Laptop lifestyle business ideas in kenya

Are you ready to experience a new way of making a living? Well, in this blog post, we will go through laptop lifestyle business ideas in Kenya.

Search engine optimization

The best skill that you can learn today in this digital age is search optimization. With this rare skill, you will be able to help local and international business to market their businesses online.

You can travel the world and live anywhere in the world while working remotely. This is a skill that is not about to go anywhere soon.

Download search engine optimization books online and start reading today and in the next few months, you will be earning alot of money doing what you already love.

Copywriting skills

Do you want to live like a king working with a laptop? Well, with your well natured writing skills, you can be making millions in the next few years.

Now, copywriting is writing articles that are meant to be used to sell products online and offline as well.

Companies will be approaching you to help them write sales materials to drive sales to their pages and hence leads.

Financial copywriting is where the real money can be made. If you focus your energy to mastering the art of financial copywriting, you will be signing to take a plane to the millionaire club.

E-commerce dropshipping
This is a simple but very powerful way to make money online in Kenya selling products online.

Unlike affiliate marketing, dropshipping is all about selling products as if you were the owner then passing on the orders to the manufacturer without keeping inventory.

You can start dropshipping business with little capital and you can grow it to a massive online store that can change your fortunate.

Think of jumia and Alibaba, this are online stores that have revolutionize the world and most importantly, the owners.

The future of each and everyone of us is in the hands of God. It is only when we get out of our comfort zone and try new things that we will discover the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us.

Indexes trading in Kenya
You have heard about forex trading and stock trading right? Recently, cryptocurrency is the new lingo in town.

What I want to do now is to introduce you to Indexes trading, this is yet another form of trading that can make you rich before the end of this decade.

Indexes trading is all about speculation of the movements of Indexes. You can make an informed bet from analysing the economy that an index will go up or down.

Several people have made fortunes speculating in the Indexes, you can be one of them. You can spend the next one week learning about Indexes trading and add a new stream of income to your online ventures.

Political analyst in Kenya
Kenyans love politics, you can’t go wrong if you brand yourself as a political analyst in Kenya.

All you need to do is to open a Twitter account and follow prominent politicians in Kenya.

You will start small,as a hobby, within the next few years, you will have landed several tenders in Kenya and spend some few nights in the cells.

This is a business idea that you can give it a shot expecially if you love politics and you would like to be an activist.

Start a Facebook page today

Do you want to start a business in affiliate marketing? Well, you can launch a Facebook page and use it to sell other people’s products without having to develop your own products.

This is a simple business idea that you can try today, who knows, you maybe making millions online by doing this for a living.

Don’t waste time chatting aimlessly in the internet, spend that time selling your online shop. This is a very profitable business model as it is very easy to start and it is passive.

WordPress blog setup services

Everyone is looking forward to owning a blog or a website. The world moved online, businesses are following suit.

What about if you helped this businesses to make money online by developing websites for them?

Don’t let your computer science degree waste as you die in poverty. You can make alot of money if you brand yourself aggressively and refuse to stop until you make it.

In conclusion
There are several businesses that you can start today that will ensure a bright future for you.

The internet is booming and there is no better time to get it than now. Don’t be left out in.

Assemble your geniuses and get down to work. You can start by launching a trading business with Hot forex.

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Top ten best Laptop lifestyle secrets

Making more money from the internet can speed up your journey to the millionaire club right?

In this blog post, you will learn top ten best laptop lifestyle secrets that every serious online entrepreneur should know.

Develop a long term view
Most online ventures will take time to pickup, you will need to have a long term view of your business.

Think five years and above, for example, before you succeed as an online influencer, you need to have invested really long time to your online presence.

You should start early and never give up. Most successful bloggers and traders are those that started their journey in campus when they had the time and the passion to follow their dreams.

Online businesses should not be started when you have no other source of income, you will strain alot and give up too soon.

Keep your day job and build your online business slowly in the side until one day when you will transition to full time business.

Run several projects online
To succeed and live the famous laptop lifestyle, you will have to run several businesses online that will make you enough money.

You can try trading, droppshiping blogging, affiliate marketing, network marketing, freelance and online investing.

With the combination of several income streams, you will be able to make a living working online.

Run other offline businesses
The a ability to live a laptop lifestyle should free you to do other offline businesses so that summing up all your income, you become a billionaire tomorrow.

Having ten businesses is better than one. But managing all of them can be hectic unless you approach it in a clever way.

Imagine you are a swing trader, you just need thirty minutes daily to trade. You are also a blogger, you invest thirty minutes daily to your blog. You are also an affiliate, thirty minutes are enough for social media promotions daily.

The passive nature of online be ventures will free you to focus on other offline businesses that can make you rich in the long term.

Automate your online businesses

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Well, you are on your way to your goals with the laptop lifestyle venture.

Earning money passively is the way to achieve financial freedom, you should automate your online businesses like trading and investing. That way, you will have the freedom to choose what else you want to do.

Online businesses like online store can be automated, in situations that you can’t do so, try to outsource. Employ others to assist you.

Make money from different quadrants

You can make money as an employee by doing freelance and consultation, make money online as self-employed by starting your blog and invest in the online stocks.

Diversification can give you the much needed confidence in the online space. It can assure you that you are going to be making money no matter what happens in the economy.

Invest for future financial freedom

The more you succeed in your online ventures, the more you will need to invest in stable income streams.

You can develop a stable portfolio of stocks and bonds that will make you money even when you are not working.

The reason why you opted in for laptop lifestyle was to be financially free, right? You can’t be free and satisfied until you truly achieve the freedom that comes from making your money work for you.

Live healthy with laptop lifestyle

The famous laptop lifestyle comes with several health issues related to overstraining to a laptop screen.

Your eyes with start swelling up and you will start experiencing backpains. This are the health issues that you should address in order to enjoy your laptop lifestyle.

The first years of your online ventures will experience alot of challenges and you may have to work for upto 80hrs in a week.

During the formative stages of your business, you need to find ways to protect your eyes and your backbone from breaking up, you can take immediate measures before you start walking like kenyapitecus.

In conclusion

Laptop lifestyle is a new way to make our lives more successful and satisfying.

You can only get the best from living this way if you understand the laptop lifestyle secrets that the new rich are employing to maximize their life experience.

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How to make money online in Kenya as a student

Do you want to support yourself fully by paying your fees and providing your own pocket money

What about if you start a business that may grow to become a side hustle in future?

In this blog post, you will learn how to make money online in Kenya as a student.

1; Trading stocks to make money
2; Writing ebooks as a side hustle
3; Motivational speaker business
4; Sports betting as a campus hustle
5; Trade commodities online in Kenya
6; Start a business in campus
7; Become a BOM teacher

If you are ready to learn how to make money online as a student in Kenya, then, roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to work, shall we?

Trading stocks as a student

Starting a business to trade stocks can be a lucrative venture that can make one a millionaire if it is done in the right way.

You can use your phone to buy and sell stocks and in the mean time, you will be making enough money to support yourself.

Sports betting as a campus hustle

MBecoming a professional in sport betting is a task that calls for extensive research and a sound strategies.

You may not have to bet always but to only take advantage of those opportunities that you know are sure bets.

I know you are learned but I wonder why you are still paying massive taxes with the Kenyan betting sites.

Style up my friend and register with 22bet and bet365. This sites will enable you to bet without paying taxes.

Registering for Skrill account will enable you to deposit money from Mpesa to this international sites

The times are moving very fast and you need to adjust accordingly. Research have it that betting on football is a risky venture, why not try 🐎 racing betting?

Just because everybody is doing sports betting doesn’t mean that you should follow the masses, you can follow your own path and try horse race betting.

Motivational speaker business for students

As a college student, you can learn more about time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence, drugs and drugs abuse and many more categories to help high school and primary students.

With proper marketing, you will be making enough money to pay your fees and to enjoy life in campus.

You can write a book, hold a mini harrambe to get enough funds to publish your book and you will be in business pursuing a business that can be your future full time job.

Trade commodities online in campus
Mastering commodities trading in Kenya is a business that can never let you down if you get it right.

You will be doing a lot of fundamentals analysis and monitoring charts to make informed decision on whether to buy and or sell the commodities.

Download free books about commodities trading and commit yourself to a one month of serious reading about commodities trading.

Once you start trading commodities and are successful, you will have launched a career that will be of benefit to you for the rest of your life.

Start a business in campus

You can also start a business near your campus and employ your fellow students to work with you in your free time.

Think of starting small and launching a striving business that will span the whole nation in the near future.

What about if you had a chain of hotels? Won’t you be the next millionaire in town in the next few years?

Smartphone repair business
You can start a small smartphone repair business, why waste your electricals and electronics degree?

Start small by downloading several electronics repair books and videos online.

Within one month, you will be ready to open shop in your hostel and help repair your friends phones and let them pay you for your skills.

Become a BOM teacher
During holidays, you can work with the local schools as a teacher and earn money teaching Learners the subjects that you loved in high school.

As a BOM teacher, you can earn enough money to support yourself in school and you won’t have to brother your parents with matters Pocket money.

In conclusion
Students in Kenya can sustain themselves in campus if they mix several of the strategies that we just mentioned above.

You can also launch a business that will change the rest of your life for the better.

If you want to learn how to trade forex, commodities,stocks, Indexes and bitcoins in Kenya,feel free to conduct me today.

How to make money without capital in Kenya

You have wanted to start an online business but capital have been a constrain, Right?

In this blog post, I will show you how to make money without capital in Kenya. Yes! You heard me right. I said, I will show you how to make money without capital in Kenya.

If you have a laptop or a smartphone and internet connection, and you want to make money without capital in Kenya, then you are ready to go.

There are many scammers in the online space and the best way to survive is to start small. Yah! That’s it. You should start as small as with nothing.

You know what, with this tough economy, there is no money that can be risked in projects that you are not even sure if they will come into fruition.

In this blog post, you will learn how to make money without capital in Kenya in the following ways;

1; start to trade forex without capital in Kenya
2; Make money trading bitcoins
3; Affiliate marketing in Kenya
4; Academic writing in Kenya
5; Article writing in Kenya
6; Blogging with free WordPress
7; Social media influencer
8; selling personal items online

Start to trade forex without capital in Kenya

Many questions that my friends ask me when I tell them that I trade forex is “how much do I need to start trading forex?”.

To be precise, I always answer the same answer, you should start trading forex with the free bonuses given by the brokers.

Do you want to tell me that you are so rich that you don’t want Free money? Then why are you looking for ways to make money if you are already full?

With hot forex, you can get assess to free ksh 3000 introductory bonuses to use in trading. That means that you can be in business from as soon as now.

You can also survey online to find let’s say five other brokers that offer free introduction no pay bonuses and summing all those bonuses, you will be starting business with around ksh 100,000.

Make money without capital in Kenya trading bitcoins

Using the same approach, you can start to make money without capital in Kenya by registering with brokers that offer Free bitcoins trading bonuses in Kenya.

There is nothing impossible with determination, if you are willing to put in the efforts and the sacrifices to make things happen.

Make money without capital in Kenya with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business that can be started without capital in Kenya.

You can do affiliate marketing of the products that you normally use and can recommend to your friends and family.

Blogging with free WordPress
You can also make money without capital in Kenya by starting a free blog with WordPress. With a free blog, you can grow your audience to an extent that you make millions per year blogging.

When you are starting out in blogging, you will make several mistakes that may Force you to restart your blogging journey from zero.

Starting with a free hosting and with domain will give you a room to test the waters before you commit your hard earned capital to domain hosting and the likes.

Academic writing
Do you have great writing skills? Well, you can start a new journey that will end in making millions online by doing academic writing online.

You can work with other renowned academic writers in Kenya to get a footage into the industry, from there, you can jungle your way to your destiny.

Article writing

Article writing is another business that you can start without capital in Kenya,there are several websites that needs fresh content regularly.

Leaverage your blog to get more customers and you will be making a living working online in no time.

Selling personal items online
You can use your personal social media accounts to sell your own products and services online.

Instead of spending most of your time idling in Facebook and Twitter, you can use it to grow your business as a social media influencer.

Social media influencer

Becoming a social media influencer doesn’t require any capital to start in Kenya.

You can make money by promoting products as an affiliate with your social media accounts.

In conclusion

There are several ways that you can use to make money without capital in Kenya.

What I have learned with making money online is that you need determination, persistence and courage to succeed in the online space.

With a mentor and willingness to try new things, you will be able to make a name for yourself in the online space which will translate to profits directly.

What are the economic indicators that affect forex trading?

What if you were able to match fundermental analysis with technical analysis in your forex trading curreer? Won’t it yield you more profits

As a swing trader, I have been working on adding fundermental analysis to my technical analysis strategies and as usual, I share my research findings with you.

In this blog post, you are going to learn the fundermental factors that affect currency prices. Using the information in this site, you can be able to develop your fundamental analysis trading strategies.

Information on upcoming economic indicators are normally published on the leading newspapers, monitor sources and leading business magazines.

Blomberg, reuters, wall street journal, financial times and the business week are some of the valuable sources of economic data that traders and investors should subscribe to.

As a trader, you should make sure that you have subscribe to atleast two of this information sources to be in tourch with the news as they develop.

The gross national product
This economic indictor measures the economic performance of the whole economy of the country concerned.

For example, the gross national product of kenya is the sum of all goods and services produced by the citizens of kenya either in kenya or in diaspora.

Gross domestic product
This is the sum of goods and services produced by the companies in a country by the companies owned by the foreigners and the citizens.

The figures of the GDP together with those of the GNP can give huge information about the strenght of the countries economy and hence its currency.

Consumer spending
This indicator try to gauge the strength of the currency by infering to the confidence that the consumers have on it.

When the earning consumers decide to spend rather than save, it sends a signal about the level of confidence that they have on a currency.

Investment spending
This measures the fixed investments and inventories.

Government expenditure
How the government decides to spends its income can effects the strength of its currency. Tracking the government expenditure can give you an idea of where the economy is heading to and hence the strength of the currency.

Industrial production
The industrial production figures shows the total industrial output of a nations plants, utilities and mines.

Traders use this figures to gauge the strength of the economy and hence the strength of the currencies under consideration.

Capacity utilization
Industrial utilization consists of total industrial output in a country divided by the total production capability.

This figures points out to the maximum levels of output a plant can generate under normal business conditions.

Thought capacity utilization is not a major economic indicator for the foreign exchangemarket, it adds to the general overview of the security.

Factory orders

This indicator is limited as it measures the total of durable and non durable good orders.

Durable goods orders
Durable goods orders consists of products with a lifespan of more than three years.

They are divided into four major categories that is, primary metals, machinery electrical machinery and transportation.

Business inventories
This indicator is also limited and its not that important to the traders as it measures the goods produced and held for future sales.

Construction indicators
This indicator measures the rate of constructions in a country taking into account the the housing starts and permits, new and existing one family homes sales and contruction spendings.

Inflation indicators
The rate of inflation is the widespread rise in prices and hence measuring inflation is a vital macroeconomic skill that can give near precision picture of the currencies strength.

When measuring inflation, several indicators are available in the disposal of an analyst:

1: GDP deflector
2: GNP deflector
3: Consumer price index
4: Producer price index
5: Employment cost index
6: Commodity research Bureau’s index (CRB index)
7: Journal of commerce industrial price index (JoC)

Compining the above indicators can give you as a trader the overal picture of the inflation rate of a given country and hence the strength of its currency.

Merchandise trade balance
This one of the most important economic indicators because its value may lead to long term changes in monetary and foreign policies.

The difference between the exports and imports is the trade balance of that economy.

The data included in the trade balance is divided into six categories as outline below:

1: Capital goods
2: Food
3: Automobile
4: Consumer goods
5: Industries supplies
6: Raw materials to industries
7: Other mechandise

Unemployment indicators
This is a significant indicator. Why? Because a declining unemployment rate signify a maturing business cycle and hence a stable economy.

Employment cost index (ECI)
This is a quarterly report that gives a clear compensation picture of workers by outlining the wages, salaries and fringe benefits of workers by looking into inflation.

In conclusion
The most important indicators followed by traders are:
1: Unemployment rate
2: Manufacturing payrolls
3: Nonfarm payrolls
4: Average earnings
5: Average workweek

You can research each indicator and make notes on each. In addition to that, you should be able to find strategies that uses the indicators that you have selected.

If you need assistance in any of the above indicators, feel free to conduct me and I will be more than willing to assist you.

How to do fundamental analysis in Forex

Forex traders just like the stocks, Indexes, commodities, options, Futures, spots and precious metals traders rely on the two traditional forms of analysis, that is, fundamentals and technical analysis to predict the direction of the securities in question.

Fundamentalist are more concerned with the intrinsic value of an asset while the technicians are for the price action.

However, most swing traders combine both the fundamentals and technicals to make a buying or selling decisions.

Do you think that adding fundamental analysis to your technical analysis will help improve your trading experience?

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to apply the fundamental analysis and technical analysis to close more winning trades.

This post will answer the following questions that have been bothering you for quite some time now;

1; What does fundamental analysis mean?
2; How do you trade with the fundamentals?
3; What are the sources of fundamental data
4; What are the actual fundamentals in forex?

Without wasting time, we are going to set the ball rolling by going deeply into our today’s discussion.

1; What does fundamental analysis mean?

Fundamental analysis in forex trading is a technique that looks into the economic factors and key financial numbers like the nonfarm payrolls, interest rate decisions, Gross domestic products, manufacturing and services (PMIs) and retail sales to determine and predict the direction of the currencies.

Key economic numbers determine Volatility in the market. It is Volatility that traders are more concerned with as it indicates moments of high probability of winning trades.

2; How do you trade with the fundamentals?

As a trader, you must know when the economic data will be released so that you are able to use the information as soon as they occur.

It is also important that you are familiar with what the data means. You should familiarize yourself with the information that the data is passing to investors and traders.

Having known the dates of release of most economic data and what they mean, it’s now your high time to determine how to trade with such information at hand.

There are three ways to trade the news, you can trade before the release of important news, on the release or after the release of earnings and economic news.

Traders who trade before the release of economic news normally do so in order to take advantage of the involatility that normally precedes the release of economic data. This traders normally employ range trading strategies.

Traders who trade on the release of major economic data are those who use the Volatility trading strategies and are looking to capitalize on Volatility that normally follows the release of economic information.

On the other far end on the spectrum are the traders who trade after the release of economic news and when a clear trend has emerge. This traders normally avoids the turbulence of the market and only bulls the trigger when they are sure with what they are doing.

If you are a full time trader who seeks to be in the market full time, you can look into all these ways that can will assist you to get the most out of the different phases of the market.

3; What are the sources of fundamental data?

Investing app. This mobile app from is an excellent resource for traders and investors alike as it has numerous economic data that will help skyrocket your trading data bank.

Seekingalpha; Do you want to assess breaking news as they actually break? Then, SA is your platform of choice. With SA, you will be able to get in touch with news as they develop from around the world from this sites bank of talented authors.

The best economic calenders are those that enabless you to choose the time zones, the currencies and the type of data that comes into your news feed. is yet another tool that you should have in your toolbox. With Barchart, you will get assess to several free trading analysis tools.

4; What are the actual fundamentals in forex?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of the market value of all goods and services produced in a country in a given year.

Traders don’t have to wait for the GDP report as it’s figures are actually lagging indicators. Advanced and preliminary reports are what traders rely on to make informed decision of the financial health of a country.

Retail sales; If you want to figure out the immediate direction of an economy, then you will want to find out the country’s consumer spending patterns, the retail sales of a country measures the total receipts of all retail stores in a country.

In conclusion
Traders who trade forex and other securities should add fundamental analysis to their trading strategies.

Your weekend analysis should have a place for fundamental analysis as a way of gaining the bigger picture of what is most likely to take place during the course of the week.

If you are considering trading as your new venture, you can open an account with hot forex,this is the broker that I am using and you can open an account with as low as ksh 1000.

How to make money trading Bitcoins.

In this blog post, you will learn everything you needed to know about how to make money trading Bitcoins in Kenya.

Recently, I have been scoring the internet trying to find out all the tales about making money online in Kenya through bitcoins trading and investing.

I have made a lot of useful notes that I would like to share with you today in this post under the following headings;

1; What is Bitcoins trading and is it a viable business opportunity in Kenya?
2; Are their any millionaire Bitcoins traders in Kenya?
3; How much capital do you need to start trading bitcoins in Kenya comfortably?
4; How much can you expect to earn daily from Bitcoins trading in Kenya?
5; What are the main risks involved in Bitcoin trading in Kenya?
6; Can you make a living trading Bitcoins only in Kenya?
7; What tools do you need to start trading bitcoins in Kenya as a business today?

Well, well, well, if you are ready as I am, then, roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to work, shall we?

What is Bitcoins trading and is it a viable business opportunity in Kenya?
Bitcoin is the most famous Crypto currency that was developed around 2012.

2; Are there any millionaire Bitcoins traders in Kenya and around the world?

The prove of the viability of this business is in the number of countless kenyans who ditched poverty through bitcoins trading and investing in Kenya.

If you are willing to learn and you have apassion of making money online in Kenya through bitcoins, you will be on your way to making it into the millionaire club.

3; How much capital do you need to start trading bitcoins in Kenya comfortably?

The goodness with Bitcoins trading as a business is in the possibility of launching a profitable business with just few coins.

Do you have ksh 5000? That is more than enough for you to start trading Forex comfortably as a side hustle.

4; How much can you expect to earn daily from Bitcoins trading business in Kenya?

Bitcoins trading is a business just like any other and their is no exact amount that you can expect to earn.

However, there are countless benchmarks that can assist your decision. Operating capital, Strategies employed and business competency of the entrepreneur are the main metrics that determine ones earnings.

As a percentage, you can expect to earn one percent of your starting capital daily before tax and other expenses.

#5; What are the main risks involved in Bitcoin trading as a business in Kenya?

Just like brick and mortar business, the risks involved in Bitcoin trading business can be as wide as the level of incompetence of the proprietor.

Scums, volatility and lack of knowledge are the main possible sources of risks in Bitcoins trading business. This challenges can be overcomed through experience and dedication.

6; Can you make a living trading Bitcoins as a business full time in Kenya?
There are several kenyans who make a living from trading and investing in bitcoins in Kenya.

It is safe if you leverage the passive income nature of bitcoins to do other businesses so that you widen your sources of income.

7; What tools do you need to start trading bitcoins in Kenya as a business today?

You don’t need Fancy and expensive tools to start trading bitcoins in Kenya, all you need is a smart phone and internet connection, from there you can download the hot forex, and metatrader4 apps and you are good to go.

I hope this post have guided you on how to start trading bitcoins in Kenya today and start your journey to the millionaire status.

Advantages of being self-employed

Are you wondering if you should be self employed and work for yourself or follow the masses and find the traditional 5 to 9 job?

In this blog post, you will learn the advantages of being self employed. This post is ment to encourage you to follow your passions and start your own venture.

Important notes and key takeaways
1; Be your own boss
2; Enjoying your work
3; Flexibility to choose
4; Making more money
5; scaling up your business
6; Income distribution to family
7; Making your money passively

1; Being your own boss

Do you want to be your own boss? To make all the decisions that will affect your career? decisions like marketing procedures, business plan and the all trajectory of your business?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, then, you are set to be entrepreneur and work as self employed.

Being self employed comes with some rear privileges like having job security, and hence you can’t work up one morning to find out that you are fired. You will be living with peace of mind knowing that you are assured of employment as long as you are still in business.

Experience and knowledge is as a result of working in a given sector for a long time enough. As you stay in your business, you will be more competitive with time which will reflect directly in your book balance.

2; You will enjoy your work

The more you work in your business, the more you learn about the industry and the more you connect with related minds, with time, you will develop passion and come to like what you are doing, this will keep you motivated to but in more efforts to make your business a success.

As days goes by, you will come to enjoy your work so much that you won’t feel like you are working in the first place, you will achieve work life balance, the essence of Life.

3; Flexibility to choose your conditions

As a self employed person, you have the variety to choose from, like who to work with, when to work, where to work and most importantly, why you should work.

writer or a consultant), you can live wherever you want. At any rate, if you work at hoou’ll greatly reduce your daily commuting time and expense.

4; Making more money

Entrepreneurs who succeed in their ventures are more likely to make more money than their counterparts who are employed.

This advantage is even more pronounced when you are running an online venture because you are not going to pay rent and daily transportation cost to and from your job.

Most online ventures don’t pay taxes, this means that you will be able to keep more money to accomplish your own goals rather than those of your employer or the government.

5; You can scale up your business

Working for an organization or the government means that your dues increase only with salary increment on promotion.

In many organizations and government jobs, promotions are just but a matter of luck or extreme sacrifices that may not be worth the efforts.

If you want to earn more as a self employed entrepreneur, all you can do is plough back the profits into the business.

6; Income distribution to family

Self-employed people have businesses for their kids to inherit, you can’t pass on your government job to your kids.

The new wealthy are training their kids to take over the empires that they are building day and night while the poor are paying fees to train their kids to work on those organizations.

Self employed people are creating jobs for their friends and relatives. Their children never tarmac after leaving college.

7; Making your money passively

Businesses can be designed in such a way that they make money passively for the owner, you can plough back the profits to bring in more employees, management and systems to automate your processes.

Having a self operating system can free you time to find out what else you can do to serve God and humanity while you are still on this Earth.

In conclusion
Entrepreneurs have the flexibility and the opportunity to fix things in their favour and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you are already employed, you should be thinking of business to work as side hustles to free you and your generations in the need future, be the one to kick the ball for others to enjoy the snowball.

How to make money online in Kenya through sports betting

Do you want to learn how to make money online in Kenya through sport betting as a business?

Well, you have come to the right place, in this blog post, you will learn how to make money online in Kenya through sports betting as a business.

How I was introduced into sports betting
Do you remember your first day into sports betting? Can you recall your first bet? How did you felt when you won? Well, what about when that congratulations message never arrived?

Let me take you into the Genesis of all this story, I wouldn’t be discussing this topic if it never unfolded anyway.
In the last two weeks, I was introduced to sport betting as a business by a colleague teacher.

For those who know me well, I have been skeptical to sport betting ever since but this time round, I choose to give it a try.

There is a reason why I was at last convinced into this business, yes, betting is a business, atleast that’s what my friend made me to believe, he gave me an example of his close friend who started the business of football betting with just ksh 500 and in two months, he had accumulated a fortune worth ksh two million.

Remember, the money was borrowed and it made all the difference.
Within the same week, as I was discussing the same idea with another colleague from kisumu county, he told me that he knows of a friend who have been able to build real estate empire from sports betting.

I decided to give it a shot, with the guide of my friend, I was able to make a few profits and doubled my small account within a week.

He is a pure mathematics graduate and with his help, we were able to deduce that one can grow his account using sequence and series not even compounding.

Sport betting should be guided by rules
The appropriate formula that we were to use is given by ar^n, maths geniuses in the house, say amen!

Now, “a” is for the starting capital, “r” is the common ratio and “n” is the number of times the amount is multiplied.

Another observation made was that the profits should be divided by two and one half added to the next trade.

There are solid rules that I was to follow, in this case,

1; Bet only once in a day
2; Use the over 1.5 market only
3; Go for just three games

4; The odds should be three
5; Divide the profits into two and add half the portion to the next bet
6; In case of a lose, bet with the initial amount until when you win
7; Do thorough research on the following factors;

a) Standings of the team (form)
b) Head to Head
c) Odds for both teams to score

Without a strategy and the determination to follow through, you should as well do away with gambling.
I was warned of greed, he told me emphatically that greed can see my account wiping out in a matter of days.

Without wasting time, I opened an account with bet 254, deposited ksh 500 and started trading.

For the last one week, my account have been ranging from ksh 300 to ksh 700.

I want to confirm that being disciplined is the hardest thing here. It’s as hard as almost impossible.

It have been really hard for me to follow all the rules despite writing them down on my notebook.

In the next week, I am looking forward to making it to ksh 1000.

You may wonder why I never started with a higher amount, the trick in football betting is not so much on the starting capital but on the ability to be profitable most of the time and to grow the capital through sequence and series.

I hope not to be a betting addict and not to squander excessive amount of money into betting, atleast, if it doesn’t turn out into a profitable business, atleast it should be a very interesting hobby.

In the last one week, I have become a football fun, I have found a new hobby and now I am connecting with more people.

You can keep in touch with me by subscribing to this blog through email as I will be posting my weekly performance on Saturday.

What do you think about sport betting, do you think it can be a profitable business long term? Ok, what about the strategy that my friend taught me, do you think it’s sustainable? Let me know your thoughts through the comments.

Have a nice time and be blessed, Covid is real, stay home and… Do family planning!

How to trade with the on balance Volume

Do you want to learn how to measure market sentiments before you place a trade?

I helped my friend who joined trading last week with indicators, he was more concerned with OBV indicator.

Having done extensive research with him on various volume indicators, we settled on the on balance volume indicator as the most reliable tool to measure the forces of demand and supply in our trade.

Normally, I always make notes of everything new that I learned about trading and I always share with you all soughts of information that I come across.

In this blog post, you will learn more about how to use the on balance Volume indicator to trade forex, bitcoins, commodities, Indexes and stocks.

Notes and important take aways
1; On balance Volume is used to measure the forces of supply and demand

2; Combining on balance volume with other indicators produces the best results

3; Simple moving averages are used together with the on balance volume

4; Most professional traders use the 20SMA indicator together with the On balance volume

5; Another commonly used simple moving averages is 10 period SMA

6; On balance volume can be used in all the time frames but it works best with the longer time frames.

7; The on balance volume indicator can be used to trade all the markets

Without wasting time, let us roll-up our sleeves and get down to work. But before you do that, get a pen and note down the notes and the key take aways the important notes above.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

What is on balance volume (OBV) indicator?
On balance Volume (OBV) is a Momentum indicator that can be used to predict the direction of the price based on Volume.

You have come across several momentum indicators, right? Well, don’t be surprised when I tell you that this is another momentum indicator.
To be precise, on balance volume is a momentum indicator that was developed by Joseph Granville in his attempt to measures positive and negative volume flow. He latter introduce this indicator to the technical community in 1963 inside the pages of his book, “Granville’s New Key to Stock Market Profits.

The on balance volume (OBV) is a fast indicator and therefore, it should be used with a lagging indicator.

How is On balance volume (OBV) used?
You can set the ten day simple moving average(SMA) together with the on balance volume (OBV) indicator.

Do you know how to use the exponential moving averages( EMA) to measure price action? Of course you know. Well, OBV works in the same principle.

When the OBV crosses the SMA from above, that is an indication that says sell and you should enter a short possition. The opposite is true for a long position.

Different numbers can be employed when setttup the simple moving average depending on the time frame that you want to trade.

Mathematics behind on balance volume

I don’t want the mathematics geniuses in the house to get bored, let me explain this in the language that you understand 🤗 in your mother tongue.

If the closing price today is greater than yesterday closing price, then, current OBV value will be the same as yesterday OBV value plus one.

When today’s closing price is less than yesterday closing price, then, current OBV will be the same as yesterday OBV minus one.

In the situation where today’s closing price is the same as yesterday closing price, then, the value of OBV is the same as yesterday’s OBV.

Why trade with on balance volume indicator ?
Trading with OBV is trading traditionally with the laws of demand and supply, you are buying and selling when volume is in your favour.

Most of the strategies employed in forex should be in conjunction with a volume indicator because you want to be following the trend and not sailing against it.

In most strategies, OBV is used as a supportive indicator, nevertheless, countless strategies have OBV as a leading indicator being supported by other indicators.

In conclusion

Go through your strategies and find a way to add the on balance volume indicator into the mix to improve your trading results.

You can start to trade with hotforex, I recommend this broker because I am trading with them and I am satisfied with their services.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me and I will be ready to answer any of your queries.

How to use stochastic indicator to maximize profits in trading.

Do you want to learn how to close more winning trades in the securities market?

I have been trading with the stochastic indicator for a long time until recently when I decided to re-evaluate my trading indicators that I realized that I have been missing some few points.

This indicator can be very powerful expecially when it’s used in the right way and at the right time.

In this blog post, I will be showing you how to close more profitable trades by using the stochastic indicator in the right way.

What is stochastic indicator
Stochastic indicator is a Momentum indicator that is used to predict oversold and Overbought conditions in the securities market.

This indicator can also be used to mark the entry and exit points in a trading strategy.

Creative traders can use the stochastic oscillator to accomplish just about anything but only when they have mastered the workings of the indicator properly.

List of Indicators that can replace stochastic
Other indicators that work in the same way as the stochastic indicator is the Relative strength index (RSI) commodity channel index (CCI) and it’s sister the Larry Williams %k.

The above indicators can be used to confirm the signals indicated by the stochastic for more accuracy and to boost your confidence level.

How do you setup the stochastic indicator?
Stochastic indicator is basically an oscillator that is marked from 0 to 100 with the under 20 signalling an oversold condition while the over 80 signalling an Overbought.

When the slow %k crosses the %D in the Overbought region, it is a signal for entering a long possition. Opposite is true for a short possition, that is, when %k crosses the %D from above in the oversold region.

Sources of errors while using stochastic
The most common source of error when using the stochastic is entering a long possition when the indicator crosses into the oversold region or entering into a short position when the indicator breaks into the Overbought region.

It should be noted that the stochastic indicator is a Momentum indicator and it shows that the trend is gaining momentum and closing higher than the previous day’s.

When the stochastic indicator is in the Overbought or the oversold regions, it signifies a very strong momentum and you should not trade against the trend unless when the crossovers take place and the the stochastic indicator is falling back from the extremes.

This fallbacks and crosses of the stochastic indicator should be supported by other technical indicators for it to be taken as serious signals by the analyst.

Supporting indicators for stochastic
Like the other indicators, stochastic indicator is not to be used as a stand alone indicator, it should be used with other indicators like the moving averages and the on balance volume.

The stochastic indicator is well know as an indicator for range trading strategies. Together with support and resistance lines, it can produce winning trades.

Breakout from the range can be spoted when the two stochastic lines are suddenly widening and accelerating towards on direction.

The trend towards a given direction is taken to be valid as long as the two lines are still open and have not crossed each other.

How do you setup the stochastic indicator?
The stochastic indicator comes with the settings of (5, 3, 3). The most important number that you can always change is the first one, that is, number 5. Some traders can also change the other numbers.

You can change the number 5 which is actually a short term to a longer term like 20. There are 20 trading days in a month, that’s how we got the number 20 and we divide it by four to get 5 which is the five trading days in a week.

To better understand how you can adjust the stochastic numbers, it is better is you find out how this numbers are calculated in the first place.

Inside the computer, this is actually what is taking place, let us have a look…

In conclusion

Understanding the workings of the stochastic indicator can help the trader to make more money in the trading business.

Learn everything you can before you start using this indicator by downloading books that are dedicated to this indicator.

I hope this post have shade light on this indicator, if you want more info, feel free to contact me through email and I will be able to answer the queries that you have about stochastic indicator and online trading.

80% of traders loose money, here is what you can do about it.

Do you want to know why such a high number of traders fail and what you can do to succeed?

In this blog post,you will learn why 80% of traders fail and what you can do to not only survive but build a striving online trading business.

Inadequate Research
Many traders start trading live before they have done adequate research about trading.

You need to master the security that you want to trade in and out, you should also research your broker and his platform adequately.

Before you open a live trading account, you should have read enough material to be familiar with the business of trading.

Research should go all the way to finding everything about the security before you enter a trade.

Lack of professionalism

New traders do not run their trading like a business, they don’t have a business plan, they don’t keep records and they do not have education and skills development plan in place.

Most traders don’t attend seminars, they don’t hire professionals to help trouble shoot the business and they don’t consider networking for consultation and development of new trading procedures.

Lack of effective controls
New traders often fail to put adequate measures to prevent loses like stop loses, risk to reward ratios and bankroll management procedures.

It is recommend that if you lose 5% of your capital in a day, you should stop trading. Most traders don’t have such a limiting thresholds in place.

Lack of clear goals and objectives
Most traders don’t have goals or they have fake goals. A business plan can help one outline the objectives of the trading business.

Do you want to make additional income from trading? Are you trading to make millions of do you want to trade for a living?

A clear well written goals will skyrocket your trading as it will lay down the expected rate of return per day and therefore the appropriate strategies to apply.

High cost of entry and of trading

Some forex brokers require clients to start with huge capital and they charge huge margin which make it hard for traders to start business and to stay in business.

However, with adequate research, a trader should be able to get into business with a small amount of starting capital.

In Kenya, traders can register with hot forex and start business with only ksh 1000 that can be deposited through mpesa.

I have been able to trade with hot forex for sometime now and what you realize is that they have competitive spreads that doesn’t strain the trader.

Lack of sufficient government support

The government is supposed to regulate brokers in Kenya but it have been slow to do so. You can find brokers who are nothing better that just scammers.

As a trader, you should work with well regulated brokers who have been in business for a while and have a track record of honesty.

If you are looking for a broker who can deliver on their promise, you can work with hot forex, I have been trading with them and I have noticed no sign of cheating.

Lack of entrepreneural spirit
80% of traders give up within the first two years of opening shop. This is mostly due to challenges that they encounter as a business.

There is no business that doesn’t have challenges, you should endeavor to face them as they come knowing that the more you read and the more experience you gain, the more your odds of winning.

No benchmarking

Traders who fail are the ones who don’t benchmark with other traders, their plans and the industry at large.

You should use your preset benchmark to evaluate your progress and use the achievement of your colleagues to gauge your success.

Lack of specialization and expertise

Traders who are in their way to failure and closing down are chunking all trades and specializing in none.

They are not focusing on certain market segments and securities, they don’t have an edge when it comes to what they are trading.

Though you should trade several market for diversification,you should choose the securities to specialize in in those areas.

If it’s commodities for example, you should choose to specialize in sugar or oil. With time, you will be the master when it comes to matters oil trading.

Lack of creativity and innovation

Just like the 🧱 and mortar business, traders should be creative and innovative, you should come up with new trading strategies that will make you money in the market.

Successful traders are able to trade several strategies. They have two to three strategies for volatile, trending and ranging markets.

For that reason, they are almost always in business and they only bull the trigger at the right time because they have several options.

Amateur traders on the other hand are being overcomed by impatience and enter trades at the wrong time because they only have one idea.