Top 10 online finance business Ideas in Kenya

Do you have a finance, investment or business related degree in Kenya?

There are several business opportunities that you can venture into in Kenya as a finance enthusiasts.

In this blog, I will work you through the various finance related business that you can start with a very small capital.

This are financial opportunities that you can do online with a laptop and an internet connection to live a laptop lifestyle in Kenya.

Remember, finance and investment is the industry that have produced most of the billionaires in the whole world

Important 📝 and key take away

1: Stock brokering
2: Forex swing trading
3: Finance E-books
4: Bitcoins trading
5: Financial advisor
6: Stocks day trading
7: Financial blogging
8: Commodities trading
9: Insurance urgency
10: Franchise consulting
11: Bureau De Change

With a small capital, passion and a little experience, anyone can start almost all of this business in kenya and make a huge killing in a very small span of time.

1: Stock brokering business in Kenya

With a handful base of clients and a track record of success, just about anyone can start this business in the comfort of their home.

I have seen some stock brokers who keep their day job while running this business as a side hustle.

You can start small working for a company as a stock broker and in a very short time, I you will be running your own fully fledged stock broker company.

2: Forex swing trading in kenya

Trading forex with the swing trading strategy is not a capital intensive venture.

Imagine you can start this business with zero starting capital and you can use the power of compounding to scale it up to millions.

A solid knowledge of technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis is a must if you are to succeed in this field.

3: Financially related E-books

The introduction of self publishing have opened a huge opportunity for writers from all genres to make 💰 passively online.

You can join the bandwagon and make a living sharing your financial skills online as a self published financial author.

The goodness with 📚 writing is that you can leverage on it to sell all the other products and services that we have listed in this blog.

Think of placing your professional speaking, book writing and blogging in the centre of all the other financial services that you sell.

You can make money in different ways with an e-book, from affiliate programs to selling and recommending your top notch products.

4: Bitcoins investing and trading

Crypto-currency is the future of currencies. 💯 s of kenyans have already cashed in thousands of dollars in the online world.

All you need to succeed in this niche is the willingness to learn and some pennies to kick-start the business.

This is the business that you will be blame yourself if you don’t get started right now with what you have.

5: Financial advisor business in Kenya

To work as a financial advisor, you will need to get certified and licensed in Kenya.

Once you get your papers in order, you can leverage on your networks to get a good customer base and you will be on your way to the millionaire Class.

With the advancement in technology, you can automate most process from marketing through clients management to the actual money management.

6: Stocks day trading

Stock traders buy and sell stocks making small profits daily that can compound to a huge profits at the end of the day.

To succeed in this business, you will have to be highly trained in company valuation and economic analysis.

Yours will be to research and make orders of buy and sell them through your 💻 or 📱.

7: Financial blogging

4Starting a financial related blog can fetch you money in thousands if done right.

You will need to build a community of personal finance enthusiasts and solve their problems through your blog post and soon, After monetizing your work, you will be smiling all the way to the 🏦.

In fact, blogging is the best way to realize all the other forms of businesses that we have discussed in this blog post.

8: Commodities trading

With commodities trading, you can make a lot of 💰 depending of your starting capital and the amount of knowledge that you possess.

This business can be started right at your bedroom provided you have a good internet connection.

Commodities trading and investing can be done as a full time or just part time way of earning 💰 online in Kenya.

9: Insurance urgency

This business can be started will almost zero capital.

Your work will involve selling insurance to the public.

Medical, Auto, life and other forms of insurance is in high demand in Kenya especially if you position yourself strategically.

A blog and social media can be leveraged to reach out to your customers and sign deals and thus a sure online venture.

As your books increases, your income skyrockets and hence a passive way of earning 💰 online in kenya.

10: Franchise consulting

Do you want to refer your network to profitable business opportunities in your locality?

This is your opportunity to help your friends and network to learn of various profitable business opportunities in your locality and make a killing from it.

A franchise consulting can be started from home and it needs a very small capital to start, in return, you could be making millions monthly.

11: Bureau De Change

Visitors to Kenya Will need to change their 💱 into the Kenyan 💰.

You can develop an app that will help this visitors to convert their currencies into the Kenyan money.
A good example is a business that converts dollars into kenyan money.

The capital for starting this business is small because all you do is to change one currency to the other.

In conclusion

There are several business opportunities for finance and investment enthusiasts in Kenya.

You can either start your online business or help others manage their financial nightmares thus making millions for yourself and your 👪 in return.

As an experiment, you can launch a handful of this businesses and see which ones earns you the best returns.

Are you motivated to start a financial and investment business in Kenya?

Let me know in the comments section.

Otherwise, congrats for reading this post and for being my loyal follower, it’s through your loyalty that this blog will stand. Thank you very much!

List of profitable blog niches in kenya in 2021

List of profitable blog niches in kenya in

In the last twenty years, blogging have become a very profitable business in kenya and in the whole world.

In this blog, you will go through the list of profitable blogging niches in kenya that are sure to make you money in 2021 and beyong.

This is a comprehensive list of profitable blogging niches in kenya that have passed through the tough screening test of our basic minimum thresholds.

In the previous post, I discussed the question, do you need a niche for your blog? Then we proceeded to answering the question, how to chose a niche for your blog.

If you have not gone through those earlier blog posts, consider having a thorough grasp of them before we move on. They are ment to actually shed some light to you about blog niches.

Have you gone through them? Well, thank you. Now, without wasting time, even a minute, let’s role up our sleeves and get down to work. Shall we?

Summary and take aways;
1; Make money online
2; Self development
3; Health and fitness
4; Political niche
5; Lifestyle and fashion
6; Agricultural
7; News blogs
8; Food blogs
9; Travel and tourism
10; Technology
11;personal finance

Go through the post to learn how to break into each of this lucrative niches in kenya and live a laptop lifestyle.

#1; Make money online

I blog about how to make money online in kenya. There is a reason why I blog on this niche. Well, I will tell you the reason, now!

Since my days in campus, OK, I am a Chep (UOE) alumni, I wanted to know how to make money online.

The reason why I wanted to make money online was because I was an online nerd and somehow enthusiastic about the proverbial laptop lifestyle idea.

One day, I decided, why don’t I write about making money online to help me better understand the subject matter?

OK! That’s how I landed on this niche. For some time, I have been producing significantly helpful information on how to make money online in kenya and according to plan, I have amassed a tone of tricks in this niche.

The make money online niche is hot, very hot, because of one thing, it’s because there are several products to sell as an affiliate and the target audience are willing to spend money to make money.

Relex, let me tell you something, are you ready? Well, this niche is not easy to break into, unless you have mastered some special techniques.

Do you want to know this special techniques for breaking into this tough niche?

You will not find this secret in any other blog except here at laptop lifestyle blog and some few selected blogs.

The secret is simple, infact, it’s not a secret, it’s an awareness of what’s basic. Focus on a micro-niche and expand from there.

Wow! Say hurrah! I just let the cat out of the basket. Micro-niche is the only way to break into this lucrative niche.

Micro-niche, what’s it? A micro-niche, as the name suggest, is a very small part of the whole, in this case, of the niche.

Think of a make money online blogger as an example, instead of hitting the whole topic as I have done, one may choose to narrow down into a sub-niche, say trading.

To take the bull by its horns, you narror down to, say, forex trading.

Here, you are only writing posts about forex trading and nothing else, unless mentioning something about yourself to help bond with the reader.

This approach will produce the desired results especially if you take it to the extreme, I mean, if you corner it, and start reviewing the best brokers in a given geographical region say kenya for that matter.

You can even start reviewing everything about a single forex broker before you can branch out to others and into related topics.

Blogging tutorials

There are 95,000 domains with in kenya. All this domains are anchored to a blog in one or the other way.

Now, as an online entrepreneur, you can come in to help this businesses to better serve there online customers.

You can start a blog about how to make money blogging in kenya and in a few years if not months, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Joh Marrow, is an international blogger who is cashing in over a million dollars every month doing what I just told you now.

Forex trading
Kenya is warming up to forex trading. The idea of trading currencies will pick up like a forest fire in kenya.

Think about how Kenyans reacted to football gambling. This will be true to forex trading when it’s marketed well.

South Africa is now one of the countries with the highest traders in the world but I can bet that in the very near future, kenya will take that position. Thanks to unemployment, explosion of technology, gambling and the agresiveness of kenyans.

Success comes by being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing with the right people and refusing to stop doing that which is right until you win.

It’s hard to master all the metrics that leads to success but blogging about forex in kenya well not let you down.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those niches in kenya that will never dry up. Affiliate marketing will even be more pronounced as we dive into the information age.

With affiliate marketing as a blogging niche in kenya, you will be making money through affiliate marketing.

The more you blog about affiliate marketing, the more you master the topic and the more you make money passively.

You see, there will be no master like you because you will be teaching your students how to make money through passive income.

There are a lot of searches for affiliate marketing and enough products to promote as a marketer.

Digital marketing

Needless to say, the scope of digital marketing as a niche is wide and profitable enough in kenya.

Everyone is on social media, businesses know this and they want to take advantage of this fact.

As a social media marketing expert, you will be consulting and managing Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media accounts of this businesses and making a tone from it.

Stock market trading

The rate of growth of the Middle class have been exponential recently in kenya.

This have let to the spike in demand for financial services in kenya.

If you publish high quality articles about stock market investing, you will be solving the puzzle of how to invest while maintaining a day job in kenya.

You will be writing sponsored posts for clients like the stock brokers and the financial service providers.

A good example of a blog of this type in kenya is the kenya wall streat.

Online freelancing

Virtual assistance, AKA, freelancing, is an industry that has just busted out in kenya.

You can just go about doing all soughts of works online.

The good think with online freelancing is that your boundaries are not limited to kenya only but the whole world.

Having said that, you can now see clearly where the benefits are, you will be working on tasks abroad, payed with foreign currencies like the US dollar while living in in remote areas of kenya where the costs of living is low.

Start a blog to document and teach other youths in kenya how to make a living as a freelancer and you will be surprised at the feedback.

Freelance kenya is such a blog in kenya but there is still a huge space in that area too.

Website setup service

In this niche, you will be getting less visitors but who pay handsomely, you will need a handful of customers to call it a day.

With a blog on website setup service, you will be working with institutions, corporations and individuals on a contractual basis.

Millions of websites are launched yearly in the world, if only you were part of a really small percentage of this pie, you would already be making a killing.

Sports betting

Almost every youth in kenya is in sportbetting or in a different type of betting in kenya.

You can start a blog about how to make money online with sports betting and help quench the thirst for sport betting news and tricks.

In this niche, you will be highlighting your best tips for winning in sport betting and in other forms of online binary betting.

There are tones of products to market in this niche in kenya and you will never run out to companies to promote.

One advantage of this niche is the fact that you can serwith just a handful of dedicated customers in kenya.

This is one of those niches that can easily make you millions in a small time frame.

#2; Self development niche

The self development niche is a huge space in the blogosphere. It’s one of the most profitable blogging niche in kenya.

In this niche, you have the choice of venturing into the following sub-categories;

Motivational speakers can venture into blogging to widen their income streams by launching a motivational and inspiration blog.

Companies and institutions are always in the run to find the best speakers for their employees and students respectively.

As a motivational blogger, you will be using your social media accounts especially Facebook page to reach out to your followers.

A blog will be a way to attract new followers from the search engine and to retain your followers by giving them something to keep in tourch with you.

With a motivational blog, you can easily become an influencer and start earning money from affiliate marketing and other forms of income.

To succeed with a motivation blog in kenya, come up with actionable content that have an impact on the readers life.

Make sure that every post have a key take always that the readers can start implementing immediately.

As the millennials tranform from youths to parents, they will want to know the best way to raise there children so that they don’t become a total mess in the future.

Smartphones have become the easiest way to find answers to all our queries.

As this new fathers and mother’s come online to find idears on parenting, your blog can be the go to resource.

A parenting blog will answer most of the parenthood questions from pregnancy through taking care of the baby to helping your child go through adescence.

Parenting is on of those fulfilling careers for both teachers and psychologist and just about anyone who likes to teach about parenthood.

Career change
The rate of unemployment in kenya is alarming. Many youths are graduating with first class only to find themselves unemployed for a long time.

Some graduates will consider self employment while others will prefer a career chance by enrolling for new degrees and diploma.

As a career coach, you will be helping this youths to make the right decisions through your online articles and guides.

You can monetize your blog through several methods like AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Study tips
Due to the introduction of free education, kenya has made a step in ensuring that most youth are in school.

You can start a blog to write about study skills and help this students to pass in examinations.

A blogger in this niche will get a lot of gigs from schools who will invite them to pass this information to their Students.

You can also sell books and other products through your blog and make a killing.

Time management
The cost of living in kenya is rising and hence the need to find new ways of making more money.

Most middle class in kenya know that the best way to earn more is to manage time.

As a time management coach and blogger, you will be helping your clients and audience to get more done in less time.

This will help them to jungle their daily duties and still find time for their families.

There are countless ways to make money with a time management niche ranging from AdSense to public speaking.

Goal setting
Goal setting bloggers will be working towards helping their clients to focus their energies on what’s important and hence find satisfaction in live.

Goal setting is a hot topic that will land you numerous speaking opportunities in institutions and businesses.

You can even list your goal setting blog in your CV and it will help you to stand out from the rest.

There is limitless opportunities when it comes to the self development niche in kenya. You just have a find and angle and you could be making a killing in no time.

#3; Health and fitness niche

In the health and wellness niche, you will be making money on daily basis just like the doctors.

Do you know why?

Because health related issues and challenges will never end as long as human race exist.

In the health and fitness niche, you could make money in any of the following sub-niches;

Stress management
Companies are aware that their employees may be severing from stress and psychological challenges hence the need to reach out to experts like you.

If you are starting out in this niche, you can download several books on the topic and used them to stir new concepts that you can package for sale.

Make sure that your concepts are actionable and you will find it hard to serve all the endless list of clients that will want to see you.

Nutrition and dietics
The rise of deadly lifestyle related diseases have spur the need of a radical change of lifestyle by the health conscious Kenyans.

A blog about nutrition will be highly appreciated by this class of Kenyans.

The money to be made in this niche may result in money laundering if you learn how to play your cards like a professional blogger.

There is no need to call yourself a professional blogger when you are not giving blogging the seriousness that it deserve.

Just like the doctors, you can earn handsomely as a health and wellness blogger in kenya without going for a strike.


Meditation have been used to focus the mind, find calmness and fitness of the body and mind.

As a meditation instructor, you will be guiding your followers through the meditation skills.

This is a niche that can fetch you a loyal following in kenya.

There are many products that can be sold to this niche and you will never worry about money again if you play your cards well.

#4; Political blog

Recently, you have noticed the huge number of political blogs in kenya, right?

Well, there is a reason for that, Kenyans are politicians by nature. Political niche is therefore a very profitable blog niche in kenya.

One word of caution is that you have to be very careful with what you write in your blogs because you may land yourself into trouble with authorities.

I had a political blog but I realized that it was against my principles. Me I want a way to earn a passive income and to do so without any stress.

Political blogs can be monetized with adsence and therefore a very good source of passive income.

Examples of niches in political sphere is as follows;

County news
Due to the high competition in the political niche in kenya. You can come in through the county news.

Start a new twitter account that you will use to follow all prominent leaders in your county like the all current and former MCAs, MPs, Governors and other prominent leaders.

Twitter is a social media account for politicians, I don’t know why but it is.

This is the account that will help you to access breaking news as they occur.

With the county news blog, you will be hired to promote the events and the agendas of the county.

You can also make money through AdSense and or affiliate marketing.

Specific figure

Another way to break into the political niche is to blog about a specific political leader.

In kenya, you could be blogging about Dp Ruto or Raila, this two leaders are currently the ones making headlines in kenya.

Political assembly

In this sub-niche, you will be summarizing the political events that occurred in a given period of time, let’s say weekly or monthly.

Here, you will be getting assembling the top stories from other blogs and writing a new blog post.

All the other political blogs in kenya will like you because you are linking to their posts.

There are busy kenyans who can only catch up with the political headlines during the weekends, why don’t you summarize this news for them?

If I was to start a political blog, I would start with a county news then move on to write about national politics before I go international.

The major problem with political blogs is that it’s very hard to write evergreen blog posts.

That means that for you to eat, you must work. Passive income will only come when you have really established yourself that you can now employ some assistance.

#5; lifestyle and fashion niche blog
One thing about Kenyans is that they like style. That’s why there are a lot of gossip blogs and celebrity blogs in this nation.

Fashion and design can be blended into the lifestyle blog niche to make it even rock better.

I usually say that anything that is normally played and or advertised on TV is a prime candidate for a blog.

Normally, you will see yoga, foods, motivation, politicians and celebrities being invited into the studio.

#6; News blogs

A news blog in kenya is a hot cake. News to a common Kenyan is like fish to water, the two are inseparable.

There is a reason why radios and TVs are still striving even with the bursts in social media. The reason is that news coverage will never be totally quenched.

1; Political news blog
2; Technology news
3; Educational news
4; Breaking news
5; Business news
6; Music news
7; Agricultural news

Those who dreamed to be journalist can now role up their sleeves and get down to work on their childhood dreams.

#7; Agricultural news blog

The backbone of Kenyan economy, as you already know is agriculture.

Almost everyone in kenya is a farmer, was a farmer or planning to be a farmer.

All this millions of Kenyans are going online to search for actionable latest agricultural tips.

Blogs like farmers trend and the graduate farmer are reaping big from this sector.

You can start a blog just about anything agriculture and be sure that you won’t miss it.

Some of the sub-niches in this niche are;
1; Success stories in agriculture
2; Dairy farming tips and tricks
3; Agricultural job boards

Agricultural blogs can earn money through dropshipping, affiliate marketing and just about all the other monetization methods.

#8; food blogs

Millions of Kenyans are searching online for the best way to cook there favourite foods.

People will never stop searching online for food articles as long as they live.

If you are a cooking enthusiasts, you can start a blog about cooking and very soon, you will be buying a plot in runda.

#9; Tourism and travel blog

This sector was badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

As long as it never marked the end of a the world, this industry will soon boom.

Kenya is one of the leading countries with top tourist attraction sites.

Your blog can be a go to site for tourists who would like to know more about kenya and or travel through the Kenyan topography.

#10; Technology

Kenya is the most developing country in matters technology in the whole world.

That sends a signal and explains why this niche is one of the profitable blogging niche in kenya.

There are several angles that you can get into this niche without much struggle;

1; Smartphone blogs
2; Laptop reviews
3; Electronics news

Techwiz is one of that technology blogs that is rocking in kenya currently.

#11; Personal finance

Simple tasks like budgeting to writing business plans can be a real challenge to the uninitiated.

If you are a financial ninja, you can come in to help Kenyans succeed with personal finance.

To solve their financial challenges, Kenyans search online for answers and they may just land on your detailed well researched articles.

It’s not a must that you are successful in finance before you write articles on how to be a millionaire in kenya before age thirty.

You can just document what you are learning along the way as you try to succeed with your finances.

It have been said that Kenyans are not good readers because of the educational system that focused on passing exam rather than mastering the concepts.

While that is true, the whole notion is changing and quickly. Unemployment rate have forced many Kenyans into finding alternative source of income in self employment.

To be a successful business person, you must be self educated. That explains why in the very near future Kenyans will be great readers.

One characteristic of Kenyans is their love of gossip, they are very keen on mastering all details about celebrities.

As a financial blogger, you can twist your articles to the financial life of celebrities and mostly on how they acquired their wealth.

If you have been keen with the kenyan online landscape, you would have noticed that Kenyans like trends.

You should be aware of what is trending in kenya and try to find and angle to include some articles of the topic into your blog.

Articles like the top ten richest people in kenya and how to become a millionaire will fetch you a lot of loyal funs in kenya.

Here are some of the sub-niches that you can enter into the finance niche in kenya.

Fugal living
The cost of living is rising exponentially in kenya while the rate of unemployment is keeping base with it.

The few who are employed must strike to earn a very small pay rise.

To survive, Kenyans have opted to live frugal life. Simple living is how the rich managed to break free financially.

A blog that teaches about how to live a minimalist lifestyle and get value for your money will never go unnoticed in kenya.

There are products online that you can promote as an affiliate. You can also write books and create your own products to sell online.

Loans and savings

Kenyans are know for there appetite for loan facilities, you can hardly find a Kenyan without a loan of some type.

With a blog on loans and savings niche, you will be helping your followers to clear their loans through savings.

You will also be guiding on how to get a loan accepted in kenya and how to grow your credit worthiness in kenya.

In the personal finance, you can find different angles to earn more online as a blogger.

List of 21 marketable skills online in kenya

List of marketable skills online in kenya

Do you want to make a decent living working online from the comfort of your own bed?

Are you an employee with a day job searching for a way to make additional income online as a side hustle?

Have you been seaching for the best in demand skills that you can acquire today and start earning online tomorrow in kenya.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the most marketable skills that you can acquire today to make a substantial cash online without straining.

The good thing about this skills is the fact that you don’t have to go through formal training to be proficient in them.

Nevertheless, you will learn the best formal training that can help skyrocket your online business.

1; Computer programing
2; Website design
3; Mobile application development
4; Search engine marketing
5; Search engine optimization
6; Social media marketing
7; Academic writing
8; Article writing
9; E-books writing/self publishing
10; Data entry skills
11; Data analysis
12; Financial copywriting
13; Online trading skills
14; Stock market investing
15; Transcription
16; Journalisn
17; Financial consulting
18; Graphics design
19; Video editing skills
20; Cyber security
21; Digital consultancy

In this blog post, you will learn what the above mentioned skills entails and how to acquire and apply them in your online business.

#1; Computer programing
With the computerization of many business functions comes the need for automation.

Businesses are trying to stay afloat by minimizing it’s expense and hence maximize profits through computerized programs.

You can learn the object oriented programing and structural programing to help you deliver the much needed skills.

In this arena, you may need to master Several programing languages in order to serve a large group of customer base.

If you are a novice, you can horn your skills by joining free online training courses and subscribing to programing blogs online.

Programing languages like C, it’s superset C++, PHB, Java, JavaScript among others will never be obsolete in the online world.

#2; Website design and development
The world is moving online. Businesses are conducted within the online platforms.

This trend is not about to go anywhere soon. You can capitalize on your website design and development skills to mine your daily bread online.

There are several businesses that are worth millions today that rely on website design and development as their main source of income.

If you studied computer science or any related course, you should already be smiling all the way to the bank.

In case you are not from the STEM courses, then, don’t worry, you can download a good free book online and watch some videos and in some few weeks, you will be an expert too.

#3; Mobile application development

It’s hard to emergine a world without a mobile phone.

At least, some of us are used to our phones that we can’t go a day without them.

In kenya today, you will find young people playing games with their mobile apps. The developers of such mobile games have some money to dispose.

If you have noticed of late, every company, major ones, have a mobile app.

Corporations like safaricom, Equity, Britam and many more all have their own mobile apps.

It won’t be too long before you see big organizations like the TSC, kenya police service, universities, denominations and all the others running a mobile apps of their own.

This will even be clearly and loudly pronounced as we move into the nanotechnology and as the mobile phones get more and more cheaper.

A time is coming when the governments of the nations will make it a law that everybody should own a smartphone.

The few entrepreneurs who will have possessed a first class mastery of mobile apps design and development may find themselves failing to meet the never ending multimillion corporate tenders.

#4; Search engine marketing (SEM)

Digital marketing is taking over traditional ways that companies and businesses used to reach it’s customers.

This is so because everybody including customers are now online.

As the county governments are preparing to provide free Internet access to it’s population, the more the need for SEM.

If you posses this skills, you will find yourself landing well paying gigs in this industry.

The good thing with mastering SEM skills is the fact that you can also use this skills to market your other online business. It’s like being a carpenter, you can make your own stool.

#5; Search engine optimization

The difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) is that the earlier don’t pay close attention to online marketing without a dime which is the primary concern of the later.

This skill is in high demand because companies want to cut down on expenses. They want to rank well in Google without burning their money.

SEO skills can best be learned through practice. For that reason, you may want to consider starting your own website and try to rank it in the first place in Google or at least be in top position in Alexa.

Once you have rank your own site, you can help small businesses do the same in return for a review.

Reviews and testimonials are everything when it comes to marketing your services and products online.

You can learn search engine optimization from the host himself, that’s, Google. This company offers a lot of free courses on search engine marketing and optimization.

It’s hard to find a formal course on SEO and or SEM because the dynamics making such fields are too dynamic to cupture in a course.

#6; Social media marketing

Online marketing revolve around social media marketing. Facebook, twitter, amoung other social media accounts are now being targeted by business.

You can position yourself to be the go to expert on matters social media and help manage the accounts of this big media houses.

In addition, you can be the one managing the accounts of those famous celebrities and share in their fortunes.

Opportunities are limitless to social media managers provided you dare break the glass ceiling.

To prove your skills and attract more well paying clients, it’s advised that you grow your own page on the net to a respectable level.

You can start with once social media account say Facebook and become a go to expert in it before you branch to other accounts.

#7; Academic writing

Did you attend all research skills classes in campus? Yes! Then you can apply those skills to write excellent academic essays for students in all levels of education and earn a decent living.

There are various sites that are recruiting academic writers daily.

One of the advantages of working online is the ability to build your experience and therefore be able to earn more money mostly payed in dollars.

As you continue researching and submitting essays of the same subject, your mastery of the content will skyrocket and within no time you will be producing subsequent essays without much research.

One thing to note is that academic essays is not an ethical way to make money online. The reason being that you are helping lazy students to cut corners in their education.

#8; Article writing skills
Article writing is one of those skills that you cannot go wrong with it.

The internet is exploding with articles about almost every topic and subject that you can think of.

This has open a large spectrum of opportunities to online entrepreneurs with such skills.

Marketing of article writing skills is as simple as starting a blog on a given niche and advertising your article writing skills to niche specific bloggers.

With this skill, you can leverage on outsourcing as more and more work comes your way. That way, you will be able to scale up your business exponentially.

#9; E-Book writing/self publishing
This days, I don’t spent money purchasing books. The days that people used to line up in the libraries are gone too.

Downloading books of all subjects has become a norm and an easy way to get access to the best literature written by authors from all ages and across the globe.

Self publishing is the new way of getting idears out there. Many individual entrepreneurs, institutions and cooperations are relying on ebooks to showcase their expertise, attract customers and hence an important stage in their sells funnel.

Now, you can see where you can come in. You can be a freelance eBook writer and help this businesses write those much needed books.

The good thing with this skills is that you will be dealing with a huge project and hence no need to work with a huge number of customers.

The word of mouth is still a strong strategy in this niche and hence the need to produce quality work at every stage.

Make sure that you give your best to every piece of art that you touch.

#10; Data entry skills

Are you comfortable with a computer keyboard?

You can use this skill to make a living working online in kenya if you are serious enough to find a well paying gigs.

Data entry skill can be a full time job or a side hustle depending on your circumstances.

You can learn data entry skill from different courses available for free online.

Almost everybody is computer literate this days the only thing you may need is to brush up your skills and you will be good to go.

#11; Data analysis
Have you checked how database managers are payed?

This is one of those skills that you can be payed like the CEO of a parastatal or even the president of a nation.

If you studied information and communication then you should be considering to major in database management.

Those who are not computer science honours can learn database science on their own and stand up to compete with their counterparts too.

With this skill set, you will be working with companies and that mean you will be well off too soon.

#12; Financial copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most lactractive skill that you can acquire. The most in demand copywriting skills are those from finance.

Financial planners, advisors, banks website owners and many more are always in the run to provide updates of theie newsletters to the never satisfyed customer base.

Money and wealth building is the primary concern of all people. The rich and financial literate are willing to pay premium to receive premium financial services.

Now, here is where you come in. You will be writting sales

#13; OnlineTrading skills

Options, futures, commodities, stocks and index trading are skills that will never let you down in the online space.

People have realized that multiple sources of income is the way to go if you want to make money and achieve financial freedom in the shortest time possible.

Online trading provide an additional income stream to employees and self employed people as well.

In this erra, you will find an employee holding a 9-5 job and trading during the day with a smartphone and also running some part time jobs during the nights and weekends.

Professional traders especially those holding a day job knows how to use the right time frames and technical indicators to minimize the time needed for trading to a few minutes daily.

The good thing with traders is that they are always in the look out for new information. If you can package your content into an actionable product, then you will have humble time selling your skill to this class of people.

#14; Stock market investing

Kenyans have learned the importance of living frugally and making money work for you.

There are countless people searching for ways to double there money online in kenya.

Investing in penny stocks and IPOs is one of the surest way to make money in through investments.

You can come in and teach how to invest in the stock market.

Middle class employees with tight schedules will find it save to invest in

#15; Transcription

The good business relationship between kenya and China led to development of several roads in kenya.

Despite leading to the birth of “black Chinese” children it spur the growth of millionaires of all types.

The savvy entrepreneurs who learned Chinese at it’s inception were able to make millions of many through translation of Chinese to kiswahili.

It’s not Chinese language only that offers this opportunity. There are other high potential languages like spanish that you can learn to start earning money today online.

Your work as a translator will be to convert one language to the other in the written or spoken word.

As a translator, you can come in from many different angles and niches. Blogs, books, songs and many information materials needs to be converted from one language to the other.

Government officials needs to hold meetings and seal deals. You could be the one making translations between big government officials of this countries.

Combined with other online skills, transcription as a profession may buy you a blot in westlands in a few months.

#16; Journalism

If you are a good reporter, you can make a living as a news blogger.

Starting your own blog and or YouTube channel is the starting point of your online journalism success.

You can write political and others news in your area and send them to top bloggers in kenya.

If you can capture accurate photographs and informations as they happen, you will be able to make a large amount of money doing what you love in kenya.

It’s a common saying that when a door closes another one opens.

If you have gone through college and you have not found employment. Its a high time that you put your journalism skills into use in the online space.

#17; Financial consulting

Kenyans need various financial assistance ranging from simple skills like filling KRA rreturns and registering a company name to the more complex ones like auditing books of accounts.

If you are good in finance, then, stop wasting yourself, you can offer your skills to the thirsty market.

Skills like budgeting and record keeping are still giving some business owners headache. Why don’t you come in and assist them?

All you need to do is laminate your certificates and advertise your services widely in social media.

This market are in love with experts who have the qualifications in finance.

There are companies that are willing to pay you a portion of their profits if you are willing to work with a small commotions.

#18; Graphics design

With the knowledge of graphics design, you can be able to make tones of many online in kenya.

A part from leveraging your new found skill to make make money as a freelancer, you can also make your social media accounts standout from the ground which will lead to more money.

Almost every blogger is in need of a logo, this is also true to all online companies.

Once you establish a solid customer base, the word of mouth will do wonders in making you a millionaire.

You can even go a step ahead and offer your services as an affiliate partner.

Bloggers will be directing high quality customers to your side at a commission.

#19; Video editing skills
With the emergence of viusasa in kenya. There will be a high demand for video taking and editing skills.

If you are talented in matters moving pictures, you maybe smilling all the way to the bank very soon.

Your work as a video editor is to help edit videos for your clients.

Thanks to viusasa, your clients base will skyrocket and yours will be to work with high networth individuals.

#20; Cyber security

In the near future, given the aggressiveness of Kenyans, everyone will be running an online business of some kind in kenya.

Companies, businesses and individuals alike will be in need of online cyber security in the form of softwares and applications.

Here is where you will come in, you will be hired periodically to manage the security of the companies online.

Hackers will increase as well as your gigs. Your ethical hacking skills will be helful in preventing online frauds.

You will find that your softwares will be making you a lot of passive income and you won’t have a reason why you should not consider working with top notch companies.

With time, you can include CCTV installation and car tracking into your business insuite.

#21; Digital consultant

Anyone with a given skill set can be a consultant. Teachers, doctors and just about anyone can work as a consultant.

Combining your current skill set and plus online skills, you can just take your career to a new hight.

Your online clients may prefer that you take your services to their doorstep or just consult online.

Depending on the kind of services that you are offering, you should be able to meet their demands.

As your customers increase, you can recruit new partners or employees into your business thus scaling up your earnings.

With time, you will start overing your services to high networth individuals and to corporations thus charging a huge amount per hour.

In conclusion, you can make money online if you are willing to put in the hard work and the perseverance.

It all starts with a mindset. You can choose to see online businesses as a profitable venture, work towards it and achieve your dreams.

Also, you can find a way to earn a living from the skills that you already posses. Adding a set hustle to your day job and other businesses is never a wrong decition to make.

The good thing with this businesses is that they can be started with small capital provided you are willing to grow steadily.

You should not blame the government for not creating jobs, you should push yourself out of your comfort zone and be the change that you have been waiting for.

In the comments section, let me know if you found this article helpful to you.

OOtherwise, have a blessed day and remember to commit yourself into mastering one of this skills this year.

How to invest ksh 5,000 online in kenya today

How to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya

Do you want to know how you can invest five thousand kenyan shillings in kenya ?

A journey to financial freedom can be started with just a few pennies. What matters at the end is not the availability of capital, rather, the clarity of vision.

There are many billionaires and multi-billion business that started with just a few coins.

In today’s blog post, you will learn the best way to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya so that you earn the best returns.

Making money, Savings and investing is the only equations that one should be able to solve in order to be financially free.

It have been coined that what you make is not important, how much you keep and for how many generations you keep it is what matters.

Saving money alone will never make you a millionaire, in fact, a savings account is the easiest way to remain poor.

If savings can’t make you rich, then, what’s the solution, the way to go is to invest. To make your money work hard in making more money.

If you can make your money to work for you in a passive way, then, you will be putting yourself on the highway that’s sure to lead you to financial freedom.

I have prepared this detailed list to show you how to invest Ksh 5000 in kenya in the best way.

All the businesses that I will list here are online businesses. There is a reason why I advocate for online business.

If you want to solve your problems, why don’t you solve them once and for all. Online investments and business will allow you to work location free and to earn money passively.

Important notes and take always;

1; Launch a profitable blog
2; start a dropshipping store
3; Invest in Penny stocks
4; Buy Shares for your child
5; Start to trade forex online
6; Buy bitcoin cryptocurrency
7; Repay your tala loan
8; Paxful affiliate marketing
9; Sport and binary betting
10; Peer to peer lending
11; Take an online course

I will you through this list, take your time to analyse each opportunity, you will find the one that will best suits you.

Don’t limit yourself to one business, you can invest in two or more to spread your net wider and to give you more confidence.

#1; Launch a profitable blog

You can start a blog with a very small capital but it may grow to an extend that you will be making millions monthly in that blog.

Blogging is one of those businesses that you must consider adding into the mix of your other business ventures.

The cost of starting a blog can be very small. I will break down the cost of starting a blog for you.

To begin with, you will need to host your blog, Truehost is hosting this blog with a budget of Ksh 2500 annually.

Next, you will need to register a domain name. Domain names with extensions will cost you Ksh 500 for the whole year as a starter.

With the budget of Ksh 3000 only, you can be in business running a business that can make you fortunes.

Don’t mind with your writing skills, you will pickup with time as you keep on practising your core skills.

What’s important is to keep the costs low to maximize profits. There are other darling hosting services like bluehost but it make sence to start small with local products before you can open your wings for options.

One word of caution is that blogging is not the easiest way to make money, you must be willing to sweat a lot to realize profits.

Try to be very patient, don’t give up too soon, just make up your mind that I will keep on writing until when I break through.

The benefits of blogging, though, are worth the hustle and the sweats.

#2; Start a dropshipping store

Online stores like jumia, kilimal among others are businesses that are driving in millions of shillings to their owners monthly.

With just Ksh 3000, you will be up with your operational online store.

Many things are uncertain in this world, who knows, you might be the next Jackma or Bezzos.

Truehost have got a hosting package that will serve your hosting needs and domain name for just Ksh 2500 and Ksh 500 respectively.

In your free time, you could be trying to scale up your online business slowly. Just make sure that you start small and you never give up along the way.

A time will come when you will come back to your sences and you make a simble decision that will make all the difference. A time when you will draw a line in the sand and you say, enough is enough, I will do this and I will keep doing it until I win.

If you have some few dollars to spend, you can run ads, otherwise, you should learn digital marketing skills to help you scale up your store hustle free.

#3; Invest in penny stocks
Penny stocks trading is a very lucrative business for the professional penny stock traders.

This business involves buying stocks that goes for less than one shilling in kenya.

With a budget of Ksh 5000, you can open a CDs account with Ksh 500 and still remain with almost Ksh 4000 to invest.

You can buy several shares of the penny stocks in the Nairobi stock exchange and hold them to be sold at almost 100% profits in a few weeks to a few months.

Penny stocks are highly risky and for that very reason, they can be very profitable.

Make sure that you learn as much as you can about how to invest in penny stocks.

You can download free penny stocks books online to start learning more about this llucrative business and how you can succeed here in kenya.

Don’t stop there, go ahead and master how to use leverage to make a killing in penny stocks trading and you will be up for something significantly rewarding.

Most professionals will advise that you don’t invest in penny stocks but I have seen successful penny stocks ttraders who succeeded because they were willing to learn like machines.

#4; Buy shares for your child

The power of compounding is the strongest force in the world.

If you had invested Ksh 5000 in the shares of safaricom ten years ago, today, that amount would have grown to almost Ksh 100, 000.

The same amount left for another twenty years would result to more than Ksh 10,000,000. This amount is enough to secure the financial freedom for your child.

Note; That figures are not curranteed and its under high risk. If you dare, you can risk and see what might happen.

The key here is to hold those shares for a very long time of more than twenty five years.

You will be surprised to realize that only Ksh 5000 will compound to the extend that it will be enough to launch a big business for your child in the next thirty years.

The key here is to select a good company and invest in it. You can come back two years latter to check if the business is doing good.

Here is kenya, most people will wonder what you even mean when you start talking of shares.

Average Kenyans born and raised in the rural areas are only aware of real estate and maybe a matatu as the only sure investment avenues.

Don’t even mind explaining many concepts to them because they will discourage you before you can even start opening a CDs account.

#5; Start to trade currencies online

With Ksh 5000, you can start to trade forex online in kenya. Chances are you will wipe out that amount.

In the case that you learn the metrics very fast and you are lucky enough. You will acquire enough wealth and experience to start trading forex profitably.

The key is to find reputable brokers who will not cheat you like Hot forex and start learning how to trade forex.

Continuous learning and sound money management will play a big role in the success of your online forex trading venture.

If forex is not your thing, you can also trade options and futures to help magnify and or diversify your portfolio.

#6; Buy bitcoin cryptocurrency

Technology is changing our way of live and soon, the regular currencies may get replaced by the digital money.

Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is known for it’s high volatility.

You can research on how to leverage Bitcoins volatility to make profits of up to 100% in a few months.

I normally buy my bitcoins through paxful in kenya as they are trustable.

#7; Repay your tala loans

This days, you can fail to get through a job interview because of bad credit records.

Taking loans through mobile apps can result in landing yourself into trouble when this companies report you to the credit records.

As if that’s enough, the interest rate at which this loans accrue is so high. You can take fuliza loans and in one year, that amount will have more than doubled.

The best way to go around this challenges with loans is to pay then. “Dawa ya deni in kuliba”.

Sacrifice that amount and pay back the loan so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

#8; Affiliate marketing

Paxful is offering a very attractive affiliate partnership in kenya.

You can choose to start working with them and in the end you will make a lot of money passively.

This is one of those opportunities that you don’t want to miss in kenya especially now when the rate of unemployment is higher than ever before.

#9; Sports and binary betting

There are few people who have made it in life as professional gamblers.

To be a professional gambler, you need to have mastered the game so well that you can profit advice to other gamblers at a fee.

Also, you must be in a position to manage your risks while aiming for a higher price.

Professional gambling calls for high.level of discipline and dedication.

Sports betting in kenya is one of those avenues that can turn you into a millionaire overnight.

I always try to bet and aim for the mega jackpots.

There is a very slim change that you can be the next jackpot winner but if In case it happens once in your life time, it will be enough to call it a day.

#10; Peer to peer lending in kenya

The first time I tryed peer to peer lending in kenya, I found it very risky and unstable way to make money.

In other countries, peer to peer lending is one of those very profitable opportunities online.

Work with overseas companies and you will soon realize that your money can make more money passively without your involvement.


#11; Take an online course

Have you identified a potential business in our list of businesses that you can start with five thousand kenya shillings?

Now, you may be a total amateur in that field, don’t let it limit your potential.

Enrol into an online class teaching that specific skill set and start earning from your new found venture tomorrow.

In conclusion…

You can turn yourlife around with just Kenyan shillings five thousand if you dared to invest it wisely.

Starting and online business is the surest way to find financial freedom in kenya because you can multitask it with other online businesses and normal brick and mortar ventures.

How to find a blogging niche in Kenya

Many aspiring kenyan bloggers are wondering and asking the same question, how to find a profitable blogging niche that will make them money online.

In this blog post, I will be posting the findings of my research on the question, how to find a profitable blogging niche in Kenya.

This blog is ment to be an ultimate guide on the topic and you should bookmark it for future reference should you need to reevaluate how to find a profitable blogging niche in Kenya.

Before we move any further, Iet us start by defining the term of niche and it’s special features as per this context.

Wikipedia defines a niche as follows :

Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Now, as you can see, a blog niche is a topic that a certain population are interested in and bloggers should focus on because it’s easy to market.

The truth is that Making money online in Kenya blogging is about your creativity and your problem-solving skills rather than the particular niche you are in.

In my previous article, I mentioned that you can make money even in a general niche blog and I gave numerous examples of successful general niche blogs.

Nevertheless, going with a niche have numerous advantages that we already considered in the previous posts.

Here you will learn the best way to choose a blog niche that will make you money.

Important notes:
1: Find and follow your blogging goals
2: Come up with original blogging niche
3: Write on a blog niche you like talking about
4: Follow your passions in the blog niche
5: Pick a niche that will make you a fortune
6: Blog to solve problems for your clients
7: Do some google research
8: Check the number of revenue streams
9: Build a community of like minded people
10: Consider product to promote
11: Your career and the future

Take a sit in a comfortable corner because this blog is going to be considerably long.

1: Find and follow your blogging goals

The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” – Ron Dawson

There is a reason why you want to start a blog in Kenya. The following are examples of the common reasons to start a blog:

1: Make money online in kenya
2: Develop a new passion
3: Learn a given subject
4: Promote a given cause

The reason why you want to start a blog in Kenya is to make money online. While that is the primary reason, you should also consider other factors like developing a new passion, learning a new subject and promoting a cause that you believe in.

When choosing a niche for a blog, you should remember to factor in all of the metrics that we just highlighted.

In the case that all the factors are not lining up, give the first priority to the factor number one.

2: Come up with original blogging niche

There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.” – Matt Wolfe

It’s very hard to find a niche that have not been saturated this days but there is hope. The hope is that there is room for any entrepreneur who finds a unique angle to get into the mix.

If everyone is blogging about how to make money online to live a laptop lifestyle, you can blog about how to blog as a side hustle.

The most important thing is to find something unique to tack about and not just launch another WordPress blog.

Still on the same niche, make money online, you can start a blog on the same topic and focus on how to make money online in Kenya as a student.

What I want to emphasize here is the fact that you should avoid competition. As Dan schawbel noted, “When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.”

Different blogging experts have different points of view, some believe that you should not start a blog in a competitive niche and others like Dan schawbel believe that branding is all that matters. I chose to go with the later school of thought.

The following questions will help you to brainstorm how you can be unique in your new niche, I have a look:

1: Who else have ever done this niche before?
2: What have been omitted by other bloggers?
3: How can this niche serve the audience better?
4: What can make me a unique part of the all?

By continually brainstorming good questions about the niche, you can end up with very good questions whose answers will help you join the industry as a blessing rather than a competition.

3: Write on a blog niche you like talking about

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

Blogging will be about producing content on a daily basis to your reader either as blogs, comments, guest posts and or social media updates.

You have got to be writing as if you are talking and talking about what you like talking about on an ongoing basis.

Do you like talking about politics with your colleagues? Then, go ahead and talk to more people about politics in your blog.

Are you a fun of sports? Go ahead and start a sports blog and tack all day long. During summer, you tack about sports, when winter comes, you speak more about politics.

You have to be producing content without much struggle so that you can keep doing so even in the periods when it seems like you are making no progress.

There is something for everyone and if you are passionate enough on what you are doing, you will make a superb job for yourself.

There is a saying that “Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”.

Your work is to make information available to your like minded individuals and through your online blogs and social media accounts.

4: Follow your passions in your blog niche

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

Start a blog in any niche and the more you keep on doing it, you will develop passions to keep on doing it.

One thing to note about passion is that it’s not something that you are born with.

Passions are developed over a long period of doing a task over and over again.

If you already have a passion that survived all the laid down criteria, you can consider it for a blog niche.
Paul Graham once said that “It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.”

You must blog of a niche that you are deeply in love with, I something that really matters to you. A niche that even if you fail, you won’t lose because you enjoyed the all process.

The idea of living a laptop lifestyle in Kenya is something that I care so much about and I would wish it to anybody I meet, that’s why I never stop writing articles about it.

5: Pick a niche that will make you a fortune

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Start a blog on a topic that you care about and that you can keep on learning more about it.

This niche will make you a millionaire if you self-educate yourself until you become a go to expert in matters relating to that niche.

It’s advisable to blog on a topic that is profitable, I if you see alot of competition, that is a sign that there is money to be made in that field.

When I wanted to know which business I should focus on in life, I just google the industry that had churned out the highest number of billionaires.

Finance and investment pop up as the leading industry that has produced the most billionaires in the whole world. That’s how I choose to join the finance and investment niche.

You can perform a Google Search of the most earning bloggers in Kenya to have a rough copy of where the money is already flowing to.

Like in trading, blogging and every other businesses, follow the maxim of going with the trend.

It doesn’t make sense that someone is going this way and advising you to go the other way. What’s tested and proven is where you should already be headed to.

6: Blog to solve a problem for your clients

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark

It’s your readers that will keep you in business or throw you out. What you should note from the beginning is that nobody cares about you, all they care about is the solution that you can be to them.

Go out with a solution, solve a burning problem and you will be on your way to making the millions that you have been thinking about.

The niche of your blog should be a solution by itself. A blog niche like cutting weight is a solution by itself. It means that you will be helping people to look fit.

Stress management and time management are other blog niches that are a solution by themselves.

Zig ziglar, the famous motivational speaker once said “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

If your services, products and tips are really actionable, people will trust you and they will want to do business with you.

7: Do some google keyword research

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” – Seth Godin

There is no need to worry about finding what people really need and care about, you can just do a thorough keywords research and find what people are already searching for.

With that knowledge, you can start a blog on those topics and be sure that people will come to you for your assistance.

All your blog posts will be based on your research findings and you can go into war knowing who your competitors are.

Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot traffic, then maximize the income from that traffic.”John Chow
Blogging success can be summarized into two key results areas :

1: Driving a lot of traffic
2: Maximizing the income from traffic

A perfect google research will pinpoint where a huge traffic will come from and therefore the best way to capture them.

There are several good keywords research tools that can help you to stand out in the online business.

8: Check the number of revenue streams

I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.” – Darren Rowse

Millionaires make money, huge money, because they have several sources of income coming in to their pockets.

The middle class and the poor are relying on a limited amount of income streams and that’s why they are not progressing with others.

To be on the save side, don’t rely on blogging alone as the only source of your income, you can keep your day job, start trading forex or invest online in the stock market.

You can also run other offline business so that at the end of the day, your income will have grown exponentially.

Blogging can help you to diversify your income too. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, sponsored posts and article writing are some of the ways that you can diversify your income streams.

Make sure that you factor in the possibility of diversifying your blog income by choosing a blog that can earn income through various streams.

#9: Build a community of like minded

Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.”David Aston

A blog is an effective way of building a community of followers. You will want to be in a community of like minded individuals.

Your niche will help you to join forums and groups of like minded community.

If you are an athlete, blog about sports and you will meet with other bloggers. It will be very easy to bond with like minded people.

This is not going to be easy but it’s worth it. Someone once said that, “If you love writing or making music or blogging or any sort of performing art, then do it. Do it with everything you’ve got. Just don’t plan on using it as a shortcut to making a living.”

The niche that you choose won’t matter in the long run, it’s the passion, enthusiasm and the courage to keep on reaching out to new people and solving their problems that will matter.

Before you settle on a given niche, think about the kind of people you will be dealing with, will you be comfortable to be in that group?

If you like music, gospel music, it will be very hard to cope with secular musicians. That’s why you should narrow your focus to gospel music where you will be dealing with birds of the same feathers.

10:What do you want to promote

“Blogging is not a business by itself. It is only a promotional platform.”David Risley

If you have a business that’s already running, you can consider starting a blog to help promote your product or services online. That way, the niche to blog about will have already emerged.
As Dick Costolo said “The Internet destroyed most of the barriers to publication. The cost of being a publisher dropped to almost zero with two interesting immediate results: anybody can publish, and more importantly, you can publish whatever you want.”

you can start a blog to help you write that book that you have always been dreaming about.

Carl Florina had put it clearly when she noted that “Customers can’t always tell you what they want, but they can always tell you what’s wrong.” by listening to your followers, you can always note the information that they don’t like and write more of what is appreciated.

At the end of the day, I you will notice that the most important thing is to always follow your instincts, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook said “The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?”

That’s what is important, to follow the purpose of God in you. To do what you were sent into this world to do and to do it all heatedly.


11: Consider your career and the future

“Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.”Penelope Trunk

What’s your current career? Why don’t you start a blog to help take your career to the next level while you are making additional income from it?

You have to be careful and mindful of what you take into the online space, why? Because as Liz Strauss put it, “The Internet has no eraser.”

Everything that you upload into your blog should be something that you will be proud if your spouse, uncle and employer finds out in the online space. It should be something that adds you ponga points, not the one that subtracts.

Never sacrifice reputation for quick cash. There are some cultures that prohibits the discussion of certain topics in the public. Just ovoid them like the pandemic.

It’s also important that you think far into the future, what’s likely to be the next boom? “In truth, the real opportunities for building authority and buzz through social media have only just begun.

You simply have to look and see where things are going instead of where they’ve been.” this are the words of Brian Clark, live by them.

Try to predict the future and start a blog around a topic that you believe the world is headed to. At this time, I believe that the world is headed to the crypto-currency age. You can jump into the bandwagon before the trail is full and overloaded.

In conclusion…
I will conclude by quoting Neil Patel “Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback.”

Don’t waste alot of time thinking about the best niche, get down to work and you will learn the rest as the days goes by.

Remember Claire cook’s words “If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.”

You don’t have to get everything right on the onset, you can always come back to correct what’s not working. The room for improvement is still the largest in the whole universe.

21 ways to avoid losing money trading

21 ways to avoid losing money trading

Trading when treated like a business should be very profitable and rewarding.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the best way to avoid losing money in trading.

The first law of investment says that you should avoid loosing money. This is because once you have lost an account, it become very hard to recover that money.

Speaking of losing money in forex, I mean not wiping out your account, otherwise, occasionally losing some trades is considered normal.

#1; Only trade what you know well
Trading is a game of intelligent people. There is no other better way to boost your IQ than to read widely expecially the subject matter.

If you make learning of trading an ongoing process, then you should be able to swim with the big fishes like the institutional traders, and come up with something.

Try to read atleast something about trading for one hour daily and in three years you will be a professional trader.

There are many free books that can be downloaded online. All you need to do is to search for top hundred trading books and try to download the ones that attracts you.

To be on the safe side, you can also learn how to code with MQL4 to help automate your trading strategies.

#2; Trade with expert advisor
It’s said that 90% of forex traders fail. Another statistics have it that 90% of forex failure is caused by psychological problems.

Now, the logic presented by this blog is that if you were to trade with an expert advisor then 90% of the challenges would have been solved and you could join the 10% of the successful traders.

Learning to code with MQL4 language maybe a one month commitment that have the potential of solving all life problem.

I have gone through the course and it’s not that difficult to master even for those who don’t have a prior programing knowledge of either C or C++.

I will not advice that you buy a robot trader, it’s better to develop your own because if that tool was profitable then the seller would have made money with it Instead of selling it.

You can even employ a computer programmer to turn your strategy into a program and trade with something that you understand.

One major advantage with a robot advisor is it’s ability to be back tested and hence the rare opportunity to enter a market knowing that the odds are in your side.

#3; Trade as a businesses startup
Trading should be treated as a business. Tacking of a business, you should have a plan of action that gives you a competitive advantage.

It’s your competitive advantage that gives you a trading edge and therefore a reason to start trading, all of this is in your business plan.

With a business plan, you will know your daily targets and hence minimize greed.

If you want a customized and detailed trading business plan, feel free to conduct us today and we will be of great help to you.

Treating your trading endeavor as a business means you are minimizing costs to maximize profits, minimizing risks and above all learning and persisting.

#4; Interview your brokers intelligently
Brokers can make or ruin your account. If you are serious about trading, then you should work with serious brokers.

It’s not enough to check if a broker is registered, you should also find out if they are trustworthy.

You can double check the reviews of the broker and visit their frequently asked questions to find out the most asked questions and how they respond to queries.

A thorough scrutiny of a broker can help reduce stresses that would have otherwise disturb your trading journey.

I advise that you go through the terms and conditions before you sign and open an account with your broker.

Also, you should double check to find about any hidded charges and if possible, negotiate for better terms.

#5; Start with a demo account
What you learn in theory mostly won’t transform into reality.

A demo account will help you to get used to the platform to an extend that you can’t get hurt by silly mistakes like placing a limit order instead of a buy stop.

Also, a demo account is a good place to develop a trading strategy and back test it. You should be confident with your strategy before you move on to the real account.

Most people start with a demo account before they move to a real account. This way, they minimize the chance of losing a lot of money during the learning phase.

#6; Start small when going live

When going live, try your luck with a mini account and scale your way up. You want to nature your confidence and double check your strategy without much hustle.

Its better to be slow but sure. If you rush and loose heavily, you might just decide to abandone trading as a whole and try something different.

My aim is to help you get the best of your time and succeed as an online entrepreneur.

If you follow this steps, religiously, you will be smiling all the way to the bank in no time.

#7; Trade with a bank account

Many forex brokers can’t be trusted. This is because they make money when you lose.

Slippage, excessive costs and hidden charges and are some of the fraudulent means that forex brokers can use to make your trading journey difficult.

Though banks are not Engels but trading through such accounts will help minimize the mentioned challenges.

The best way to solve this issue is to trade through a bank account of your nation.

In kenya, equity have just announced its EazzyFX mobile app that will help its customers to trade forex without much hustle .

With a bank account, your trading will not be leveraged which is a big plus to you because your account can never diminish to zero.

#8; Use leverage sparingly
Leverage as you already know is a double edged sword. It can make you rich or ruin you entirely.

We are not here to gamble but to make and run a sustainable business. For that reason, we will go with what is working.

A leverage of 1:10 and below is the best. Anything more than that is a pure gamble and a very dangerous game.

In fact, US government requires that brokers provide a trading leverage of not more than 1:50.

What does that mean? It means that any leverage that’s more than 1:50 is a self gunshot and any company that try to lure you into such scheme is a scum.

#9; Manage your money wisely

Learn the concept of compounding and the domino reaction.

Compounding has been termed the strongest force in the universe and passive income the wisest way to make money by the new rich and wealthy.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to grow wealth with less stress that’s why you must use this skills.

With a computer program you can be able to make the concept of domino reaction a reality in your trading business.

Your expert advisor will do all the trading for you as you focus on other projects. At the end of the day, the income from trading and from other sources will make you rich.

#10; Taking time to prepare

In forex trading just like in all other investments, money is made during the entry.

If you enter into a wrong deal, you already lost the game. Contrary is true.

A considerable time should be taken to ensure that the strategy entry tricks have been made.

Most traders fail because they never took the time to carry out fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis.

Opportunities will never run out, even if you miss this opportunity, others will come but if you hurry and lose your capital, you may recover but it will take a considerable amount of effort or you lose it forever.

Just like real estate or stocks, how you get out of the trade is of pivotal significance.

You should take your time to decide how you will get in as well as how you will get out.

#11; Wait for a perfect opportunity

Only enter the trade when all of your strategy signals and conditions have been made.

Many traders fail to confirm other time frames to find out if they are right. In forex, pips are like butterfly, the more you keep on chasing it, the more it keep on eluding you, but when you sit down and focus on other things, it comes and sits on your shoulders.

Sit down and focus on other things like how you will enter the trade and how you will get out. Relax and check your strategy rules if they are met.

Trading is both a science and an art. using indicators, risk rewards and the whole strategy is science but those of butterflies are the art part of this game.

It all depends on what’s going on deep down in your believe system. If its corrupted, now, that becomes the problem.

A corrupt believe system, which is the cause of all trading maladies, is that which is not build in high self esteem, that which doesn’t believe in the assurance of a brighter tomorrow.

You see, if you were sure that you are going to be and you already is a success, then, you won’t be rushing up and down like a hyena.

Stop loss and take profits levels and hence the risk reward ratio should be calculated and well know and accepted before you enter the trade.

Once all the conditions are set, pull the trigger, set the limits and go on with your daily activities.

You may fail or you may win, that’s not important, what’s important is the strategy that you know well that you have obey, which will average your results to a win at the end of the day.

#12; Monitor the securities at all time

We have agreed to a man that the best trades are those that meet all the rules that are set out in your strategy.

With complex strategy using eight indicators, those conditions may be met only three to fivetimes in a week in seven securities.

You don’t want to miss such chances because once they are gone, then it’s hard to recover.

For this reason, you will want to be checking your screen everynow and then.

For stochastic to line up with RSI, all in extreme positions and to line up with moving averages can be a bit tricky.

Imagine waiting for a solar eclipse, if you miss it once in a year, then, that year is gone. You will have to wait for the next year for it to repeat.

#13; Keep a trading journal

Most of the loses we make as traders are those that come from not following the rules of our strategy strictly.

If you have ever run a business without records, even a small one like poultry farming, then, you know what I mean here.

A trading journal serve to document your moods, profits/loses and how you are following your strategy.

With a trading journal, you can quickly pin-point the loopholes and avoid them as you built on your strengths.

A good journal should help you enhance your strategy than forcing you to abandon it all together.

To be on the safe side, make a comment or comment every trade that you take.

This, in effect, will serve as a way to reduce the number of trades that you take per day.

#14; Don’t over trade
Elsewhere in this post, I mentioned that
you should only enter a trade that is a hot cake.

Those trades that meet and or exceed your strategy rules, those that goes to the extremes.

The idear behind this approach is to minimize the fees that you pay and to focus your attention.

In a week, you should only enter not more than three trades. This means that in a month, you are taking roughly ten trades. If you are employing a risk reward ratio of 1:2 then, you will be making a profit of 10% monthly that’s if you manage to win 50% of your trades.

Taking into account the power of compounding, 10% monthly is a very good rate of return for your money.

#15; Don’t over diversify

Diversification is good but when you overdo it, then, you loose focus and hence the possibility of making deadly mistakes.

I would advice that you focus on one currency pair at a time. Master it then move to the next.

Also, learn and master one asset class before you move on to the next.

When moving to the next asset, do it intelligently, for example, you can master forex trading before you move on to Currency options and or futures.

This approach will help you to minimize risks using the concept of Delta neutral.

The rule of trading not more than three times a week hold even when trading different asset classes.

16; Analyze the security intelligently

Technical, fundamental and sentimentals are the analysis that every trader should undertake before taking a position.

Fundamental analysis will help you to get the overall overview of the market and have a hint of what might happen in the market.

Technical analysis should actually prove what the fundermentals are saying and give you the entry and exit points.

Sentimental analysis has to do with the psychology of the traders, what your competition thinks and should serve to give you a genaral picture of the market.

Trend, momentum, volatility and volume are the major variables that a trader should be looking for in a potential security.

Keeping the charts clean is one way of reducing decision problems. Consider having at least one indicator to measure the given variables.

Fibonacci, Moving average, MACD, stochastic, RSI, OBV and Bollinger bands are the most important technical tools to choose from.

Make sure that you are a real analyst before you attempt to trade the forex market.

I don’t understand why one should not considered all the analysis for a security. In fact, carrying out all analysis minimizes other potential mistakes like overtrading and over diversifying because you are busy finding facts of target security.

17; Take care of correlated securities

Some forex pairs are correlated just as options and futures of the same product are.

You should not trade securities which are related unless if you really know what you want to accomplish with such a setup.

A good example of correlation is currencies options and futures. This are correlated securities in the given asset classes.

In currencies, EUR/USD and GPB/USD are correlated.

18; Add to your winners not losers

Instead of additing up to your losers, matingale strategy, add to the winners, unti-matingale strategy.

Losers are losers as such and the only solution to them is a strict stop loss order, period.

Infact, when you are making loses, stop trading. For example, you can make it a rule to stop trading when you lose more than 5% of your capital in a week.

Use that time to review your strategies and to pin point the possible cause of the errors.

19; Have a strict stop lose order

A stop lose order will ensure that you don’t lose more than a pre-set amount in a given trade.

You should be able to know when you are wrong and accept that you are wrong.

It’s not a must to be right all through. A stop lose will protect you against catastrophic loses.

To be on the safe side, you should risk only one percent of your capital in any one trade.

With such an approach, you will live to fight another time if you lose your shirt on a given trade.

Never try to adjust your stop lose point unless you have a really reasonable reason to do that.

Also, you can execute your stop lose immediately those points are triggered, that way, you can hide the exact position of your stop lose until the right time.

20; Risk reward ratio

It’s hard to be knocked down when you have a classic strategy and a favourable risk/reward ratio at your side.

I encourage a risk reward ratio of 1:5. This means that you only have to be right 35%
to multiply your money.

The lower time frames will help you pick the best stop lose point while the higher time frame is a good place to check your target points.

Never enter a trade that does not meet this condition, remember, you only need two trades in a week.

It should be easy to find two trades that meet this conditions in a week especially if you are diversified enough.

21; Trading a hybrid strategy

Its better to improve on your strategy than to start another one all together. Only under extreme necessity should you abandon your initial game plan.

Trading using fundamentals demands that you trade the news which can be a great booster to your technical analysis.

Taking trades when the major announcements are made is trading like the bank.

Banks and institutions trade the fundamentals and hence the huge price swings during major announcements.

It’s that volatility and real price movements that you want to capture during the major news releases.

Normally, the prices moves to the opposite direction before they pickup the momentum to the right direction.

In effect, this innitial swing movements cuts out the stop loses of most investors before in moves to the right direction.

Successful traders have been trading the same strategy for centuries only now that they have troubleshoot minor issues here and there and they have mastered the strategy.

You too can adjust your strategy to reflect such swings in the initial price by either waiting a few minutes or going against the trend for those few coins then changing gears to real ones.