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The laptop lifestyle movement in Kenya

Do you want to be your own boss? To escape the 9-5 routine?

Then join the laptop lifestyle movement.

Are you ready to work location free? To work in your bed, at your home or at the beach?

The solution is to join the laptop lifestyle movement.

This blog is formed to start and promote a laptop lifestyle movement in Kenya.

A movement that will see more youths starting and running online ventures.



You heard it right, this is a movement that will see more youths starting options trading, blogging, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, ebook writing and investing through online platforms.

Excuse me!

Is this possible?

Or, am I day dreaming? Building castles in the air?

No! No! No! Gush! Far from it, You are not day dreaming, how can you be daydreaming? No, you are not neither am I, what you heard is right and what I said is equally possible.

So, what next? You ask.

Join the movement, come in and be part of the laptop lifestyle movement, a way of life whose time has.. Tick! Tick! Tick dooo.. Arrived.

Yap, the time to work and earn a living from the comfort of your bed has arrived. It has arrived in style.


Laptop lifestle blog just brought it.

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Trust me, I am a professional, yes, I am. I am the person who have been to the city.

I have been to the city of technology, not konza, that’s not ready. I have been to the city of technology and I have seen that the future is…

Right here!

The future is right here at the door. You can now earn a living online working from home on your couch, besides your boy, without a boss.

Oh! That was a lie. Working without a boss is a lie. Did you realize that you are the boss? That you are the one to set your hours? Then, why say there is no boss and you are the one?

Now, such jobs are rare, it is rare to be your own boss except in some rear businesses models and this is one of them, it’s one in a million.

…and who’s there behind the screen?

It’s me. It’s me Naftali chirchir who is behind this little screen.

I am behind this little screen to answere the question, how to earn money online in Kenya.

For a long time, I have wanted to get to the roots of this question. was born to be the answer you have been looking for.

How do I help promote this wonderful movement?

You can be of greate help to this movement, with you on board, this movement will be like the tsunami. A force that cannot be stopped.

In the next few seconds, I will be showing you how you can promote this movement but first, let me show you why you need to be part of us in the first place.

The main reasons why you should be part of us is to;

1; Help more youths to get employment.
2; This is a movement that’s growing exponentially, grow with us!
3; You get the best service in the process

Having said all that, let us have a look at what we are doing to help you earn money online.

Here is exactly what we do to help you earn money online

1; Blogging tutorials

Blogging, as you already know, is the conner stone of making money online in Kenya.

Tack of AdSense, blogging is central, tack of affiliate marketing, blogging pop-up, think of selling products and or offering services, you can’t help mentioning blogging.

We focused in ensuring that you master blogging. That was for a reason, we wanted to ensure that you master the basic.

Our blogging tutorials are engaging and is extensive.

We give you nothing but the best. We ensure that what we are giving you is actionable.

2; Dropshipping commentaries

The world is shifting online as it is shrinking to a global village.

Every person and his dog knows for sure that soon and very soon, shopping will be done online.

With shopping done online, and the starting capital very minimal, you don’t have to be a born entrepreneur to spot this opportunity.

We have a category dedicated to giving you the latest tricks and guides on how to start and run an online ecommerce shop.

Follow our blog and soon, you will be an online shopkeeper making a descent living.

3; Options trading guides

Options trading is not an easy way to financial freedom it’s a bumpy one.

Nevertheless, you can still make a descent living trading options but if and only if you know exactly what you are doing.

If you know you are doing a serious job that calls for professionalism and you are willing to pay the cost, then you are ready to go.

You are ready to go up! Upto you dreams. Up to financial independence.

But first, you have to understand the rules of the game and then play better than anyone else.

We have got you covered.

In the options trading guides category we have a lot of deep articles on options trading.

We will take you from a novice trader to a pro and beyond.

It’s until we are certain that you can comfortably trade forex, crypto-currencies, commodities and stocks that we will leave you alone.

4; Online investment tips

For a long time, online investment have been a no go zone in Kenya.

We thought this must chance.

…and what did we do?

We come up with indept guides on how to develop and manage a balance portfolio for yourself.

Our guides are upto date, we highlight the best idears in comprehensive approach that you may think you are at Harvard.

Once we are done with you, you will be acting like a certified investment and financial analyst. And you know what? You won’t be far from the truth.

5; Network marketing

For most newbies, network marketing is a complicated endeavor.

Even for the seasoned veterans, network marketing remains a challenging project.

But this is not true for the professional network marketing professionals.


We are here to ensure that you collect a paycheck monthly doing network marketing without excessive struggle.

Our detailed reviews and network marketing tips will make you a pro by the next summer.

6; Affiliate marketing

Do you want to make some cash without making your own products or services?

Well, I think you should do.


Because you are using products and services online that you already love so much that you can recommend to a friend or a family.

This products can start earning you money from tomorrow morning without much hustle from your part.

In fact, you doesn’t have to have mastered entrepreneurship to start earning from this business model, you just have to be willing to work and that’s all.

In the affiliate marketing category, we have got some good articles about affiliate marketing that will get you exited and ready to fly with the eagles in this corridor.

Feel free to read this articles about affiliate marketing and start to earn as soon as possible.

7; Ebook writing

With the burst in self publishing, you can now became author in a few days.

We have dedicated a whole category to ebooks writing.

Our guides will help you to write and make descent income while following your passion.

8; Peer to peer lending

Passive income. You are aware of it. Now, peer to peer lending can be a source of passive income.

Here, you are lending your money to people whose credit worthiness is predetermined.

We have discussed peer to peer lending in details so that you never have to worry again.

9; Sport betting
Sport betting may not make you rich, this is pure gambling.

Nevertheless, sport betting can save you when things are going south.

In this blog, we have dedicated a whole category to giving you the tips on how to make money online with sport betting.

#10; Freelance writing

Freelance writing can be divided into article writing and accademic writing.

Almost everyone or at least every company owns a blog and or uses content to promote their brand.

This companies and people don’t have time to write and update this blogs.

That’s opportunity presented right into your door especially if you already have a blog and an hire me page.

Also, the emergence of online courses and the shifting of studies to online have aided the demand for online academic writing.

In the freelance writing category, we have covered almost everything about what you need to succeed as an online writer.

Have a look at our products and services they are the best.

1; Article writing

We understand that article writing is the Conner stone of your online marketing efforts.

Our mastery of search engine optimization and content writing should give you confidence that you will get exactly what you want.

2; Blog setup service

Do you want to setup a blog?

You are free to help you out.

In our blog setup service, we will ensure that you are starting and running a blog in a day.

Have a look at out blog setup service page and chat with us.

Our teem is ready to listen to you so that we give you what you really need.

3; Online shop mall

Are you convinced that laptop lifestyle is the way of life for you?


This is a noble decision that you have made.

Here at we are committed to helping you through the various handles that you may encounter in your way to adopting this lifestyle.

Infact, we have assembled the best tools and equipments that you may need to succeed in your online ventures.

Our online shop has the lattest tools from around the world.

If you are an options trader, blogger, dropshipper, affiliate marketer, freelance writer and or online investor we have got you covered.

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In conclusion

Laptop lifestyle is the new way of life that you ought to start embracing in this generation.

By following and supporting our mission, you can be part of this action oriented movement.

Let us know if you have any question or comment. Conduct us today.