

Betting exchanges need to make money, yes! They are providing you with a platform. A sure way to beat the bookies properly in their own game until they yell at the top of their voices.

What is a commission in match betting?

They, betting exchange, makes money by taking a percentage of your bets. They charge something less than 5% of your winning bets. This is their commission.

Why am I mentioning this? Because you will have to factor in those amounts when you are doing your calculations.

How do you work with the Match betting calculator? You just fill in the back amount, the back odds from the bookies.

Once you are through with that, you move on to fill in the lay odds and the commission from the betting exchanges.

Well done, why? Because, you are done. You have just finished calculating the amount that you need to lay on the betting exchange.

Guaranteed profits from match betting

It’s very important that you understand that what you are actually doing here is making risk free money from match betting.

This money is a guaranteed profits, the match betting calculator will do away with the errors that might arise during the calculations.

With a match betting calculator, there will be no errors unless those that you commit under extreme carelessness.

I want to believe that you are wise and careful enough, that’s why you are doing match betting in the first place.

Explaining the meaning of liability

In match betting, liability is the money that you will have to pay if your bet looses from the betting exchange side.

You must be having the liability amount in the betting exchange account before you place your bet.

Essentially, you are acting like the bookie, you are taking the bets from your fellow punter, if they win, you return their money together with the liability. If you win, you retain their stacked amount.

Place the matched bets and earn money

Have you calculated all the needed parameters? What do you do next? Proceed to placing the bets and…

Wait for your profits, that’s how you can make money with sports betting without struggling. It’s a passive way of doing things because what you can earn cannot be compared with the efforts you input.

Normal bet
There are two types of bets that you can place within any match betting calculator. The first one is the normal bet and the other is the free bet stake.

All this types of bets have emerge from the different offers that the book makers provide. You can be using free introductory offers that you see flying everywhere.

Another type of bets if the reload offers. This are the free bets that the bookmakers offer customers to entice them to continue betting with them.

Free bet stake
You are on the match betting calculator service provider page, navigate to a drop down button where you are going to choose between an FBS and a normal bet.

Depending on which bonus you want to take advantage, choose appropriately and place your bets.

How to avoid being gubbed

Several premium match betting calculator providers are Keen to assist their customers, you will be able to gain more additional advantages from using a match betting calculator service.

They will be taking you through how to go about taking your free bonuses without breaking the rules that the bookmakers have attached to the bonuses.

Some will also provide you will a betting system so that the bookmakers can’t monitor what you are doing online.

You don’t want the bookmakers to know the site’s that you are visiting most of the time because you know you are a frequent guest on the betting exchanges.

In conclusion

Match betting can be a full-time, part time or a hobby. For serious business minded using a match betting calculator is essential. Several Match betting calculators are available online.

You should try oddsmonkey, I recommend them because they have the best package that can make your business easy.

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