Advantages of being self-employed

Are you wondering if you should be self employed and work for yourself or follow the masses and find the traditional 5 to 9 job?

In this blog post, you will learn the advantages of being self employed. This post is ment to encourage you to follow your passions and start your own venture.

Important notes and key takeaways
1; Be your own boss
2; Enjoying your work
3; Flexibility to choose
4; Making more money
5; scaling up your business
6; Income distribution to family
7; Making your money passively

1; Being your own boss

Do you want to be your own boss? To make all the decisions that will affect your career? decisions like marketing procedures, business plan and the all trajectory of your business?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, then, you are set to be entrepreneur and work as self employed.

Being self employed comes with some rear privileges like having job security, and hence you can’t work up one morning to find out that you are fired. You will be living with peace of mind knowing that you are assured of employment as long as you are still in business.

Experience and knowledge is as a result of working in a given sector for a long time enough. As you stay in your business, you will be more competitive with time which will reflect directly in your book balance.

2; You will enjoy your work

The more you work in your business, the more you learn about the industry and the more you connect with related minds, with time, you will develop passion and come to like what you are doing, this will keep you motivated to but in more efforts to make your business a success.

As days goes by, you will come to enjoy your work so much that you won’t feel like you are working in the first place, you will achieve work life balance, the essence of Life.

3; Flexibility to choose your conditions

As a self employed person, you have the variety to choose from, like who to work with, when to work, where to work and most importantly, why you should work.

writer or a consultant), you can live wherever you want. At any rate, if you work at hoou’ll greatly reduce your daily commuting time and expense.

4; Making more money

Entrepreneurs who succeed in their ventures are more likely to make more money than their counterparts who are employed.

This advantage is even more pronounced when you are running an online venture because you are not going to pay rent and daily transportation cost to and from your job.

Most online ventures don’t pay taxes, this means that you will be able to keep more money to accomplish your own goals rather than those of your employer or the government.

5; You can scale up your business

Working for an organization or the government means that your dues increase only with salary increment on promotion.

In many organizations and government jobs, promotions are just but a matter of luck or extreme sacrifices that may not be worth the efforts.

If you want to earn more as a self employed entrepreneur, all you can do is plough back the profits into the business.

6; Income distribution to family

Self-employed people have businesses for their kids to inherit, you can’t pass on your government job to your kids.

The new wealthy are training their kids to take over the empires that they are building day and night while the poor are paying fees to train their kids to work on those organizations.

Self employed people are creating jobs for their friends and relatives. Their children never tarmac after leaving college.

7; Making your money passively

Businesses can be designed in such a way that they make money passively for the owner, you can plough back the profits to bring in more employees, management and systems to automate your processes.

Having a self operating system can free you time to find out what else you can do to serve God and humanity while you are still on this Earth.

In conclusion
Entrepreneurs have the flexibility and the opportunity to fix things in their favour and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you are already employed, you should be thinking of business to work as side hustles to free you and your generations in the need future, be the one to kick the ball for others to enjoy the snowball.

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