How do beginner bloggers make money blogging in Kenya?

When starting out as a blogger you will have less page views daily.

Do you want to wait for the next five years when you will be having ten of thousand readers to start making money?

I bet you won’t, that’s why you want to know how do beginner bloggers make money blogging.

In this blog post, I will answer the question, how do begginer bloggers make money blogging.

I will show you a step by step guide that you can follow to make money from day one and scale up with a clear direction.

Before we dive in, let us have a look at the headlines;

1; Freelance writing
2; Writing an Ebook
3; Coaching and consulting
4; Online course
5; Affiliate marketing
6; Dropshipping business
7; High value products

#1; Freelance writing

To make money from week one without fail, you will have to your first gig in the first week.\n#2; Writing an Ebookoffer freelance writing gigs.


I want you to do this, head direct to your blog a write ten blog posts in three days.


Ten blogs posts in three days? How can that be possible?

If you really want to make money, you should be willing to go crazy even once in a life time and push yourself hard.

Now, with those ten blog posts, I want you to use them as samples when pitching your first writing gigs.

Remember, I have not told you to focus on advertising the content.


Because I know you are not mad. You can’t expect to put your blog on many potential eyes at your blog was born yesterday.

Trust you me, with the determination of a bulldog and the right mindset you will land your first gig in the first week.

#2; Writing an Ebook

Now the first one month is gone.

You wrote those ten blog posts and you added more over the next three weeks.

Today, the first day of the second month, you have roughly twenty blog posts.

In addition to that, you have been writing two to three additional niche blog posts as a freelance.

The next step will be to turn those twenty blog posts into an EBook on your niche.

What you will be doing is to update here and there to make it a presentable book.

Now, you have two streams of income because you can head to Amazon and self publish your book.

Remember, you don’t have substantive readers in your blog, hence you should find affiliates to promote your book.

#3; Coaching and consulting

At this point, you have a professional blog, a book and a some testimonials.

Leverage this new found credentials to lure in more clients as a consultant and or a coach.

You can now create a page specifically for this service and promote it extensively.

Who knows, those few hundred daily visitors to your blog maybe potential customers that will aid your journey to earning five figures.

#4; Online course

Thinks are getting more serious here. You are moving with the speed of light.

You are unstoppable and you know it but you are not bragging. You want to make the post covid-19 a new live.

At this point, you realize that your blog content, EBook and your speaking and consulting experience can be turned into an online course.

What do you do?

You get down to work and produce that A to Z how to course about your niche.


That’s another revenue stream you just added.

#5; Affiliate marketing

By the end of the sixth month, your blog will now be gaining traffic, thanks to Google belated notice.

You are not hesitating, you take full advantage of this long awaited opportunity and add more revenue stream; you sponsor the products you have been using to your readers.

To really make a killing, you will want to focus on high value products.

This are products that you only have to sell one or two items and you have made a home run.

You see, when you sell a product worth your monthly target income in a single day, they you call it a day.

#6; Dropshipping business

The idears that you get from a freelancing will help you when lounging your dropshipping business.

The products that you have been selling so well in your blog can now start coming directly from you.

I want you to realize that you will be making more money from dropshipping than from affiliate marketing.

#7; High value products

By the end of the year, you will want to develop your own products.

You have done enough of affiliate promotion.

At this stage, you know what your customers want.

Therefore, you are selling what will sell like hot cake.

You are not re-inventing the wheel. You are leveraging on what is already tested and proven.

In conclusion
We have seen how begginer bloggers make money blogging.

They don’t do it like the founders but they approach it step by step like wizards.

How can I start a blog and make money in Kenya?

How can I start a blog and make money in Kenya?

Are you a jobless youth who want to learn to make money blogging?


Maybe you are employed but you want to blog as a side hustle to make more money in Kenya.

The question is, do you really want to know how to start a blog and earn money in Kenya in the next few weeks?


Then, you have come to the right place.


Because in this blog post, I will be answering that burning question, how can I start a blog and and make money in Kenya so clearly that you won’t have more questions.

I will work you through the following steps;

In a nutshell, have a look at the topic overview;

1; Choose a blog niche that will make money
2; Start with a self hosted blog that you can monetize
3; Publish valuable content to make money blogging
4; Update your blog consistently
5; Advertise blog content widely in social media
6; Engage with the audience in and out of the blog
7; Collect emails to get repeated customers

Before we move on, you may want to know the advantages that will be enjoyed by you as a blogger.

Have you read the article?

Do you feel like this advantages should be enjoyed by you from tomorrow?


Let’s get down to work, now!

#1; Choose a blog niche that will make money

If you really want to make a living blogging, you will want to go where the money is.

The money is in the niche.

What you want to target the audience with the following characteristics.

√ Have money to spend
√ Spend money online
√ Are interested in your topics

The niche should also have the following characteristics;

√ Ever green
√ Passionate about
√ Expert in it or you can learn easily

Some profitable niche to start a blog includes;

√ Blogging tutorials
√ Forex trading
√ Insurance
√ Health and fitness
√ Sport petting

#2; Start with a self hosted blog that you can monetize.

If you have some coins, it is advisable to start with a self hosted blog.

By doing so, you will have a full control of your blog.

You can make money through all the possible blog monetization techniques.

In addition to the ability to monetize your blog by all means, you will also get access to plugins that will make your work simple.

#3; Publish valuable content to make money blogging.

Your readers are following you because they want to improve their life through your blog.

As long as you are useful, they will stay around.

With your content, you can sell them useful products to make their lives more enjoyable.

Content is king. Take time to give the best content and you will have a simple time scaling up.

#4; Update your blog consistently

Do you want get dedicated readers who are waiting for your advice?

Then, blog consistently.
You can choose to blog monthly, weekly or daily.

The most important thing is that you blog on a regular basis and make your readers know when to expect to here from you.

I will advise that who blog at exactly the same time.

My readers at forex trading in Kenya know that on every Thursday at 8:30am, they will have a blog post from me.

Here at blogging tutorials Kenya, my I want my readers to expect new content every Tuesday at 9:30am.

How much do bloggers earn in Kenya?

When answering the question, how much do bloggers earn in Kenya, it is important to note that many metrics needs to be considered;

√ Some bloggers own several blogs, sometime upto five.

√ Extablished bloggers outsource most of the work by hiring other bloggers.

√ Many blogs are owned by big businesses or corporations that blog to promote it’s products

√ Many blogs in kenya are local while others are internationally based.

√ Some bloggers blog full time while others do it part time.

As an average Kenyan seeking a way to make money blogging, your are interested on how an average Kenyan owning a blog as a business can make money blogging full time for Kenyan audience.


Well, in this blog post, we will focus on a blogger who meets the following conditions.

1; Runs one blog
2; Blogs mainly for income
3; He or she is the only one running the blog
4; Makes money from the blog only.
5; Focuses on the local audience
6; Blogs full time

Now, the question that you are asking can clearly be framed as…

How much do average bloggers make in Kenya monthly?

To answer your question directly, I will just mention that the average income that bloggers make in Kenya is ksh 50, 000.

Some bloggers earn as much as Ksh 100, 000 above while others average ksh 25,000 or less.

As you can see, bloggers in Kenya earns just like their fellows in the civil or corporate world.

Teachers, police, soldiers, investment analysts, bankers and other entry to middle level employees earn roughly this amount.

This facts are alarming, especially if you are a jobless graduate like most of the youths in kenya.

What determines the income of a blogger?

There are several ways that bloggers can make money online.

Here I am going to break this streams into a guide that will help you start and skyrocket your blogging business in one week.

Monitize your blog by freelancing

When you have few audience, try to monitize your blog by offering freelance services.

You can blog for other local or international bloggers.

Consult to make money blogging

Also, you can over consulting services to your audience.

This revenue streams will see you earning a lot with a hundred to a thousand daily visitors to your blog.

You can also become an advisor or a public speaker and make wonderful sum of cash.

Use affiliate marketing to make more cash

Affiliate marketing can be a very good source of passive income.

You can advertise or recommend products that you personally use and like to your audience.

This way, you can make cash while you sleep.

In conclusion

Making money as a blogger is possible if you give it the seriousness that it deserve and tackle it in a clever way.

How do you start a profitable blog in Kenya?

How do you start a profitable blog?

This is the question that this blog post seeks to answer comprehensively.

Many expert bloggers have answered this question but all of them are focusing on the technical part of it.

They are telling you how you need to set up the site, how to write content, how to use pluggings, how to plah! Plah!

Well, I agree, mastering the technical steps are a must and I too recommend.

But there is a problem…

It doesn’t need a brainer to spot it out that most blogs fail not because of the technical issues but psychological ones.

1; choose a profitable niche
There are many skills in blogging that can be learned on the go. There is room for improvement but only when you are in the right niche from the start.

Content creation skills, marketing tactics and general mastery of blogging will skyrocket with continued practice but not in the wrong niche.

When you are starting to blog, the first thing to research is “mistakes that can criple your blog in the first year”.

Once you are sure that you have avoided gravely mistakes, you will be good to go.

The most important thing is not to follow your passions unless if they are profitable.

2; find a mentor

This one cannot be stressed enough. A mentor will help speed up your learning. If you manage to get more than one mentors, the better.

Many bloggers are willing to help you in your learning. You can get assistance for free or you can hire. With limited capital, you better forge free friendship, with some dollars you better hire a mentor.

To find a free mentor, you have to make friendship. The best way to turn an expert into a mentor is to do it naturally. Follow their blogs, read them, subscribe to their email list. At this point, you can write them an email.

While writing an email, try to be helpful more than you are dependent.

Help promote their blogs in social media, over to write blog posts for them and soon much more.

3; Develop a passion
To succeed in any field, you need to be passionate. Passion is developed by doing something over and over again on daily basis until it become part of you. Something that you cannot do without.

Reading, thinking and writing about your niche on daily basis will turn into a passion with time.

With that momentum, you can churn out blog post after another without getting bored. You can read one blog post after another without burnout.

That’s how true mastery of a topic comes. It comes in a simple strategy of learn, apply, rinse and repeat.

Remember, develop a passion in a niche that is profitable.

4; Take speed reading classes
To be a blogger means to be a teacher. A true teacher is a mentor, a motivator and a friend.

As a blogger, you are supposed to mentor, motivate and bond with your readers.

Successful teachers are masters of their subject matter. They achieved this status by reading widely.

You have to read not only the topic matter but a wide scope of knowledge.

Remember, you are a businessman, a writer and as we have said, a teacher.

Like all great mentors in history, you will have to be knowledgeable. Achieve this by by taking speedreading classes.

#5; Never stop blogging

This is the most important secret. Once you have been blogging for a while, don’t stop no matter what.

You are on the right truck because you are blogging about a profitable niche. Correct your mistakes but never quit.

A blog will take almost one year to start getting noticeable traffic from google and hence to start making money.

Most people quit before they actually are sure that they have lost.

#6; Give your best.

Well, you don’t have to be perfect but you have to be at your best. What you are fighting for is to rank in the first page of search results. You are fighting against thousands of competitors. You have got to give your best fight to stand out.

Approach blogging as a business, get serious and ultimately, you will make progress.

#7; Always take notes

Learning to blog is like learning a new profession. Yes! Blogging is a profession. If you took good notes in college, why not here?

The difference between learning blogging and learning in college is that the earlier tests you in a real world situation.

The good thing about blogging exam is that you can always refer to your notes while you do the exams. That’s why you can get a first class if you want. I mean, that’s why you can earn seven figure, if you want.

#8; Advertise your content
Now that you have written several blog post and you are confident with your blog, you should start to advertise the content on social media.

No one will find your content if you don’t take it public.

Use social media but…

Do it one step at a time. Focus on ranking your blog in google then go to Facebook.

#9; Focus on one media

Most beginning bloggers try to target all social media.

They are on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

It is good to focus on one media, say Facebook first.

Once you have taken roots, you can branch to other areas. But one step at a time is how a begginer can make money blogging.

#10; Improve on quality

Don’t be over obsessed with quantity, focus on quality.

Write a blog post that adds value to the readers, they should be unique and actionable.

You may not be able to produce high quality post on day one, but you can do it with practice.

Remember to update your blog posts as you master new ways of writing and ideas, this will make your earlier posts profitable.

#11; Mind the quantity

Though you should be focusing on quality, don’t forget or neglect the quantity.

Aim to write atleast one blog post per day for the start.

Also, try to write long form content. A blog post that is 3000 words and above can play a major roll in ranging your blog post.

#12; Make use of keywords

When you focus on keywords, you will be addressing the needs of your readers.

Don’t just think of idears and publish them, research the topics and write.

By researching the topics, you will find the questions that people use to research your content.

The simple way to do this is to enter your topic into search and take note of “people also ask”.

#13; Research your post
Before you write a blog post, do a lot of research. Make sure what you are giving is not just opinions but proven facts.

Try to use statistics and to back your statements. Use quotes on your posts, they will make your arguments acceptable especially when you are starting out.

#14; Start with the right hosting

Now, you don’t want to make a deadly mistake when starting out.

One of the piggest mistake that you can do when starting out is to start with a poor hosting service.

Choose a tested five star blog hosting service provider like Bluehost.

With their services, you will never expect your blog to be down.

#15; make updating schedule

By updating your blog post regularly, you optimise your blog post.

Make sure you are updating your blog post after at least every two years.

This is very true for the evergreen blog posts. Those are blog posts that are relevant for more than two years.

#16; Write evergreen posts

Evergreen blog posts are those posts that will still be relevant even after two years.

This blog posts will always be driving in more traffic even months after they are published.

How will you feel when a post you write five years ago converts a stranger into a customer.

You will feel good, right? Then go for those posts, ninja!

#17; Invest in the blog

How do you start a profitable business? This question is the same as asking, how do you start a profit blog?

The answer is simple, by investing your money and time.

Most newbie bloggers make the mistake of not iinvesting in their blog.

Some of the areas that you can invest on a blog include;

. Domain name; Goddady is the best
.Hosting; Go with Bluehost
Training; Find free course on the net
Virtual assistance; Try upwork

Provided you have chosen the right niche and you are willing to learn, you can be sure that your blog, someday, somehow will succeed.

For that reason you can invest on it without worry.

#18; Re-invest on your blog

The first dollars you earn from your blog should go back into your blog.

This will help you to hire more intelligent people than you.

You want to hire more experienced seo, content marketing, content curators experts than you.

To stand out in blogging as I told you, boils down to one thing, using your mind.

Use you mind and you will discover one simple truth. Working as a team is better than working alone.

The only expertise that you need to have is the expertise to hire and keep competent people.

#19; Collect emails

Most new bloggers fail because they never take the time collect visitors emails from the start.

In other words, most bloggers are not building business relationship with their followers.