How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Ultimate guide

Do you want to know how to start affiliate marketing business in kenya?

Then, you have come to the right place, why? Because in this blog post, I will show you how to start affiliate marketing business in kenya in a professional way.

Affiliate marketing is a very good business model because it involves the endorsement of a product from a given company for a commission does a passive way of earning money.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Make up your mind

Starting a new venture like affiliate marketing needs a new level of determination.

You have to make up your mind that no matter what, you are going to pursue your dreams until the moment that you realize it.

Make up your mind that even if you fail, you will wakeup a thousand times if needs be.

That decision alone, will go along way to ensuring that you will win in this game of ups and downs.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Learn thoroughly

The Chinese people have a saying that if I was given six hours to cut a tree, I will spent the first four sharpening the axe.

This saying applies to everything in life including affiliate marketing. The best way to start in in the right way is to sharpen the saw.

Learn everything about affiliate marketing in kenya and your journey to the top will be much more simpler than it would have otherwise been without such preparation.

Understanding how to do it right will give you the much needed confidence and knowhow to kickstart your journey to the millionaire club in this kind of business.

There are countless books, blogs and courses that you can take to prepare yourself in this business.

I will recommend that you work under a mentor that will help you learn the process in a very short time so that you start earning your money like next month.

It is also possible to learn on your own and muster the concepts in affiliate marketing, this is even advisable in the case of a limited budget.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Choose a niche

Niche marketing is the new basic of offline as well as online marketing in kenya and every part of the world.

Niching down means finding your sphere of influence, it means that you stop being a chunk of all trades and a master of none.

In affiliate marketing, you are advised to find your own tribe and or clan. You need to find a small group of people who are passionate about what you have to say. More importantly, people who want you to solve their pain points because they can’t do with it anymore.

You can read more about finding a niche then you can get down to discovering yours.

In my blog,, I focus on the latest smartphone reviews in kenya. I this blog, I only focus on smartphone reviews.

With such a niche, I can focus on smartphone reviews and serving my fellow smartphone enthusiasts in kenya who are mostly youths.

Another example is my other blog,, in this blog, I focus on breaking news today. Anyone who is interested on the latest news in Kenyan politics is happy to be in this blog.

With such a blog, I can easily make money from ads networks. Affiliate marketing can be tough with such a niche.

As you can see, not all niches are perfect for affiliate marketing. To hit the nail on the head, try review sites.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Identify affiliate partner

In kenya, there are both local and international affiliate partners that you can start to work with from tomorrow.

You should be very choosy when it come to the partner that you want to work with.

You want to go with a tested and proven network that is sure to pay your dues at the end of the busy day without fail.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; pick a product.

Here in kenya, there are several products that you can review, think of electronics and many more.

Kilimal and jumia are among the trusted affiliate partners that you can work with as an affiliate in kenya.

You don’t want to be that affiliate that promote everything, choose a specific product that you use and can comfortably endorse, this will create trust with your followers.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; Decide the media to use

Focus is everything, choose a social media account to focus your marketing efforts on. You can choose Facebook, blogs, websites and or any other media.

My advice here is to focus on one media until you succeed with it before you move on to the next social media accounts.

In this blog, I am focusing on ranking it high on Google, I have not mind other social media accounts because I am not yet established in the blogging businesss.

How to start affiliate marketing business in kenya; work extra-hard

They say that you can make money while you sleep with affiliate marketing. Now, are you a cat? Sorry, are you a baby? Why on earth do you want to be sleeping? Are you sick?

Well, whatever, with affiliate marketing, you can make money, a lot of them, while snoring.

But before that, you have to really work hard, you have to get used to sleepless nights.