Best match betting calculator you must know

Match betting is a sure way to make easy money, there is no doubt about that.

No! no! It’s not a scum, be sure of that, this is a proven way to make money online in Kenya without risking your own money.

I know it’s too good to be true, but you know what? It’s true. Okey! Now that you are ready to start match betting, I think You should learn how to use a match betting calculator to make the whole process simple.

Do you want to learn how to make match betting even simpler with a match betting calculator? Yes! Good. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to work, shall we?

Well, you know what? You have come to the right place, in this blog post, I will be discussing everything you need to know about match betting calculator.

You can make ksh 100000, that’s roughly $100 monthly working for just two to three hours daily. That is a reasonable amount that you can make in Kenya, right?

1; What is a match betting calculator?
2; Why do you need a match betting calculator?
3; Must you be a maths genius to calculator?
4; Best match betting calculator
5; Match betting calculator for Kenyans
6; Free trial match betting calculator
7; How to use a match betting calculator
8; start by backing a team to win
9; Laying the team with betting exchange
10; What’s commission in match betting
11; Guaranteed profits from match betting
12; Explaining the meaning of liability
13; Place the bets and wait for profits
14; How to avoid being gubbed

What is a match betting calculator?

This is a software, a tool that you can use to calculate the amount of lay bets that you need to lay in order to make a risk free return from match betting.

There are several companies that provides the match betting software as a service but most can be found for free online.

You can start with the free fashion and build up right from there.

In this blog post, you are going to learn about oddsmonkey match betting calculator and how you can use it to your advantage.

This calculator can be used for free but you would ultimately have to register for a premium version to access the best services that will skyrocket your match betting business.

Why do you need a match betting calculator?

The question is, how can you be able to complete many orders in Kenya while Match betting?

There is an answer, a very simple one, well, I know you are eager to learn. The answer to making alot of money online through match betting is to use a match betting calculator.

What does a match betting calculator do? That’s a good question. A match betting calculator simplifies the process of calculating your lay bet amount.

You input some figures that I am going to explain in a moment and the match betting calculator does all the hard work for you.

Some match betting calculators can assist you to search for match betting opportunities.

One such calculator is the odds monkey premium version. With this tool, yours will be just to pick one offer, input some parameters to the calculator and proceed to make the bets.

You don’t have to be a maths genius to earn

Haha! I know you may not be comfortable with maths. Maybe you are not a maths person or you don’t have the time to sit on the computer all day long.

There is a solution, that solution iss the match betting calculator, it is a very good software as it simplify everything for you so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time with the calculations.

It makes business sence to subscribe to a match betting calculator service because you can save a tone of time that can be used to complete orders and hence earn more from the internet.

Best match betting calculator
I will recommend the best Match betting calculator in the market. Do you know what I am about to say, well, you guessed it well, oddsmonkey.

Have you been doing match betting for a while? Then you have come across the oddsmonkey website.

Let me be frank, just move on with the odds monkey. They are the best and the most reliable in the market.

Yes, there are several other Match betting calculators around. Surprisingly enough, non have managed to equal oddsmonkey Match betting calculator.

You can shop around for the alternative if you want to be more specific.

Match betting calculator for Kenyans

Match betting from Kenya demands a different way of approaching the business. I have been able to research around and I have found a website that has a match betting calculator dedicated to Kenyans.

In Kenya, we have a problem, it’s not a Small problem, it’s a big one. Do you want to know the challenge that is facing match betting in Kenya? Well, it is the unavailability of some bookmakers in Kenya.

The good thing with Kenyans is their creativity, we can find a way to go around the challenge. Continue reading and I will show you how you can overcome the unavailability of some bookmakers in Kenya.

How much do Match betting software cost?

Don’t you have the starting capital? Paying ksh 2000 and above monthly to the match betting calculator providers can seem to be alot of money at the start.

Wait a little, you see, when you consider that you will be making thousands in a month, you scoff at that amount.

You can make the equivalent of what you pay the software providers in a day. No in some few hours.

What the software providers that from you is too small that you don’t even have to consider it. Ok! It’s miscellaneous expenses.

Sometime, you will realize that what you are spending on the software is Much less as compared to what you pay for the internet connection.

Free trial for match betting calculator

Is there a way that you can start match betting without a calculator? Yap! You can start match betting without a match betting calculator but it is going to take you alot of time.

Gosh! It doesn’t make any business sence to start match betting without a match betting calculator because there are several software that provides such a service for a free trial.

With oddsmonkey, you are presented with such and opportunity, you can start match betting with their match betting calculator trial for one week.

What happens after one week is that you would have made enough money to subscribe and go premium.

You can do alot with the odds monkey premium, you can place several bets in a hustle free way. You can be working for two hours daily and Making alot of money from your online hustle.

A match betting calculator can also help you with arbitrage betting, yes! Atleast that is what I discovered recently.

Combining match betting with arbitrage betting can be a mix that can confuse the bookies and prevent you from being gubbed.

Yes, there are other ways of preventing the bookies from gubbing you but all of them revolves around being as natural as possible.

How does a match betting calculator works?

How does a match betting calculator works? Is it hard to learn? Can… Well, well, well, relax, you don’t have to worry. Why? Because operating a match betting calculator is as easy as opening a door.

You just have to input the needed parameters and the calculator does the rest. Okey! I will explain it even better, ready?

Start by finding a team to back
Backing a team is done on the bookies side, that is, you are betting that a given team will win. What if it doesn’t win? You lose.

We don’t want to loose, so what do we do? We find a way to cover all the possibilities, now, how do we do that?

I am going to explain what you need to do to avoid losing money through betting. It’s a simple process and that’s where the match betting calculator gets in.

Are you ready to beat bookies on their own game? To earn enough money to start serious sports betting or to invest in other businesses?

Then, consider match betting and take it even more seriously that any other business idea that you have ever developed.

Ok! That’s the decision that I am leaving for you to decide. This is totally tin your discretion.

Let us move on, you have backed a team, you have bet that AC Milan will beat intermilan. What should you do next?

You should lay the team on an exchange

It’s simple, we proceed to the betting exchange and we lay the team. Laying a team? What does that even supposed to mean?

Relax, laying a team means that you are betting that it won’t win? Why should we do it with a betting exchange? Because with an exchange we can bet that the other team will either win or it draws.

You can’t do that in a bookmakers platform expecially football. Okey, maybe you can do it with basketball because in basketball, a team will either win or it loses.

Wow! Betting exchange are our friends, right? I love them too. But wait, there is a slight information you need to know, ok! What’s that?

Betting exchanges need to make money, yes! They are providing you with a platform. A sure way to beat the bookies properly in their own game until they yell at the top of their voices.

What is a commission in match betting?

They, betting exchange, makes money by taking a percentage of your bets. They charge something less than 5% of your winning bets. This is their commission.

Why am I mentioning this? Because you will have to factor in those amounts when you are doing your calculations.

How do you work with the Match betting calculator? You just fill in the back amount, the back odds from the bookies.

Once you are through with that, you move on to fill in the lay odds and the commission from the betting exchanges.

Well done, why? Because, you are done. You have just finished calculating the amount that you need to lay on the betting exchange.

Guaranteed profits from match betting

It’s very important that you understand that what you are actually doing here is making risk free money from match betting.

This money is a guaranteed profits, the match betting calculator will do away with the errors that might arise during the calculations.

With a match betting calculator, there will be no errors unless those that you commit under extreme carelessness.

I want to believe that you are wise and careful enough, that’s why you are doing match betting in the first place.

Explaining the meaning of liability

In match betting, liability is the money that you will have to pay if your bet looses from the betting exchange side.

You must be having the liability amount in the betting exchange account before you place your bet.

Essentially, you are acting like the bookie, you are taking the bets from your fellow punter, if they win, you return their money together with the liability. If you win, you retain their stacked amount.

Place the matched bets and earn money

Have you calculated all the needed parameters? What do you do next? Proceed to placing the bets and…

Wait for your profits, that’s how you can make money with sports betting without struggling. It’s a passive way of doing things because what you can earn cannot be compared with the efforts you input.

Normal bet
There are two types of bets that you can place within any match betting calculator. The first one is the normal bet and the other is the free bet stake.

All this types of bets have emerge from the different offers that the book makers provide. You can be using free introductory offers that you see flying everywhere.

Another type of bets if the reload offers. This are the free bets that the bookmakers offer customers to entice them to continue betting with them.

Free bet stake
You are on the match betting calculator service provider page, navigate to a drop down button where you are going to choose between an FBS and a normal bet.

Depending on which bonus you want to take advantage, choose appropriately and place your bets.

How to avoid being gubbed

Several premium match betting calculator providers are Keen to assist their customers, you will be able to gain more additional advantages from using a match betting calculator service.

They will be taking you through how to go about taking your free bonuses without breaking the rules that the bookmakers have attached to the bonuses.

Some will also provide you will a betting system so that the bookmakers can’t monitor what you are doing online.

You don’t want the bookmakers to know the site’s that you are visiting most of the time because you know you are a frequent guest on the betting exchanges.

In conclusion

Match betting can be a full-time, part time or a hobby. For serious business minded using a match betting calculator is essential. Several Match betting calculators are available online.

You should try oddsmonkey, I recommend them because they have the best package that can make your business easy.

Laptop lifestyle; About us

Welcome to laptop lifestyle about us page, in this page, you will learn everything that you needed to know about laptop lifestyle blog.

Laptop lifestyle limited, is a company that was formed to provide the following services and solutions in Kenya;

1; Wealth management
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As you can see, this blog is about how to make money online in Kenya. We provide you will the knowledge and the services to help you make money online and live a laptop lifestyle in Kenya.

1; Wealth management

This is not an official offering but we do look forward to trading on behalf of our friends and close business partners.

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1; Online forex trading training

Here at laptop lifestyle, we have invested a lot of time into developing forex trading strategies that make money.

Football betting have long proven to be unreliable source of income and there is need to find alternative source of income.

Forex, futures, index, stocks, cryptocurrency and options trading is the new form of survival for kenyan youth today.

We have given much weight to online forex trading training because it is the most reliable kind of trading in this age and era.

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In conclusion
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Can sports betting make you rich in Kenya

Statistics has it that more than 76% of youths in Kenya are gamblers. Well, that figure is alarming or atleast, raises the question, can sports betting make you rich?

In this blog post, I am going to present my detailed research and thoughts on the question, can sports betting make you rich in Kenya?

I will also present the tactics and secrets that can help you to make money consistently from the market.

Winning football jackpots can make you rich

How many gamblers have won millions on jackpots? Countless of course. How many gamblers have lost millions hoping to win jackpots? Countless!

Well, just like any other business, football betting is a really hard business to win. Your chance of success can be rounded off to zero.

The few who win jackpots are able to solve their problems once and for all. You can plan yourself with the right attitude and strategy and be part of the lucky few.

Focus on long term return on investment

Making alot of money from sports betting is not a one Sprint, it is going to be a game build up from a gameme of compounding.

You will have to develop a winning strategy then repeat it over and over again while reinvesting your capital until you arrive at your millions.

Can sports betting make you rich when you have a winning strategy? Yes, it can, infact, sports betting can be a full time career and beyond.

This blog post is ment to show you how you can make millions from sports betting. Keep on reading and you will get to know all there is to learn about profitable sports betting.

Place single bets and avoid multibets

Do you want to make consistent profits from betting? Yes! Then, you should move from being as a recreational punter to a professional gambler.

Research and mathematical evidence has it that to make consistent profits from football betting or any other form of betting you will have to place only single bets.

Study football betting tips religiously

To make money consistently from the market means that you are sharp. It means that you are doing something that 90% of gamblers are not doing.

Most of the betting population have never studied more than ten books on the topic of betting. To be successful, you will have to know the minds of the successful gamblers, the best way to do that is through books.

There are several literature that have publish research findings on football betting that you must learn.

It is true that research never lie, develop your betting strategies from proven statistics that have been found to work.

Develop a betting strategy

The only one advantage of a betting strategy is the possibility of back testing. You want to deal with facts and not illusion.

It is not enough to speculate that a strategy Will work but it is enough to prove with past evidence that the strategy would have produced the expected results from the previous outcomes.

Experience is the best teacher. A betting strategy will lay down a system upon which you will keep your

Use betting brockers when placing bets

Betting brockers like betinasia and VODDS can provide you with the platform to access many betting exchanges and bookmakers at once.

You don’t want to rely on on one bookmaker when you are doing professional betting. With a betting brockers, you will be able to open more accounts with bookmakers.

Shop around for the best odds

As a professional punter, you have to focus on the long term. Your success or failure is made after analysing not less than a year results.

Difference of two odds in a bet can make the whole difference after placing more than one thousand bets over an extended period.

Betting brockers and softwares can help you to figure out who is providing the best odds for a given match market at the moment.

You should be very economical when it comes to placing bets and only do so when you have ascertain that you are going for the best value.

Use international betting sites
Taxes can eat you alive, that is the truth about kenyan betting sites. A tax of 20% is a complete joke for the kenyan betting sites.

You can try sites like the betinasia and bet365, with this sites, you will be paying taxes only when you like doing so.

Taxes is a sure way of making sure you lose in the long run, if you must pay taxes, then you can consider forgetting everything about betting.

Over betting is a killer disease

When you over place bets, you will find your bankroll diminishing, why? Because too much bets will ensure less research.

Betting without adequate research is pure gambling which have always resulted in great losses.

I only place less than seven bets in a week, those are bets that I have researched to the best of my knowledge and I am sure will win.

When my bets don’t win, it comes with alot of surprise to everyone because I go for those teams that Everyman and his dog knows they are going to win.

Have a long term view of the betting business

Making a profit of ten percent daily can seem Micky but considering that you will having billions in the next ten years with that strategy makes the whole difference.

Most people are able to pick three games that will win in a week. Even a new gambler can do that but to remain focused is what allures many.

You have to come up with a betting plan and be able to stick to it until the end. You have to have patience and determination and most importantly, the emotional intelligence to remain so until you win.

Set a side a betting bankroll

The amount you start with is not that important, the most important thing is your betting strategy. If your strategy is not sound, then, that’s a tragedy.

You can start with a very small amount and compound daily and in few years you will have the whole money you have been thinking about.

If your strategy is not a winning strategy, a big bankroll will never safe you. Focus your whole energy and willpower to developing a killer betting strategy and everything will fall in place.

Use match betting to get initial capital

Do you have $25? Well, that is enough to start match betting, a risk free way of making money online with sports betting.

Once you have assembled enough capital, you can now move on to professional football betting for a living.

Don’t fall in with your hard earned money, you Will lose your shirt and your reputation, that’s not the wise thing to do.

I have written a detailed post about how to make money online in Kenya through match betting. You can check out this blog post to learn more about match betting.

Plan your stacking strategy in advance

There are several stacking strategies that have proven to be effective, depending on your strategy, you should choose one that best suits your needs.

In this post, I will just mention the one that I love the most, this strategy have been proven to be the best.

This is a stacking strategy where you are betting an equal amount of money through all the bets, with this strategy, you will be adjusting the bets in proportion to your bets.

In this stacking strategy you stake the same percentage and you adjust it to reflect the proportion of the bankroll.

Stay disciplined and follow your plan

Most punters don’t have a betting plan, those who do are not able to follow through their plans expecially during the losing periods.

It pays to know what you are doing but to follow through your game plan in the art of the genius. If you can say and do,then, the future is in your favor not only in football betting but in life as a whole.

People do have wonderful plans but no one is willing to follow those plans. If you can follow and adjust your plans with time, football betting can be profitable to you.

Understanding value betting

Value betting is the only way to make profits from football betting. This is only true considering that you have followed everything that we have said in this post.

The term value betting was borrowed from the term value investing in the world of investments.

Most successful gamblers are those that have been or are still traders. Online trading will teach you many concepts ranging from money management to risk management.

Psychology of the trader plays a critical role when it comes to betting all this concepts can be borrowed from the field of trading.

Bet for your team almost always
Do you have your favourite team? Well, you should always be betting for this team. You know your Manager, all the players and the background information about the team.

This should place you in a better position to know when to back your team and when to lay it. You know when it’s likely to when and when it will struggle.

Place your bets using your mind not your emotions

What to consider before placing a bet

1; Form
The form of the team will play a critical role in determining the final possible results.

There are teams that are enjoying a favourable season then there are those struggling.

Looking at the recent h2h form can give you a quick hint of what might be happening in the teams and their forms.

2; Home advantage
Teams that are playing at home have long been known to produce superb results over the away teams.

When you spot a team that is playing for the first round with an away team and the favorite home team must win the game, your attention should be drawn.

Home teams are most likely to win, field familiarity, funs and travel exhaustion are some of the theories that have been put forward to explain the home advantage.

3; Managers
Check out for the teams that have just replaced their manager, it’s a plus if your team is playing against a team that recent changed the manager and avoid backing those teams that just changed their manager.

You can find all this information from various websites that are dedicated to sports or by just following the website and social media pages of the concerned teams.

4; International games played
Teams that have just come from playing international Match are known for playing poorly in their next matches.

What is the cause of such a drop in performance? Well, the reason straight forward, exhaustion. You see, most international matches are tough. Though they are challenging, the team has to give their best because those matches are of great significance to the team.

Traveling for long distances leads to exhaustion, another reason for poor performance in the international leagues.

5; Injuries
You should check to find out if the major players will not play in the next match.

Some players may be rested expecially if the major team is playing a weak team and it is comfortably seating in it’s possition.

When the big team knows that it will be facing a giant in the next international league where it is struggling it can rest it’s best players in the current home league where it’s already sitting way above it’s normal possition.

Some players may not play in the next match due to previous cards. You must check this out because it can adversely affect the results.

6; Motivation

Teams that should win to avoid delegation can sometimes beat giant teams that are already
sure to win the league no matter the outcome.

Some teams go into the match with the reasons to win while others just go to fulfill the league match callender.

As a sharp, you must be aware of such instances and give the weights where it deserves.

7; Confidence
The level of confidence of a team can really affect it’s performance.

You can get the feel of a team confidence by reading what the coach and the team funs are saying about the match.

It’s common sense that the manager and the funs know their team strength and weakness. It is also normal that they have studied the other team and they can now make informed decision.

The sentiment of the manager and the funs can be found in the news sites or the team’s website.

I have experienced this several times, you are about to place a bet, everything is in favor of your favorite team untill you realize that the confidence is low, after omitting the bet, you come back later to find out that it was properly beaten by the other team, thanks to their lack of confidence.

8; Defense strength
Are you a fun of the over or under market? If you have been betting for the over or under 2.5 market, then you know the importance of studying the attack and the defense strength of the teams.

I normally place bets on the over/under 2.5 bets. What I do in this market is to bet for the under 2.5 teams.

There are occasions that I place over 1.5 goals. The idea here is to pick the teams that I know will score more than three goals and back them in to score two goals or more.

As you are studying the over over 2.5 market, you will get a great insight into the general characteristics of the teams you have been following.

9; Attacking power
To actually figure out the possibility of a team scoring more than 2.5 goals or less, you must study it’s defense as well as it’s attacking power.

The attacking strength will tell you if there is likely to be more goals or less. You want to be backing teams that are known to be high scores for the over 1.5 market.

You can find all this information in the bet365 where it list all teams in the order of the goals scores in the over/under 2.5 market.

In conclusion

Can sports betting make you rich? Well, it depends, it depends on many factors. Alot of them indeed. But you know what? It is doable. It’s something that can be done.

Though you can make a living and hopefully millions from sports betting, I would advise that you just do it as a hobby but a serious one. Let it be a plan B.