List of infinix smartphones in Kenya

List of infinix smartphones in Kenya

74: Infinix smart HD 2021 2GB/32GB
73: Infinix zero 8i 8GB/128GB
72: Infinix Hot 10 Lite 2GB/32GB
71: Infinix Note 8i 6GB/128GB
70: Infinix Note 8 6GB/128GB
69: Infinix Hot 10 3GB/64GB
68: Infinix Zero 8 8GB/128GB
67: Infinix smart 5 3GB/64GB
66: Infinix smart 5 2GB/32GB
65: Infinix smart 4 plus 3GB/32GB
64: Infinix Hot 8 3GB/32GB
63: Infinix Hot 9 Pro 4GB/64GB
62: Infinix Hot 9 play 4GB/64GB
61: Infinix Hot 9 play 3GB/64GB
60: Infinix Hot 9 play 3GB/32GB
59: Infinix Hot 9 play 2GB/32GB
58: Infinix S5 pro 6GB/128GB
57: Infinix Note 7 Lite 4GB/64GB
56: Infinix Hot 9 4GB/128GB
55: Infinix Hot 9 4GB/64GB
54: Infinix Hot 9 3GB/64GM
53: Infinix Hot 9 3GB/32GB
52: Infinix Hot 9 2GB/32GB
51: Infinix Note 7 Lite 4GB/128GB
50: Infinix Note 7 6GB/128GB
49: Infinix S5 pro 4GB/64GB
48: Infinix smart 4 2GB/32GB
47: Infinix S5 Lite 4GB/64GB
46: Infinix S5 4GB/64GB
45: Infinix S5 6GB/128GB
44: Infinix Hot 8 Lite 2GB/32GB
43: Infinix Hot 8 2GB/32GB
42: Infinix smart 3 1GB/16GB
41: Infinix Hot 8 4GB/64GB
40: Infinix Note 6
39: Infinix smart 3 plus 32GB/2GB
38: Infinix Hot 7 pro 32GB 2GB
37: Infinix S4 64GB
36: Infinix S4 32GB
35: Infinix Hot 7 16GB
34: Infinix Hot 7 32GB
33: Infinix Zero 6 pro
32: Infinix Zero 6
31: Infinix Hot 6
30: Infinix smart 2 pro 16GB
29: Infinix Note 5 stylus 32GB
28: Infinix Hot 6X 32GB
27: Infinix Hot 6X
26: Infinix Hot S3X
25: Infinix smart 2 16GB
24: Infinix Note 5 32GB
23: Infinix Hot 6 pro 16GB
22: Infinix Hot 6 Pro
21: Infinix Hot S3
20: Infinix zero 5 pro
19: Infinix Zero 5
18: Infinix Zero 3
17: Infinix Hot 3 LTE
16: Infinix Hot 3
15: Infinix S2 pro
14: Infinix S2
13: Infinix Hot 4 Pro
12: Infinix Hot 4 Lite
11: Infinix Hot 4
10: Infinix Note 3 Pro
9: Infinix Note 3
8: Infinix smart
7: Infinix Hot 5 Lite
6: Infinix Hot 5
5: Infinix Note 4 pro
4: Infinix Note 4 32GB
3: Infinix Note 4 16GB
2: Infinix Zero 4 plus
1: Infinix Zero 4

List of Tecno smartphones in Kenya

List of Tecno phones in Kenya
75: Tecno spark 6 Air 2G/32GB
74: Tecno Camon 16 premier 8GB/128GB
73: Tecno spark Go 2020 2GB/32GB
72: Tecno pop 4 2GB/32GB
71: Tecno pouvoir 4 Pro 6GB/128GB
70: Tecno pouvoir 4 pro 4GB/64GB
69: Tecno spark 5 pro 4GB/65GB
68: Tecno pouvoir 4 3GB/32GB
67: Tecno pouvoir 4 6GB/128GB
66: Tecno Camon 15 air 3GB/64GB
65: Tecno spark 5 air 2GB/32GB
64: Tecno spark 5 2GB/32GB
63: Tecno Camon 15 premier 6GB/128GB
62: Tecno Camon 15 pro
61: Tecno Camon 15
60: Tecno pop 2 plus
59: Tecno spark 4 air 2GB/32GB
58: Tecno spark 4 2GB/32GB
57: Tecno Camon 12 air 3GB/32GB
56: Tecno Camon 12 pro 6GB/64GB
55: Tecno Camon 12 4GB/64GB
54: Tecno phantom 9
53: Tecno pouvoir 3 air
52: Tecno pouvoir 3
51: Tecno spark 3 Pro
50: Tecno pouvoir 2 air
49: Tecno pop 2 power
48: Tecno pop 2
47: Tecno Camon 11 32GB
46: Tecno Camon 11 Pro
45: Tecno Camon 11
44: Tecno spark 2 32GB
43: Tecno Camon X 32GB
42: Tecno spark 2
41: Tecno F2 LTE
40: Tecno pouvoir 2
39: Tecno pouvoir 2
38: Tecno pouvoir 1
37: Tecno F3 (pop 1)
36: Tecno F2
35: Tecno F1
34: Tecno Camon X Pro
33: Tecno Camon X
32: Tecno Camon CX 32GB
31: Tecno spark Pro K8
30: Tecno spark K7 plus
29: Tecno Camon CM
28: Tecno phantom 8
27: Tecno phantom 5
26: Tecno Boom J8
25: Tecno L8
24: Tecno L8 plus
23: Tecno Camon C7
22: Tecno Camon C9
21: Tecno Camon C9 plus
20: Tecno phantom 6
19: Tecno phantom 6 plus
18: Tecno W5 Lite
17: Tecno L8 Lite
16: Tecno L9 plus
15: Tecno L9
14: Tecno Camon CX Manchester City Edition
13: Tecno Camon CX air
12: Tecno Camon Cx
11: Tecno Wx3 p
10: Tecno Wx 3
9: Tecno spark plus K9
8: Tecno spark K7
7: Tecno W5
6:Tecno W4 4G
5: Tecno W4 3G
4: Tecno W2
3: Tecno W3 4G
2: Tecno W3 3G
1: Tecno W1

Trading discipline: Ultimate guide

Online trading discipline

According to Brian Tracy, discipline is the ability to do what you should do whether you feel like doing it or not.

When you started trading, you developed a business plan that entails your trading strategies and therefore your competitive advantage.

Playing by the rules sets out winners from losers and all boils down to discipline.

Be disciplined in every trade
In trading, discipline is the key, it’s actually the key to every winning trade.

What does that mean? It means that discipline is built from down-up.

Take every trade with discipline and your overall trading career will be a disciplined one.

Bulling the tricker is as easy as chewing but following the rules is what makes the difference.

Analyze and execute

Use the same methodology and don’t change it over and over. It’s better if you had picked One strategy and improve on it regularly.

Relying on one methodology will help you to avoid over analysis which can paralyse your execution.

You want to make your trading automatic like riding a bicycle and as powerful as the tsunami.

Trade within your trading-stage
Trading has stages, I have observed and included into my business plan several stages that must be passed as a trader.

Each stage have it’s rules and level of discipline that must be strictly followed.

You can follow this link to start trading bitcoins with paxful in Kenya.

1: Practice stage:

All traders should start from the practice stage. Here, you are using the paper account.

It’s in this stage that you are reading extensively and trying to develop a trading strategy and methodology.

In this stage, it’s okay to lose because you are using a simulation account.

This stage is the same as the table driving in the driving school. You cannot cause accidents to the road users.

2: Mini-lot trading stage:

Once you succeed in the table driving, you proceed to driving under instructions.

At this stage, you are learning the structure of the platform. Normally, you want to do this on a mini-account.
Here, you are trading a one lot account. To me, I started with ksh 1000. This way, I risk only ksh 20 per trade.

3: Expert and excitement stage:

At this stage, you are driving alone but not so confident with your skills, you are more that just exited but you avoid driving in big towns and cities.
This is the stage that is characterized by Overtrading. You can’t wait to be on a position.

I think it is wise to be trading with an account of ksh 10,000 so that you are risking ksh 100 per trade.

4: Routine and collection stage:

Once you have passed all of the above stages, you trading become and obvious work, you collect your profits daily.

Here, your account, is growing daily as you take trades automatically.

Top ten laptop brands in Kenya

Top 10 laptop brands in Kenya

A laptop have become a very essential part of our daily life thanks to the digitization of almost everything.

It goes without emphasis that e-learning, online entrepreneurship and online Jobs all of which are the definition of the information age depends on a laptop.

This is more pronounced in the elite class who value a laptop So much as it’s not only a sign of prestige but a learning instrument.

Today, with a laptop, you don’t need to setup another library at home. All you need to do is to download countless books into your laptop library and you are good to go.

In this blog, I focus on how to make money online in Kenya with a laptop and be able to live the laptop lifestyle.

In the very near future, the world work force will shift online.
As the World shift online, you shouldn’t be left offline. In this blog post, top ten laptop brands in Kenya Will be discussed in details.

With such a list, you will be able to make an informed decision on the type of a laptop brand that best suits you as a student, online entrepreneur and or a laptop junkie.

We will discuss the various features in consideration to the price and functionality of each laptop brand in Kenya.

1: HP
2: Lenovo
3: Dell
4: Acer
5: Asus
6: Apple
7: Samsung
8: Toshiba
9: Sony
10: Microsoft

Does drop-shipping work in Kenya?

Does dropshipping work in Kenya?

Do you want to start a drop-shipping business in kenya?

Does drop-shipping work in kenya? Is this a viable business here in kenya?

Well, drop shipping is a business that you should be thinking about deeply about.

Kenya is the most developing country in matters online technology, what does that mean? It means that in the near future, drop shipping can be a very hot cake.

The problem with kenya is the problem of impatience. We want things to happen like yesterday.

We are Kenyans and you know we don’t trust easily. Corruption is rampant and we are used to scum. This have made Kenyans hard to believe.

Despite all this challenges, you can still make a name for yourself and make it as a drop shipping company in kenya but you will have to adjust one or two metricks here and there.

How to track lost smartphone using IMEI

In kenya, hundreds of smartphones get lost and they are never recovered.

You have bought an expensive smartphone and you don’t want to loose it, right?

Here is good news for you, do you want to know the news? Well, the good news is that you can stop worrying because you can now track your smartphone in case it get lost.

What is most disturbing about loosing a phone is not only the cost of the phone but the documents in the phone especially the confidential ones.

In this blog post, I will be showing you How to track lost phone using IMEI number online in kenya

How to track lost smartphone in kenya using IMEI; Check your IMEI number

Before we move any further, let us define IMEI, well, This is abbreviation for “international mobile equipment identity.”

It’s a fiveteen special number that is found in every smartphone that actually serves as an identity certificate for that phone. Think of a book ISBN number, it’s exactly like that.

The first thing to do when you buy a new smartphone is to check and record its IMEI, if you have not done it yet, then, relax, I will show you exactly how to find your IMEI.

Type *#06# into your smartphone and your IMEI will pop-up immediately. Record that number in your notebook because it will be handy in case your smartphone get stolen or is lost.

In the case that your smartphone is lost, make sure that you contact your service provider and ensure that your smartphone IMEI is blocked.

Blocking your smartphone IMEI is the best step to take because now, no one can call, or receive SMS with your phone.

How to track lost smartphone with IMEI tracker app in kenya for free?

The most common way of tracking a phone in kenya is to report to the police. This can result in extra-charges.

In this blog post, I will show you how to track your phone without involving a third party.

This is a very simple step because you already have the IMEI number of your lost smartphone.

There is a smartphone tracker app which can help you track your lost iPhone and or android phone.

The following is the simple steps that you can take to downlord the smartphone tracker app online for that very purpose.

Step 1: Go to your play store app and search for “IMEI phone tracker”. Down“IMEI tracker-Find my device” on any smartphones.

Step 2: Start the download by clicking on the “Install” button.

Step 3: After you download the application, you will be asked to fill in the phone numbers of people that you trust. This could be your family or friends. If your phone was stolen and a new SIM has been inserted in your phone, text messages will be automatically sent to those numbers of the people that you trust. The details of the SMS include IMEI number and the phone’s location.

Step 4: Fill in the IMEI number of your lost phone and tap “Track”. A pop up window will then appear showing the real time location of your phone. With IMEI phone tracker, you can track the phone’s location easily.

Step 5: One amazing feature of “IMEI Phone tracker” is that you can send text messages or command “getlostphone” with other devices to your lost device. Once you do that, this app will grant the request and send you the exact location.

Now, you know, you can track your smartphone without much hustle in kenya.

In case you are experiencing some difficulty, you can contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you out.

Top 10 smartphone brands in kenya?

Top 10 smartphone brands in kenya? Detailed list

There are over 50 smartphone brands in the Kenyan market.

In this blog post, I will be answering the question, What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya?

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According to various research conducted in kenya, the following is the list of the top ten smartphone brands in kenya;

1; Techno
2; Samsung
3; Huawei
4; Infinix
5; itel
6; Spice
7; Apple
8; Oppo
9; Nokia
10; Xiaomi

1; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Techno

Techno is a smartphone brand that has roots in kenya. It is common to find most youths in possession of the techno phone.

The latest most popular techno smartphone in kenya is the techo reno 16.

This smartphone is best for studying online. I would recommend it to students because it has a large screen and its battery is 6000mh.

2; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Samsung

In kenya, Samsung is a huge brand, it have been leading for a while in kenya but now, new brands like infinix are appearing to take over the country.

3; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Huawei

Huawei is a big name in Kenya, this brand has a dedicated enthusiasts that see it as a long lasting smartphone.

This brand is not going anywhere soon in the Kenyan market.

4; What are the top 10 phone brands in kenya? Infinix

In the recent past, infinix have come out strongly to take it’s Kenyan market share.

What makes infinix a strong brand is it’s inbuild battery and a large screen.

I personally use an infinix phone to run my online businesses and I would recommend any online entrepreneur to try infinix.

The large screen, high processing CPU and a reliable battery makes your online businesses easier.

5; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; itel

Safaricom have been partnering with itel and the result is the yoto itel phone. This is an itel smartphone that’s popular in kenya.

This smartphone has been promoted by safaricom in kenya hence its popularity.

6; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; spice

7; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Apple

Most youths prefer oppo brand because it’s taken as classy.

Those who have a Oppo phone are considered enlightened and hence its popularity.

8; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Oppo

As a brand, Oppo gives you value for your hard earned money.

But what is OPPO? This is a chinese consumer-based tech company. The primary aim of the company is on the budget and mid-range smartphone markets which is mostly suitable to the African and Asian markets.

Therefore, these phones fit the requirements of most kenyans where funs need the latest technology but don’t have the finance to acquire expensive consumer devices.

Kenyans who are looking to get a decent smartphone at a low price, normally considers OPPO brands. To prove my point, lets have an overview of the prices of the latest OPPO smartphones in kenya.

OPPO smartphone in kenya comes in different prices, they range from ksh 15,000 to roughly ksh 65,000.

There are lower-priced models that go for below KSh 10,000 but lack several essential features.The best OPPO smartphones in Kenya range from KSh 15,000.00 to KSh 65,000.

9; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya? Nokia

10; What are the top 10 smartphone brands in kenya; Xiaomi

Top 7 Forex trading mistakes with solutions

Top 7 Forex trading mistakes with solutions

Do you want to make profits constantly and predictably in the forex market?

Are you tired of spending countless hours and money on the screen and not earning the value for your efforts?
Forex trading is a highly profitable

business venture, but before you enjoy the profits, you must first overcome the psychological and technical barriers.

In this blog post, you will learn the top forex trading mistakes and how to overcome them so that you start making profits from the market from tomorrow.

This are the common mistakes that hinders new traders from realizing their dreams.

1: Not reseaching extensively

Amateur traders are careless when it comes to reseaching their trades. It’s common to find them placing orders without thorough fandermendal or technical analysis.

To click on the button without thorough technical and or fundermendal analysis is like throwing your hard earned money away, you only have yourself to blame.

Their are several books that teaches about forex analysis, if you are serious enough, you should consider taking classes on trading. This will help skyrocket your profits in the market.

Most people fail because they never took the time to give their best, they never gave their ‘A’ game.

Learning about technical analysis should not take you more than a week of serious studies, you this is true for the fundermendal analysis. Given that you can access the demo account, three months of practice may be enough. Now, you spend the next three months with a real mini account and in six months you are an expert.

Researching should be part of your daily routine, don’t let yourself get used to placing orders without thorough research. This will become a second nature, a character that will be very hard to break.

2: Overtrading

The excitement of taking positions make new comers to always take a place in the market.

Slippage, taxes and spread are the common deadly animals that eats traders alife.

This challenges are more pronounced in the accounts of traders who overtrade.

Day trading is considered earned income and is taxed as such.

Slippage is the difference between the expected buying or selling price and the actual Price that you actually get into or out of the trade.

Each time that you take a position, you pay the broker an amount call the spread.

Putting together all this four factors, in the long term, they will erode your account alife.

Watch out for this mistake by reducing the number of times that you take a position in the market and you will save your coins.

3: Poor forex trading mastery

Forex trading is a Profession Just like any other serious occupation. This call for proper mastery of the content matter.

There are thousands of free e-books, podcasts, and other several tutorials that can help you learn the topic of trading.

Download free e-books from internet and start earning from tomorrow. You are an expert if you train yourself to be One. You know what? Experts are rewarded by the market while amateurs are banished severely.

Your training should be an ongoing process, you should not stop growing and learning as a trader.

Knowledge is Power and money in the world of forex trading.

The more you learn about forex trading strategies, the more like for you to develop your own sound trading strategy.

It’s not enough to operate the metatrader4 platform, it’s enough to understand exact what you are doing.

Proper knowledge of the market dynamics will go a long way to helping you curate a standard business plan.

4: Lack of a business plan

Forex trading is a business just like brick and mortar businesses.

For that reason, you should have a road Map, a business plan that directs all your undertakings.

A business plan acts as a guide and a vision for your business.

Without a business plan, psychological issues will set into your trading plan thus rendering you helpless.

With a business plan, your SWOT analysis will answer the question and solve issues that would have otherwise distracted you.

A vision and your mission statement will help you to prioritize your activities properly thus focusing your efforts on the fulcrum.

5: Too much Leveraging

Leverage is not a holly grain as far as Forex trading is concerned. Why? Because it’s a double edged sword. It can work for you as well as against you.

Taking of leverage, I advice that you really understand what effects it has on your account.

6: Excessive straining and struggle

You don’t have to strain with forex trading. This is more pronounced in the case of part time traders who hold a day job and only work during the nights.

This people tend to overwork and hence impaire there judgement thus making improper decisions.

There is a Chinese proverb that Says, if was given six hours to cut a tree, I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

In forex trading, the actual work is not in trading but in preparing to trade.

Preparation for trading starts from learning to the process of reseaching.
The two stages should take a large part of your time and efforts but not to the extend of making real the saying that too much of anything is poisonous.

Give forex trading just enough time to make a profit and nothing more. The extra time that you are spending online trading should have been used for other businesses.

7: Inadequate confidence and courage

Most people take positions that they never wait until it’s through.

This is caused by lack of confidence and courage, you can overcome this by taking your saw Shappening skills seriously.

Most of the time, I prefer taking a position and setting stop loss and take profits orders so that I can only wait for the final results at the end of the day.

With this approach, you can avoid the temptation to change a position that you will regret later.